Cute Cub Kindergarten: Tigers’ Unusual Friends

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A PLAYFUL group of baby animals enjoy a spot of rough and tumble at a Florida zoo. Kangaroos, tigers and gibbons would never form friendships with one another in the wild, but at Dade City’s Wild Things, the baby animals are encouraged to interact. From feeding to changing nappies, zoo director Kathy Stearns and her team are kept busy looking after their adopted fur children. Like all babies, the animals demand a lot of affection, but as well as competing for Kathy’s attention, they are equally happy playing with each other.Unlike animals raised in the wild, animals born in captivity don’t have the same survival instinct that turns them into dangerous hunters.

Videographer / director: Ruaridh Connellan
Producer: John Balson, Nick Johnson
Editor: Ian Phillips

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  1. Too cute, the world will explode

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  3. They are fabulous!

  4. the dream

  5. those gibbons are hilarious

  6. That woman give birth A kengoroo Tiger and monkeys how the fuck human can
    do that shit

  7. Oh my god this is so cute

  8. Снежный барс

    this is beautiful

  9. She can suck my toe

  10. Where are the mothers of these animals?

  11. so cute

  12. Omg cuteness overload!!!!


  14. Yep its cute but I would keep an eye on them, they might eat each other.

  15. Its very too cute I’m crying for cutes Animals in WORLD!

  16. I was laughing the whole time about those monkeys

  17. So cute

  18. 0:58 the monkeys hugged omfggggg????

  19. Who gives a fuck about the tigers? LOOK AT THOSE MONKEYS!

  20. Cutest thing I’ve ever seen?❤

  21. so cute

  22. I’m so early!?

  23. that monkey though

  24. Cuteness level: TOO MUCH

  25. cuteness overload

  26. OMG SO CUTE!

  27. krishnan srinivasan

    Lovely ☺?

  28. What 4 people could possibly dislike this?!

  29. Cute as fuck

  30. omg
    I would pay you to spend some time with them

  31. Aww I want the baby tiger!

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  33. Dream job O_O

  34. Kangaroos are not endangered

  35. Adorable babies.

  36. That’s so cute

  37. I want the tiger!

  38. ? so cute!

  39. Aww this would be my dream job

  40. The cuteness level is OVER 9000

  41. i know what id like to do for a job

  42. LPS Krunchy Munchies

    Why would someone dislike this!?!?!!

  43. super cute but it’s so sad they will end up living in captivity

  44. I can’t even

  45. that baby kangaroo is sooo cute

  46. Sub to me for no reason?

  47. I don’t believe you should put nappies on animals

  48. my heart is mealting, this is too much, cuteness level exceded, shutting

  49. them tigers are gonna kill everyone >:)

  50. Awwww ?? Too Cute !!! Looks like a fun job , handful tho

  51. Duck Pato da patolandia XD

    Who’s the 12 assholes dislike this? Coment here if you do dat

  52. tooo much cuteness in one video! I can’t… ??

  53. They’re all so damn cute!


  55. zoos are just a jail for animals!!

  56. The tigers are soo cute

  57. I want that job ???

  58. It’s so cute but that is not natural. There is more tigers in captivity
    then the wild. What bothers me is that she says it’s to educate the public.
    She could do it with out the animals. The animals are wild animals and not
    captive animals. eventually she or the animals will get hurt. She is so is

  59. Oh my gosh cutest thing ever

  60. we have tiger,monkey, and kangaro but were is winnie the pooh? xexe <3

  61. the kangaroo whew

  62. So freaking cute. Made my day.

  63. BlazingDragonKnight Po

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  64. Think about what will happen 10 years from now

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  66. Cuteness level : DAAAAMN DANIEL !!

  67. Parents ; “what do you want to be when you grow up”?
    Me ;

  68. Lol that little fucking monkey bouncing everywhere

  69. ThePackapunchmaster

    Where’s the goat in the thumbnail!? I freaking love goats!

  70. Sarah likes to suck her big toe

  71. +averyprogreninja that’s a rude thing to say there all adorable


    *….is there any jobs going????????*

  73. pixelgunmasta GD and More


  74. tiger cubs <3

  75. cuteness to the max!

  76. cuteness overload >:(

  77. Walter Tube (Tubezinho)

    alguem do Brasil que também adora esse canal?

  78. OMG cute overload ?

  79. awesome!!

  80. I love it?

  81. Bellalovesmaltesers

    Lmao the monkeys were wearing nappies

  82. So I have a question. what if they grow up and are released into the wild
    and let’s say one of the monkeys see a tiger and think that they’re friends
    because of this experience and goes up to them?

  83. Did it say how she got the babies?

  84. This is my idea of Heaven on Earth.

  85. What’s everyone’s favorite animal

  86. where can I get that job?

  87. this is the kind of content i like to see

  88. “Vegeta, what does the scouter say about their cuteness level?”
    “ITS OVER 9000”
    “WHAT, There’s no way that can be right!!”

  89. This is interesting

  90. HEAVEN


  92. Soo cute

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  94. It’s sooo fluffy I’m gonna die

  95. Where are the mothers of the animals, were they removed forcibly from the
    mothers in captivity or did they find the babies in the wild?

  96. do more videos of hulk

  97. There isn’t a single monkey in this video- only gibbons, which are apes

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