Cute Ferret Goes Ice Fishing

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Ferrets are easy to entertain: Just fill up a bowl or glass of water with some ice cubes and watch as they go fishing for the ice.
Music “Divertissement – Pizzicato (from the ballet Sylvia)” By kevin Macleod


  1. I love how he sticks his whole face in

  2. Brilliant!

  3. Our DeeDee LOVES ice cubes! It’s her favorite treat oddly enough.

  4. Soooo cute!!! And omg, I’m da 4th person to comment dis. Such an

  5. Its nose is underwater…

  6. Hannah JohnstonGaming

    Ferrets are hypoallergenic 🙂 so you would be fine

  7. Yossarian likes to go fishing lol

  8. Black The Nerevar Funch

    Ferret are carnivores like cats and dogs, so they have a different
    ”scent” etc etc. Go to a pet store or meet someone who has ferrets try
    holding it for a couple of mints, see if your eyes start to itch or you get
    any unpleasant symptoms. Also remember they are a lot of hard work, they
    are nothing like rodents at all. It require just as much work as with a
    dog. So think carefully before buying 🙂 Good Luck.

  9. Breath? Who needs to breath, lol!

  10. I think he knew how to get the ice, it looks like he was trying to tip the
    glass in the beginning. 🙂 Clever little thing. 

  11. Think that’s funny, give him a wide tub of snow to play with. LOL

    Ha, reminds me of the time I dropped an ice cube and one of my ferrets
    pulled a grab and run…and then realized it was COLD, shrieked, dropped
    it, and then kicked it around. 

  12. thats so funny and cute!!!!!!

  13. Awww cx

  14. Luis Felipe Navarro Pelayo


  15. lol my ferret will do that even without the ice XD he then usally tips the
    whole thing over and makes a huge mess lol.

  16. It’s sad my ferrets don’t like water 

  17. OMG so cute i might get a ferret myself!!!!

  18. aww I want a ferret ;( they are soo cute

  19. How many ferrets do you own? I want one, but every where I look everyone is
    telling me two is better for their health. 

  20. He looks just like mine did when he was a baby. So adorable :)

  21. My ferret does this but hasn’t figured out not to breathe with his nose in
    water. Leads to a lot of sneezing! 

  22. Ellece Bill-Schmitz

    I LOVE your ferret videos, and the fact that you put classical music to
    them! You obviously love your babies a lot, and as a ferret owner (mine are
    Dexter and Svetlana) it’s so sweet to see!

  23. Where’s the fish

  24. Perfect music choice!

  25. 1 of my ferrets named drae looks exactly like that! Literally exactly like

  26. like these videos, the ferrets are looking so happy :D

  27. my feret tips over soda cans and gets soda on her self shes like WHAT HOW
    WERE WHEN!!??!?! lol haha!

  28. Trevor “theblobfishsavior” Siwajek

    I really want on :)

  29. Is owning and caring for a ferret really expensive what is the average
    yearly cost

  30. My ferret loves drink cold water too!

  31. Awesome

  32. Are they still illegal in some states? How bout California?,?

  33. I live in Texas and my little guy and I play this game in the summer as a
    fun way to keep him entertained and cool I usually do it on tile though
    because he makes quite a mess!

  34. Dat little pink tongue! >.<

  35. Such grace and poise… Except not. Only a ferret would be stubborn enough
    to submerge its face in ice water. XD

  36. ounnnnnnnnnnnnn

  37. I noticed the ferret trying to pull over the glass with his jaw to get the
    ice, but he couldn’t! 😀 They’re apparently not too stupid :P

  38. cidslist 

  39. Cool beans.

  40. WeepingCheshireGrin

    The feels dude the feels :’)

  41. I own 6 ferrets! Out of ur ferrets I say pancake is the cutest! My ferrets
    nAmes r, burrito, bonkers, lucky, Lily, mama fluffy, stitch, bonkers looks
    like pancake :)

  42. Lol so by ice fishing u actually mean ICE fishing :3

  43. Jeremy Denis-Alexander

    lol this reminds me of my old ferret Fireball.. She would make all kinds of
    funny noises when dipping her about in water and despised baths and would
    be hosting at us at least a good 1-2 times a week.. Whenever we would
    attempt to bathe her.

  44. very cute =)

  45. I love how curious ferrets are XD

  46. Psycho girl A.K.A Crazy

    My ferret whenever I’m drinking water then set it down my ferret always
    drinks it silly ferret

  47. that is what my ferret does

  48. I love how the ferret just kept trying to steal the glass.

  49. The Fluffy & Mittens Show

    That’s cute?

  50. fish go swish

  51. Yay he got one :3

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