Cute Hedgehog Finds Puppy Love With Dachshunds

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MEET the unconventional and miniature family who will melt your heart. Dachshunds Maya, Peanut and Minnie the Hedgehog are one very happy family, whose antics are supervised by adoring owner Natasha Fernandes. Minnie is the oldest at four years and seven months. She is an African Pygmy hedgehog, which are bred as pets because they must be kept at a constant temperature to live and cannot survive in the wild. Maya joined the family in 2015 and Peanut, the baby of the family, was born on Valentine’s Day 2016. The trio have been delighting the internet with their antics since 2015 and they now have over 28,000 followers on their Instagram account @mayathesausage.

Videographer / director: Natasha Fernandes
Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ellie Winstanley
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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  1. Aubbie Melancholy

    FIRST 🙂 I’m so early

  2. Kangi keelin chan


  3. Awww!

  4. Clash With Özgür

    2 adorable 4 me m8 (second comment)

  5. DAMMIT!! i n3ed to watch dome exploasians now

  6. Awww

  7. omg there so cute :3

  8. I’m so early

  9. Omg!

  10. Brianna /Emo Lady

    Aww so adorable


  12. minnie looks pissed af xD

  13. This is sooo adorable!

  14. pointlessfailure

    Hard hitting journalism, right here.

  15. This is so fucking adorable! ?

  16. Awwwwwww so cute!☺️☺️☺️??

  17. GAHH now I want a hedgehog

  18. So CUTE <33

  19. I’m always afraid the porcupine will someday release its quills and hurt
    the dog.

  20. So Cute

  21. They’re sooooo cute ???

  22. Look it’s sonic the hedgehog well his name Minnie and that’s a cute name
    for a hedgehog

  23. so sweet!!

  24. quality content

  25. unlikely animal friendship videos always get me, it’s just too cute

  26. Juanita Echeverry

    best barcroft video ever made

  27. Just in time for Sonic’s birthday too ;)

  28. lmao!!! Really love Peanut!!!

  29. This is the quality content we need

  30. This is why I subscribed to this channel, not for those gold digging
    deformed creatures.

  31. The cuteness is overwhelming

  32. Madison Mosquera


  33. Typical Phangirl

    These are the kind of videos i long for

  34. Now I want a hedgehog

  35. This so cute it made my night ??

  36. Katherine Nguyen

    One word : AAAAAAAAAAAAWWWW!!!!~

  37. Aww

  38. peanut is the cutest!

  39. Tiny pupper with spikers

  40. Peanut is so cute

  41. loveforeignaccents


  42. (Yesss…. Lure them in, Barcroft….)

  43. so dorable

  44. to cute

  45. The “Awwwwww!!!!” factor of this video…

  46. Just too fat

  47. OMG OMG OMG It’s so cutee

  48. মো.রফিকুল ইসলাম

  49. I hope she takes that bully stick away. Those treats will break a dogs

  50. awhhhhhhh

  51. LaBelleCongolese

    Awhhhh it was super duper cute when he was in the shopping cart and pot !!!

  52. daschundloverable

    Ringo, Snoodles, Papa Peanut, Mommy Snickers, Thumper, Chunks, Tickles were
    all my doxies since a kid. May they RIP. I still have my little Wiggles
    who just turned 14 earlier this month. Some were rescues, some were
    pregnant accidents. My son has rescued 3 doxies now. THEY ARE THE BEST.

  53. so happy (^-^) ♥ ♥

  54. sonic making them friends with benefits i see


  56. These are my pets ❤️❤️??

  57. Hephaistos The Smith

    Dachs is spoken ducks :)

  58. So cute!!

  59. Toussaints' Wrath


  60. Wow…so much CUTENESS ???

  61. Its so cute!!!

  62. How cute

  63. Love dogs and hedgies!!!!

  64. Awwwww

  65. Is this the dog that gone viral being photoshop lol

  66. cuteness overload!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Cute video!

  68. I want them


  69. Natalie Pinegreen

    Dachshund is pronounced daks-hund, not dash-hound. Smh you’d think Barcroft
    TV would put more effort in their videos.

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