Cute Lost Cat Rolling Around in Catnip Toys in Pet Store

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This cute cat entered the pet store by accident and had the time of his life rolling around in all the catnip toys! Pure kitty bliss, high on catnip 😀 Oh, and his owner came to pick him up, so all’s well that ends well!

[Originally posted by: Pets Place.]


  1. 240p quality and 2 black bars are covering 70% of the screen….shit video.

  2. Cat is SO stoned!

  3. That boy must be highhhh as helll

  4. Perk of being on mobile.
    >When retards film vertically it doesn’t bother you


  6. another fucking vertical video. disliked

  7. Don’t do drugs kittens

  8. that cat high as shit

  9. Lost in the sauce , I hope you get over your addiction kitty.

  10. aww come on , its a cat XD

  11. See drugs work.

  12. The black bars on the side make this video look like I’m watching it from
    inside of a vagina

    and in 240p



  14. oohh that cute little bastard

  15. Tokugawa Heavy Industries

    This is why I don’t give homeless cats money. They’ll just spend it on


  17. Great. Another vertical video.

  18. “I regret nothing.”

  19. woooow..

  20. Such a gangsta cat trashing the catnip toys on DAT floor

  21. so cute. Just call the cat owners simple. phone numbers on his cat belt
    small collar simple.

  22. ill look after the cat simple.

  23. what a fucking pussy

  24. Fucking junkie!

  25. I was waiting for him to fall off the shelf…..

  26. the cat is like a junkie in a pharmacy

  27. Your cat’s a junky

  28. my dad found a pregnant cat living under a house and we brought her home
    and now she’s in paradise to

  29. Love the pattern on his fur

  30. It’s all good and well til someone calls the po-po


  32. The cat is high, nuff said.

  33. ‘Yeah i tried it once…but i never inhaled’ ¬_¬

  34. Acts Very Hungry

  35. This cat literally got lost and wandered into cat paradise. Then got picked
    up and taken home like nothing happened. Bet it’s confused as fuck right
    now LOL

  36. Cat said I am going to get high!

  37. That cat is totally krunk! holy shit!

  38. what a pretty kitty :-)

  39. This is why Pharmacies have to lock up their drugs.

  40. so cute! kitty heaven :)

  41. Am I the only one that finds this adorable?

  42. ?+?=awesome

  43. Rob Jones Unplumbed

    A very similar thing happens to me in my kitchen when I drop bacon grease
    on the floor.

  44. That cat isn’t lost, it’s home.

  45. that cat love’s candy

  46. In a pet store? This is basically heaven for the cat haha

  47. cats suck

  48. what a dick

  49. this is the quality context i like to see

  50. that is cute!

  51. No way is that a “lost cat.” Totally clean and wearing a collar!

  52. Next time, learn how to record properly. I can only assume that this was
    recorded by some zombie with an iPhone.

  53. Vertical happens…

  54. junkie

  55. Good, you’re at the store. You can get a clerk to help you with the issue
    with your phone.

  56. me after a large pizza

  57. rock bottom

  58. Why is every viral video recorded vertically?

  59. Good thing the cat didn’t find it’s way into the pitbull enclosure.

  60. we all know someone is gona get fired over this

  61. I hope he got a good home to

  62. haha heel leuk, gedeeld

  63. Dat cat so high he can see me.

  64. Somebody get this cat some Doritos stat!

  65. Say hello to mioaw leetle friends.

  66. The toys contain the catmint :)

  67. You stink cam corder dude?

  68. OMG, lol

  69. Dont do drugs kids.

  70. ah yes, the potent stuff

  71. The cat is soooo cuteeee! And i hate people who hate cat -.-

  72. Beautiful markings on this cat.

  73. Para-para-paradise Para-para-paradise
    Oh oh oh oh oh oh-oh-oh

  74. I think it’s funny that the videos title is “Lost cat” When we all know
    good & well, that cat doesn’t consider himself lost. Heck, that cat thinks
    that’s his store!

  75. My cat was rolling around the floor the same way. The next week was a
    freaking nightmare as it turned out she was in heat.

  76. CocoAndTheBombshell

    What a beautiful coat this cat has!

  77. Yeah, that’s totally catnip behavior. They’re hilarious when they get a
    hold of it .

  78. This cat is in heaven! Too freaking cute!!

  79. She need some one to play with

  80. This is AWESOME ?????

  81. no wonder my money’s been missing

  82. Its Drugs cats

  83. catnip plush toy. this cat approves. buy it now.

  84. Don’t laugh, it’s a disease.

  85. Ha Ha, acts like my cat. Btw my cat is pregnant and is having kittens soon.
    Soo cute, c;

  86. i have three cats one is a baby kitten her name is Bella and i have two
    adolt cats one is black and light and dark brown her name is Snella the
    other one is Moo. All of my cats are cute and adorabol

  87. you did notice the collar and tags right?

  88. Not lost. He’s exactly where he wants to be.

  89. That cats high af lol

  90. that cat is my spirit animal. i am basically human form of that cat

  91. Stephanie McNeil (Cookie)

    absolutely the most adorable thing i have ever seen. too bad my stupid
    allergies won’t allow me to have a cat.

  92. Ha so cute

  93. Mario Hennenberger

    you not “Lost” if you exactly where you want to be :P

  94. He must have smelled it outside so he came in and found it easily. Reminds
    me of that security video of that dog who came into a store (automatic
    doors opened for him), and he came in, went right down an aisle, picked up
    a bone, and happily carried it right back out the door without paying for
    it. ;)

  95. Oh my God…:-))) it must be a maximum hangover next day :-))))

  96. Gabriella Uscategui


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