Cute Corgi Escape: Puppy Breaks Down Dog-Proof Gate

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A CUTE corgi makes a daring escape from behind a puppy proof fence. Filmed in July, this adorable footage shows Beau, an 11 week old puppy, pulling down and climbing over a gate which was meant to confine it to the kitchen. The video was shot in Wapakoneta, Ohio, by the dog’s loving owner Dan McLaughlin, who wanted to know how the mischievous puppy kept breaking loose. Beau was born on May 31, as part of a litter of four puppies and was bought by animal lover Dan who lives with his girlfriend.

Videographer / Director: Dan McLaughlin
Producer: Mark Hodge, Nick Johnson
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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  1. Rosalie Woozworld

    Wow!! And 1st

  2. whoever disliked this video needs a shoe up their ass. This was so freaking
    CUTE !!!

  3. Time to buy a stronger gate or put on some dead weight on that gate..

  4. I don’t give a shit

  5. God made animals this cute for a simple reason. Realize that love is real,
    and that love and tenderness rules all. Dammit this was too adorable!

  6. I like how he turned back to bark at the fence. Like he’s saying “bitch..”

  7. jees i thought that corgis were nice and didn’t bark alot

  8. Daniela Kroupová

    i want COORGI noow! so cute

  9. That video was a waste of time..

  10. idk why but i feel guilty seeing the poor dog behind the cage it also feels
    more wrong when the pet owners recorded it

  11. Kelebogile Nyathi

    Beau is my inspiration

  12. Corgi the escape master?

  13. KIM das Schweinchen schlau Un o.O

    die kleinen Stummelbeinchen ist der niedlich

  14. the stupid bitch needs to setup a camera instead of looking at the kitchen
    that he broke the fence and if he always frees himself why put him in there

  15. That puppy must have ate his spinach.

  16. He’s so cute and perfect!!

  17. This creature precious beyond words. I wanna squish it’s paws and sleep
    with it against my chest and feel it’s warmth against me. I wanna make out
    with this pouchy pouch

  18. Don't Usually Comment

    ummm, running out of deformed Indians to talk about?

  19. I love corgis they’re. my favorite dog breed

  20. Love the sassy yip at the end !

  21. How cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. greater than el chapos escape

  23. Cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!! Can’t believe how clever and strong he
    is!!! He has absolutely waged a war against puppy gates!!! The constant
    barking with the gate in his mouth is funny too!!! Could see he was getting
    angrier and angrier lol… Finally jumps over it, gives a cheeky look back,
    a wag and wiggle, head high….one proud lil puppy x x x x 

  24. Beau regarde! Is he a Cardigan or a Pembroke

  25. i need to punch a baby to feel manly after watching this video

  26. he is like
    screw you fence. ATTACK!!!,

  27. i wanna corgiii

  28. So cute puppies yea have people

  29. The dog’s so annoying ;_;

  30. I want his dog ! ???

  31. runnin through the 6 with MY WOES!!!

  32. would like to see how it can escape if put in a cage

  33. my dogs name is “Bo” and years ago Bo jumped a 8 foot fence, no run up,
    straight up. haha

  34. I don’t think I’d ever have a single puppy. They come from a litter and
    then all of a sudden they are left alone for 8 hours (or more). I think it
    would solve some of the behavior problems if they had a buddy to keep them
    company. Just a thought.

  35. Omg????

  36. that last bark was full of attitude

  37. bo needs to chill

  38. rename that dog popeye

  39. Oh my goooooooooooood

  40. Where there is a will,there is a way????????

  41. this is why crate training is a must

  42. *dying of cuteness overload*

  43. it was easy the garbage bucket was light if it wasnt the dog coundnt escape

  44. Too bad! His mouth would hurt!

  45. Easy solution, next time he bites the gate just shoot him.

  46. 48 second in the video he is tackeling the cage or fence with his mouth XD

  47. Pretty sure if I came home and the gate was on the ground like that, I
    woudn’t need a camera to figure out how the dog got out…

  48. the fence is not dog proof. the corgi just proved it so why does it say
    that its a dog proof fence? it doesent make any sense…

  49. So, it’s not a dog

  50. Poor thing. Alone all day

  51. don’t know if that puppy has a cocky attitude to bark every day or if he is
    smart and determined warrior.

  52. How cute ??

  53. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

  54. StaffordshireBullTerrier

    My dog lifts weights!!

  55. That Clever Corgi bastard…. XD

  56. leaving a dog like that alone ‘trapped’ is not right…

  57. If the human put the pet gate correctly, puppy wouldn’t escape on a regular

  58. That dog is a rebel

  59. I’d name that dog LAB it stands for LIKE A BOSS


  61. C⃟H⃟E⃟L⃟L⃟Y⃟C⃟O⃟R⃟N⃟R⃟E⃟I⃟M⃟B⃟O⃟

    so cute!!

  62. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE?

  63. Most overrated dog.

  64. Well if you put the gate up the right way he can’t pull it down just saying

  65. Are dog is 4 lbs and breaks biger shit than this

  66. Nelson Castellanos

    I wished I owned a corgi

  67. Haha! Lil monster!

  68. Lol my bull terrier would’ve broke the fence in 3 seconds then yeet the
    fence to the other side of the kitchen.

  69. He’s so cute

  70. Get a new gate lol

  71. That be one smart dog.

  72. So Cute
    Corgi is LOVE

  73. To be fair, the gate held up, the mounting/bracing points were the problem.
    That trashcan is easily moved.

  74. When a dog is determined to escape, he will do anything

  75. my parents will never buy me pets

  76. id beat my dogs ass

  77. that puppy is so cute and talented

  78. Oh my gord this pup is do cute! He is so intelligent and strong…if i was
    his owner i would have been like “Dang u are one strong pup!” after i knew
    what he does to get out but omg look at the proud little pup…so proud of
    himself! Anywayzzz…he pulls the fence and there he goes barking over and
    over! He finally pushes the fence down and escapes…them he takes a look
    behind him and barks like hes saying “TAKE THAT!” So he is one little
    strong pup uve got there!

  79. sorry for my spelling =3

  80. Puppy proof fences are just like child proof caps on medicine bottles. They
    can be opened.

  81. That puppy a noob

  82. jaime alberto mejia rodriguez

    looks like a very shitty fence lol

  83. Lol

  84. Dog-proof? With that trash can as a gate anchor, I think I know how the
    corgi got out.

  85. dang corgis bark a lot

  86. SO CUTE

  87. It’s a cute video and all, I do have a corgi pup myself, but that gate is
    not dog-proof by any stretch of the imagination.
    It’s some light wooden frame , poorly put together with some net inside,
    being held by a goddamn trash can in place.
    To even assume that a Corgi will have a problem with it….
    Simple metal baby gate (which is really cheap too) takes care of it and
    does not require any tools, drilling, etc.
    Why not spend a few bucks and buy a thing that’s specifically designed for
    this purpose is kinda beyond me.
    Rant over.

  88. Dog so cute.

  89. The dog is so cute

  90. so cute

  91. hermoso lo quiero comer a besos ??????❤❤❤❤❤❤

  92. this might be solid snakes dog lol

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