Cute Lion Cubs Hone Their Hunting Skills On A GoPro Camera

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Cute Lion Cubs Hone Their Hunting Skills On A GoPro Camera

Photographer Chris Bray, 30, from Sydney, Australia, attached a GoPro camera to a remote control car and drove it straight up to the pack of lions. For ten minutes the lion cubs pawed at the lens and snarled at it – practicing their roars for the camera. Chris runs photo courses and private photography tours around the world via his website –

Videographer / Director: Chris Bray
Producer: Samantha Grillo
Editor: Joshua Douglas


  1. LOVE IT! … but it would’ve been even better had the photographer shown
    the remote controlled vehicle buzzing around some! 🙂
    ~Durban ~ KwaZULU Natal~ xox

  2. Lion: Humankind
    Gopro camera : UFO

  3. Thats cheating…much better for a human human to be up close and personal

  4. Smart idea!

  5. Cuutee lions¡

  6. AWww so cute ” ” i want one” SHUT UP before it BITES YOUR NIPPLES AND
    TITTIES OFF. after that happenes u wont want one as a pet.

  7. АМУРКА Онлайн

    Спасибо отличные видео ролики!

  8. I love this 

  9. Awwwe

  10. So adorable!

  11. So cute

  12. so cute! love it

  13. Muy bonitos.

  14. I bet my car that in less than a month some conservationist freak is going
    to say something like “animals should not be disturbed, you are violating
    nature natural course of events bla bla”…can not stand this type of
    people. For you conservationist out there. IN YOUR FACE THIS IS AWESOME!

  15. The end was awkward. “the cubs soon became bored and returned to the bush
    for an afternoon nap”. LOL

    Cute video though! :)

  16. saddam rsk


  17. Fantastic Truly

  18. toooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  19. gopro marketing. lol

  20. love

  21. I immagine the cub said like a baby hymain playing with car : ‘AAn Aaan ,

  22. Another reason why I should have been an electronic engineer.

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