Cute Ferret Sleigh Ride

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Pancake Loves to get dragged around on top of carpets and towels across our floor so we made her her own personal sleigh from an egg carton =) Music: “A Breeze from Alabama” by Scott Joplin.


  1. Sherri-Lynn White

    ~ way cute 🙂 My guys liked to be hauled around and swung around in towels

  2. Yes! Ours love towel/carpet rides! Stay tuned for a video on this for sure!

  3. What adorable and well behaved ferrets! (:

  4. I have four ferrets and cute video my ferrets would never stay still on
    that sled.

  5. que lindo video y sus hurones son adorables me encantan estos animalitos

  6. Black The Nerevar Funch

    1:15 He does not understand the new taxi system in your house 😛 hehe

  7. Mine climbs into plastic bags and expects to be swung 😀 Ofc, no plastic
    bags without supervision.

  8. Best ferret owners ever 🙂 Thanks for being so awesome to your fuzzbutts.

  9. This video is proof that more research is needed to produce Ferret-Sized

  10. Lov it snd lov your chanel im getting a ferret thihs christ mas

  11. cute little ferrets
    their owners are so lucky :D

  12. I got my ferret for a early christmas present :)

  13. So Smart! It actually stays on the ride

  14. My ferret is named Frappuccino and looks similar to the lighter one :)

  15. That is soooo funny how she or he gets in by herself!!

  16. Brilliant – Pancake loves that, Ferrets are such fun, brings back many
    happy memories of when I had a wonderful pet ferret called Buba, They are
    the most wonderful playful pets ever. Love these videos, such fun and you
    can see how they are loved. A pleasure watching these. Thank you for
    sharing these brilliant moments.

  17. great videos….keep them coming 🙂 can tell you love your ferrets 🙂
    they are funny. mischievious, quick learners and very clever….etc…and
    the list goes on….love ferrets 🙂

    I have subscribed 🙂

    magz 🙂 

  18. wow lol supper cute :D. i own 5 ferrets and my newest addition,Sylvester,
    is only about 2 months old and a bundle of fluffy fun! the one in the pic
    is ninja :)

  19. sooo cute!thanks for the idea.I just have to try it now

  20. Pancake is a cutie!

  21. extra pomysł

  22. So very cute

  23. Lead me around slave XD

  24. MaryannMakesVids4 U

    SOOOOOOOOO KYOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. That is a great idea, and shes so cute! I will try that with my guinea pig

  26. thank you my ferret loved it when i maked it

  27. Aww that is PRECIOUS!!!

  28. Now lift it up and whirl above your head.

  29. YsabetJustYsabet

    😀 😀 😀 I do this with my five ferrets and a towel on the tiles of my
    kitchen! They shove at each other to get on and make happy little
    bokbokbok noises!

  30. I wish I cold get a ferret but my mom won’t let me 

  31. WeepingCheshireGrin

    Omg awwww what kind are your ferrets and how old are they? I have a ferrets
    she’s a sable mask she’s about 12 an a half weeks old her name is Riena
    (re-na) she’s my little crazy baby XD 

  32. You guys are the best.

  33. Psycho girl A.K.A Crazy

    I have the same exact ferret as you

  34. Pancake: “That was ‘EGG-CITING’!!!” “Okay, now I’m bored….” 《grin》

  35. they’re so cute i love you channel i have 2 fur noodles smokey and Mushu

  36. they’re so cute i love you channel i have 2 fur noodles smokey and Mushu

  37. so cute

  38. i seen one 1.5 year Ferret . do i buy is he learn any thing now ? or what
    is right age to buy Ferret

  39. oh my daughters would love playing with ferrets like this

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