Cute Cat Could Be The World’s Shortest Feline

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Cute Cat Could Be The World’s Shortest Feline

Standing at just five inches tall from shoulder to paw, little Pixel could be the world’s shortest cat. Despite being unverified by Guinness World Records, Pixel’s owner Tiffani Kjeldergaard is confident that her Mini Mew Munchkin cat is a record breaker. The previous record of six inches was held by Pixel’s mother Fizz Girl in 2012. The cats have a rare gene make up meaning they are born with unnaturally short legs.

Videographer / Director: Ruaridh Connellan
Producer: Daniel Howlett
Editor: Joshua Douglas


  1. Laser pointers are actually extremely bad for cats. It’s been proven that
    It psychologically screws with their brain for they never catch the red
    dot, no matter how many times they think it’s under their paws when it’s
    not. It makes them wonder what’s real and whats not

  2. This will do..*unzips*

  3. Munchkins have been a breed of cat for a loooong time why is this making
    news NOW?

  4. cool tat cool

  5. OMG they are soooo cute and little 

  6. Was this filmed in Minnesota? 

  7. LOL She says some people think that its a genetic defect, but she doesn’t
    even say that they are wrong XD

  8. usa

  9. Sharon Roze Swift

    how old is she?

  10. It’s not the defective gene that’s disgusting. It’s the fact that people
    like this lady are actually breeding them for that purpose… To sell them
    as cute little cats. It’s not an accident. It’s like designer dog breeds.
    Purposely breeding animals with health issues for the enjoyment of humans
    and while making money all the while. Pathetic

  11. Zero AJ (Dehshi)

    I have a very small full grown cat and she is only 6 pounds
    But she’s healthy 

  12. Man needs to leave Mother Nature alone.

  13. 我家有很多小猫,都非常可爱,而且非常乖。

  14. No banana for scale?

  15. There is nothing wrong with it when it occurs naturally, but when it is
    exploited to create designer breeds when there are known serious health
    effects and weak genes its wrong, It would be like saying kids with down
    syndrome are so adorable we are going to specifically breed them for the
    purpose of the way they look ignoring all negative side effects of the
    disorder but still when it randomly occurs I dont think that child should
    be aborted like many do because they still have the possibility to live a
    semi decent life. Its just odd to me as people whould be heart broken to
    have a disabled child some even go as far as to do testing to make sure
    they dont and would never wish for it yet people like pets like teacups,
    cresent yorkies, all white animals and munchkin cats when they are
    disabilities and defects in their own right, yet people crave these sorts
    of animals needlessly producing them when I feel you should treat your pet
    with the same respect you would your child and want the best for it, they
    arent designer handbags and accessories. I have 2 all white cats one was
    born eith extra eyelids, the other deaf, and another cat that was born with
    half a brain that when it was discovered the vet was like you know you can
    sell her for a lot of money as in some asian chinese culture forget what
    one he said they are seen as the dead reincarnated as gods he was
    litterally drooling over her a true greedy nutjob, yet id give my left leg
    to give them a normal life yet others see it as a way to make money or
    garner attention ect ect ect…sorry for the long post but I just dont
    understand why people would want to lessen and exploit genes in animals for
    a supperficial asthetic reason shortning the life and giving the animal
    more obstacles to overcome but thats probably why I have more empathy and
    sympathy for animals over humans and their lives have higher value to me
    over humans.

  16. They’re bred like that and they suffer back problems and numerous other
    problems. She’s a fucking bitch.

  17. Seriously and with all due respect madam, I smell your “felinish” waft from
    here, where I sit, far, far away…

  18. Cute Cat!

  19. It’ll be even shorter in my python.

  20. There is nothing wrong with that cat. No matter what they look like they
    should be loved. We shouldn’t treat any animal differently because they
    aren’t like the others. Each cat is special and deserves to be loved. 

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  24. squee!

  25. Cupcakegirl P (Cupcakegirl101)

    You can’t watch it enough!

  26. ChivalrousMinecrafter1337

    wow, how would you like it if a cat kicked or stepped on you, bitch..

  27. Nope . I’m sorry but a friend of mine has a ways smaller and shorter cat
    than that one .And is not a B by cat, it’s a cat

  28. Grumpy cat is more famous

  29. Adorable. 

  30. Awwww so cute

  31. Cute motherfucker!

  32. Is the cat of Valbuena LMAO

  33. Cool Vid check out my Phone Prank called cat’s balls pretty funny.

  34. Gannon Mortensen

    I want a normal cat

  35. “Grabs soda can and looks at it”, than realises it’s that small…

  36. psychoticgiraffe

    u should get a pet giraffe

  37. Asriel Dreemurr

    Thats cruel, keeping your cats in a god damned cage.

  38. Im gonna put on in my pocket and go on adventures. :)

  39. Pixel is literally the best name this cat could have.


  41. Shabbernigdo Xingjian

    these are genetically messed up cats. I understand that its a flaw that
    happens to occour naturally but nature has a way of eliminating the flawed.
    thats why you dont see a bunch of midget cats running arround in the wild
    or really any where for that fact. They only continue to exist because dumb
    ass people keep them alive for their own amusement.

