Cute Instagram Pigs Are Hogging The Limelight: BEAST BUDDIES

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STYLISH Priscilla and Poppleton are hogging the limelight as Instagram’s most famous pet piggies. The cute duo have amassed a fan base of 626,000 on the photo-sharing site where they can be seen posing at the beach in ‘pigkinis’ or as ‘pigs in blankets.’ Owner Melissa Nicholson, 43, from Jacksonville, Florida, fell in love with the animals after visiting a farm as a student at the The University of Alabama.
Videographer / director: Melissa Nicholson
Producer: Nora Hakramaj, Ellie Winstanley
Editor: Sonia Estal

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  1. Stop clothing my bacon

  2. lollllll haha

  3. Lol cute

  4. cute cute


  6. Awwww ❤????

  7. Lionel Ronaldoo (cr7boss)

    Cute kittens

  8. cute!!!!!!

  9. this is fucking adorable!!

  10. margo maplethorpe

    If I post a picture of a piece of bacon would I instantly get a fan base of

  11. I love pigs! They’re such smart and deserving animals! I’m glad these ones
    are be treated so well. I hope the owner doesn’t eat pork!

  12. Mmm Bacon.

  13. 0:17 right is litterly me when ever I poop ?

  14. I see food. Delicious bacon.

  15. Just wait until they get bigger

  16. lucia maria maria

    Achei os porquinhos uma verdadeira gracinhas,,,,lindoooooooo.

  17. Pigs are only good for making bacon.

  18. there so cute that’s why I’m going vegan/vegetarian

  19. Wtf pigs are nasty only chicks and roosters are good

  20. Specially gots are cute

  21. TheTerminator1919

    Pigs are smarter than dogs and cows. Too bad many of them are kept in awful
    conditions and get a rep because of it.

  22. Sueweee

  23. cute poggos pls no bacon

  24. loveforeignaccents

    They are soooo cute!!

  25. takip +

  26. Mmmmm lunch

  27. this makes me hungry

  28. I WANT ONE

  29. Pork up for grabs

  30. Cutest bacon on the internet

  31. You guys should do a video on Doug the Pug! He has over 1.9 million
    followers on Instagram!!

  32. @Emily Hallam I need these pigs ??????

  33. They are soooooo cute?

  34. cute cupuakecookie


  35. cute cupuakecookie


  36. The resemblance of a overweight white kid and a piglet are uncanny.

  37. Hi To You All Poeple

    peppa pig

  38. ホラフキンフキン


  39. Too bad they aren’t going to stay that small

  40. So cute! I’m dying?

  41. I am wondering how people eat bacon or pork pigs live in mud and they eat
    mud it is full of of derts ewwwwww

  42. WTF Social Media? 95% of the viewers say oh how cute while eating bacon on
    the side. As long as it’s trending you fucks get sucked in.

  43. friends not food

  44. There are nine dislike and why do they even bother to watch the video

  45. these pigs for more clothes than me

  46. There are 9 dislikes and who can resist the pigs

  47. Stephanie B. Rubio sings Rubio


  48. she’s gonna eat them all one day

  49. Choooops tan

  50. arent they so cute i wish i had them

  51. Those pigs look like they would make some damn good bacon sandwiches.

  52. I adore my potbellied pig. They are the smartest, loving and hard headed
    pets. This pigs are adorable!

  53. Awwwwwwwwww there soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  54. pig-ture gone wrong

    plain stupid, they’re pigs NOT humans, end of story!

  55. oooooooh

  56. xD

  57. Being a Vegan, this video made me happy :)

  58. Holy shit this is like the best thing since individually wrapped cheese

  59. What happens when they get bigger though???????

  60. my bacon in the future yumm

  61. Pigs are friend not food

  62. walking hamburgers

  63. Awe..cuties! ??

  64. Muslims will love this.:)

  65. Cute but kinda weird tbh

  66. Caitlin, Madison and Jada

    I died when the had on the back packs ???

    so. cute

  67. i want bacon now

  68. I have nicknames for days. Like Porky Pig. Peppa Pig, or Missy Piggy with a
    blonde wig. So cute.


  70. alyx!!! gustafsson

    I’m crying

  71. wooooow

  72. Wilbert, on Charlotte Web’s. K. I stop. They are so cute.

  73. Cute Instagram Pigs Are *Hogging* the Limelight

    I see what you did there …

  74. all i see is bacon slices ???

  75. So its walking bacon that shits?

  76. The hipochrisy at his finest!

  77. In comment section you can observe a group of neanderthal people that
    cannot stop themselves but yell “bacon!” every time they see a pig that
    enjoys life. You may ask why? Why do they need to bring up consumption of
    trans fat filled dead piece of an abused animal’s ass? Let me tell you
    children! Their brains are the size of a peanut, therfore they cannot use
    intelligence and empathy at the same pace as normal people. Pray for them!

  78. this is so fucked up

  79. they look cute :)

  80. قرف

  81. Road hog is that you?

  82. I would eat humans if I have to, and even I wouldn’t have to, I would still
    do it if I have the opportunity.
    These piggies look very cute btw.

  83. living the pig life.

  84. Mmmmmmmhmmmm so yummy!!!

  85. OnWednesdaysWeWearBlack

    You guys should do a video of pet play or bdsm in general

  86. I follow them on instagram, they r super adorable. ♡ ♡ ♡

  87. I love pigs! They’re sooo yummeh!

  88. Now I don’t want to eat pork. :(

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  90. I have the same wagon red one ok red one

  91. good thing I don’t eat pork

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  93. tehay are so cute that i just want to eat them

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