Cute Ferrets vs Packing Peanuts

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WARNING: Only use BIODEGRADABLE packing peanuts! The Epic Ferrets take a swim in a pool of shipping Peanuts! As always chaos and hilarity ensue! Music is Les Torreadors by Bizet.Ferret Parents come sign up at and share in the joy of ferranthood.


  1. TheGamer Codex (Son Goku)

    Why did you use the Toredor March? FNAF has its creepy moments…

  2. Of course, you do realize that now whenever I hear the Toreador March, I
    will have to explain to people why I am laughing.

  3. Finally getting a ferret! ???

  4. Epic ferret ur AWSOME iv got 2 ferrets of my own,Naghtya and Watson!Watson
    is white with red eyes and Naghtya is grey and white with black beady
    eyes.we give them ferret zyme it keeps them coughing up hair balls,we
    change their water every day,their food every day,we clean their cage 3
    times a week,they nap at 3:00 pm 1:00 and sleep at midnight,we give them
    bananas and peanut butter together and apart,we let them out about 3 times
    a week we have 4 beds one of them is a pirate ship,the ferret rooms gate
    has a sign saying FERRT ST.,we give them LOTS of love and support,sometimes
    we give them a blankie to relax on,a little bit of sunlight,and keep them
    close to our bedroom there is a window from the ferret room to the
    bedroom.soooooo reply back aaaaaall about ur ferrets and tell as much info.
    as you can!!!!!!!!ill leave another comment almost as long as this one and
    give a lot of information too.plz leave a like if love or have ferrets bye
    for now?

  5. Finally got my ferret Piper a few weeks ago. Trying this with her today! :)

  6. Why did they put Freddys fazbears death song? ?????????

  7. Dont Feed This FERRET (Ferret)

    Awh so cute!


  8. I noticed 


  10. Porsche Duésnburg

    That laugh at the end made me laugh even harder XD

    This video enlightened my day :D

  11. This makes me miss my ferret far too much.
    And reminds me of when I was a kid playing in the ball pool

  12. Jonathon Thoennes

    Make more ferret videos

  13. marshmallows asf

  14. There all so cute and I hope you can make some more videos soon, I’m
    getting a ferret in a few weeks and I really can’t wait I love all your
    videos and there just so cuteeee
    I hope there all doing well and they seem really playful =^~^= 

  15. any one notice that’s the fnaf freddys song

  16. Months ago

  17. That’s a lot of peanuts 

  18. I miss my ferret so much

  19. Cute video?

  20. Thanks for the vid I loved it + my ferret name Nable stared jumping all
    around and she got very coco?

  21. can I add your great video to my daughters first grade power point on
    ferrets? We have a ferret too that we play with all the time, but this
    video is great!

  22. Awh, cute! 🙂

    This was the cutest video I have watched in ages! c:

    Subscribed :’)

  23. You obviously have a deep love for these wonderful babies! Thank you so so

  24. Oh my god…LOL. xD I love this vidéo. <3<3<3

  25. wish I could let mine do this, my little one tries to eat the fucking

  26. do you still post videos?

  27. can i have won today

  28. i want to be a ferret

  29. why do i have the sudden urge to narrate this?

  30. Millenium Venus

    This video make me laugh so hard, thank you for that!
    Epic cute ferrets :3

  31. You know I am getting a ferret

  32. PrincessAndFluffy 23056

    It’s been like 8 months since you uploaded…

  33. Wolfielover2424 AJ

    so funny

  34. the firts song is the Five Night At song

  35. The fnaf song omg

  36. I love ferretscan I have one please please please pleasepleaseplease please
    please please please please

  37. Hi! im a ferret owner, i love your youtube account with your ferrets, just
    wondering if you could tell me where you get the packing peanuts from i
    would love to try this on my ferrets!! Thank you!

  38. omg made my day!

  39. When will there be a new video

  40. Five nights at freddy’s theme song

  41. Hey It's Madison


  42. no way no way (RapMaster)


  43. Pancake is mah fave

  44. all I had to see was pancakes :3 lol

  45. This is the five nights at Freddy’s music box lol

  46. Amazing video, i love ferrets ;-)


  48. Hello, quick question. Is it safe to buy regular packing peanuts or do they
    have to be of a particular kind? Starch, biodegradable? I’m not sure here.
    thanks !

  49. I just got 1 month and a week old ferrets and they are starting to bite
    cause they got in teeth i was wondering if i should give them wood blocks
    to chew on

  50. next month am getting a ferret i am super excited???

  51. song:fnaf I guess?

  52. I wanna see what happens if you hide treats in there :O

  53. Song name?

  54. Your ferrets have some cute ass names.

  55. look at them so adorable!! ?

  56. fnaf music

  57. Fun fact about biodegradable packing peanuts. Apparently, they taste like

  58. sounds like a song from five nights at Freddy’s. and it was a cute video

  59. #obstruction…

  60. The Song Make Me Remind Of Fnaf

  61. X3 aww so cute I have a ferret named Cooper he is a young ferret if you put
    another ferret on him or put him in packing peanuts he will do what I call
    the “fish dance” where he jumps in the air and flips around X3 I also have
    4 other ferrets, Kitty, Snowflake, Tazz, and Silver. Sadly Tazz cant be
    with the other ferrets because he has always jumped on them ever since
    Cooper came, and not in a good way. They use to be so peaceful until we had
    to buy another cage.

  62. check out my channel you love my ferrets

  63. jajajajaja so crazy jajajaj,i love your ideas for the littlelis jejejeje

  64. if i see one comment about fnaf i swear

  65. Ferrests just wanna have fun

  66. newGalaxygirl1015 Msp

    at 1:22 hes just like get the fuck off meh

  67. i have in home 17 ferrets and i love this angels!!!!!


  69. haha what good owners, they enjoyed that so much

  70. LOL???❤️?

  71. flipfox65 mastergamer


  72. Lol I didn’t see any comments of people saying “FNAF”, because the first
    part of the video sounded like Carmen.

  73. that is adorable u have cute ferrets

  74. 00:31

    Ferret #1- ” what’s that stuff falling from the sky??”

    Ferret #2- ” Shut up and fight me!!”

  75. FerretsProductions

    I love this.

  76. LOL How could you handle their energy, so cute

  77. did any1 notice the background music is a fnaf 1 song?

  78. so cute :’)

  79. Microwaved Waffles


  80. like children in a ball pit

  81. There so cute

  82. Great video! So much cuteness, I’m dying!!! Lol

  83. Fanf soundtrack

  84. Those ferrets look like they’re having the time of their lives! Both
    hilarious and adorable!

  85. i wish i was one of those ferrets so i could be small enough to play in
    those, also i would have rly great owners!

  86. it’s like a packing peanut swimming pool!

  87. I want to be a ferret now.

  88. awsum!! my ferret looks his fuzz light year his name is Ricky tho

  89. i have 2 ferrets thay are raskls but i love theam

  90. I don’t thunk the ferrets like the foam much, this is animal cruelty;
    you’re forcing it upon them!
    Video flagged
    User reported
    Im calling the RSPCA

  91. Spoiled rotten! lol

  92. check meh channel. watch xaowie!! he will make you laugh

  93. 16 are stupid >_<

  94. What have u done?!?

  95. This is such a cute video. I am hooked! Thank you for sharing your funny
    little fuzzys!

  96. LOL. This needs benny hill music xD

  97. ITS TOOO CUET ;3

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