  42. Payman Mohamadi


  43. I’m pretty sure house cats don’t exist in the wild (with the exception of

  44. Shouldn’t be breeding and profiting when so many animals need homes. Save a
    life and adopt

  45. I love munchkins!

  46. it looks like a ferret aww

  47. That is one tiny pussy

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  51. The CrAZy Gamer

    Go to :41 Seconds is so cute

  52. 0:37 Kinda looks like a dick? Idk lol 

  53. shut your face!

    I’ll take 20

  54. Who keeps cats in a cage like that??!

  55. GeoKaching Johnny

    So, if it is an abomination in cats, does that mean I can now go dwarf
    hunting for tiny humans too?

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  57. Captain Sarcastic

    Well, fuck me. I’m a dog person, a dude and think cats come from hell right
    next to chickens but somehow I still watched this and liked it.

  58. They are so cute. I would love to have one if I didn’t already have 11

  59. Midget cats /

  60. I want one!!

  61. I have a little kitten with ehler danlos syndrome, know anything about it?
    syndrome adults know but do not like the odds, morbidity, etc

  62. Kara Hockey Girl

    I want it 

  63. Why do 265 people dislike and growing this video there’s nothing bad about
    it and I think the cat are cute “humpf”!
    And only 3 like so fare.
    Don’t be haten on cute cats >:-[ 

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  65. mahbrocigarettes

    strawman argument. some don’t like the idea of INTENTIONALLY breeding
    munchkins. short stubby legs…

  66. The reason they are so small because they are missing vital genes so tgey
    are very fragile and its just animal cruelty should be ilegal

  67. Alexander Gordon

    It’s a breed of cat not a genetic defect…

  68. Is it not cruel to breed these, I mean wouldn’t they have issues of some
    kind being so small? (might be talking out of my ass can someone clarify?)

  69. Does this woman keep her cats in cages?

  70. I want to give kisses and hugs to that kitty many many 

  71. I love their little cubbie legs. Their be easier to tot around,and show it
    off to all your friends! You can take them everywhere, you go.well till
    their body’s grow to adult size.Just have to watch their weights and they
    should still be small enough to tot in large tot bag,their awesome and
    stunning. Very beautiful and amazing! 

  72. its a fucking man made race al kinds of complications are going to arise
    with its bones mostly

  73. I have a cat thats only 2 inches tall

  74. And its an adult

  75. mow i want one so cute!

  76. So cute!

  77. It’s just a gene for dwarfism. It’s not an abomination. It certainly isn’t
    something I would breed for, given how easily one can reinforce the gene to
    the point of severe deformity, but it is a naturally-occurring gene. And
    they are cute cats, especially the ones who don’t develop the back-hump.

  78. If these people are intentionally trying to breed or keep these cats with
    these unnatural short legs then it is not right and unfair to those cats.

  79. Well my cats shorter but it’s a kitten about 4 months old? Yet she hasn’t
    grown to big wonder if mine will be smaller c:

  80. It IS a genetic defect. Cats should be able to jump and climb, this is just
    a bad as munchkin cats. And why the hell does she keep them in cage? 

  81. Seems irresponsible to breed cats with this gene. If I remember my college
    genetics, one copy of achondroplasia=short, two copies=dead. I am sure
    there are plenty of health consequences for the shorter stature as well.
    Not to mention that breeding cats is completely ridiculous given how many
    strays there are. 

  82. She has her cats in cages? And purposefully breeds a handicap into them?
    Why am I not surprised to hear this is in the USA…

  83. look at those crooked crippled legs!
    and what an idiot breeder… calling it a mutation is unfair? does she know
    NOTHING about biology?!

  84. Omg I want one!

  85. Those cats are SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. I’m sure critics question WHY people would intentionally breed the gene
    knowing that it IS abnormal and it makes these cats more than just “cute
    pets.” And why do people like this woman intentionally breed them? Money…

  87. Annabelle Heritage

    So cute

  88. There are so man cats in shelters and living on the streets. So many cats
    that are put to sleep through no fault of their own but only because there
    are to many of them. Breeding more cats increases the population and
    insures that the cats waiting for a loving home won’t get one. Please
    consider adopting an animal that needs your help and love before bringing
    another one into this world.

  89. I hate breeders. With a passion! Do you realize how many animals are
    waiting in shelters for a home? And how many animals are being put down
    every day? Not to mention you’re making unconsenting animals get pregnant
    over and over and over again to make money for you. Stop being pathetic and
    get a real job!

  90. LPS A&M Official

    Aw Pixel…
    You are so cute like Cole and Marmelade <3

  91. But that last name tho it’s like huykjyjbefvsfbdbsndgfhqetrwtjyulrui

  92. Omg soo cute!

  93. ICant StandTheRain

    My cat’s a shortie too (not this short tho). She was the runt of the

  94. bryce knackmuhs

    If you’re reading this search mr Peebles the apparently worlds smallest cat
    who lived to ten years old I’m right look it up on google

  95. Jordan Hernandez


  96. They Say Its The Shortest Cat By Showing Us A Picture Of Being Taller Than
    A Can Of Coke Reality Is Dying

  97. My cat is as small as that and it’s been a year

  98. Why dislike?

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