Cute Meerkats Use Photographer As A Lookout Post

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Cute Meerkats Use Photographer As A Lookout Post

THESE adorable Meerkats used a photographer as a look out post before trying their hand at taking pictures. The beautiful images were caught by wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas after he spent six days with the quirky new families in the Makgadikgadi region of Botswana. Will has photographed Meerkats in the past and was delighted when he realised he would be shooting new arrivals.

Videographer / Director: Will Burrard – Lucas
Producer: Jack Fletcher
Editor: Joshua Douglas


  1. First like first comment

  2. Cool :)

  3. nice

  4. The meerkats must think, if he’s going to stalk us, he might as well do
    something useful

  5. Too cute

  6. The babieeeeeees!

  7. Selfie with the meerkat

  8. So cute!

  9. That’s so cute omg

  10. D’aawwww

  11. Awesome

  12. Very cute !!! Thanks for posting. I love Animals !!

  13. best job IN THE WORLD!

  14. mum i want a meerkat

  15. Meerkat let me take a selfie

  16. I was lucky to spend maybe an hour or so following a group of meerkats
    around a campsite on a trip to Namibia, thought my photos were good until I
    saw this video…brilliant!!!

  17. Oh my goodness, how cute!!! I want one! NO!!! all of them 😀 he is super
    lucky to be around all those beautiful creatures :)

  18. Simply adorable. Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    ~KwaZULU Natal~ xox

  19. ‫أحمد النور‬‎

    The Luckiest guy in the world. I feel envy ^^ I luv Meerkats

  20. This made me realize how beautiful world can be, adorable 

  21. Wow! I don’t know how much human interaction these meerkats get but they
    sure are friendly.

  22. You have to help out your fellow two-legged mammal =)

  23. OMG the babiiiiesss!!!!!

  24. luckiest man on earth

  25. SuperSonicWeirdox

    Can I please be him oh my god

    And I guess the meerkats are adorable too… heh

  27. Genial!

  28. I loved this whole vid! Heart warming!!

  29. unmeaninglessly143

    now thats worth a selfie.

  30. This is too cute!

  31. Awww! So much cuteness in this one video! :D

  32. I never believed when I saw one at Bush Gardens Tampa. You can even see the
    holes in the ground. One of my favorite animals.

  33. w0w SO CUTE. Oh, the meerkats, too. c;

  34. so cute.

  35. Guess they are used to humans!

  36. I died from cuteness overload @.@

  37. awwwwwhhh<3

  38. This is so cute,I love meerkats.

  39. Mary Christine Delea

    Love meerkats!

  40. Michael Christenson

    Awesome photos.

  41. so they are on a constant lookout for danger but they let a 6 feet human
    hang around and play with their children?

  42. Cute little guys. Its a shame that some people like to shove them up their

  43. Everything about this is cute, the meerkats AND the photographer. Good men
    like this, are AWESOME and RARE! thanks for this!


  45. Allung Allung Toner

    Amazing ♡

  46. Amazing :)

  47. Adorable. The Meerkats are pretty cute, too!

  48. Timon!

  49. Omg so cute!!!

  50. That Ass …

  51. sooo sweeet :)

  52. Awwwwweee!!! I love them little buddies, sooooo adorable.

  53. Hakuna Matata

  54. Awesome

  55. Fitzgerald Mistral

    Cats should be replaced by meercats as domestic pets.

  56. “Better stand on this human to make sure there aren’t any big carnivorous
    mammals around.

  57. Excellent Thanks for uploading I love watching the characters of the
    Meerkat’s at our local zoo I have a couple of clips on my channel but
    missed recording my favourite when a little girl dropped a dummy in ;-o

  58. That lucky basterd lol

  59. Awwwwwww

  60. 16 people hate animals……..

  61. Daryl Hudson (Sly-Meerkat)

    Baby meerkats are just the best ever….. I <3 them!

  62. Aww those baby meerkats are tooooo cute 

  63. So cute!

  64. It’s Timon! Where is Pumba?

  65. “dig a tunnel dig dig a tunnel, quick before the hyena comes”….oh come
    on, you wanted to sing it too :)

  66. Jon Lutes (D4RK WOLF96)

    this is the most adorable thing I have ever seen

  67. Funny Meercats =))) 

  68. Can’t. Handle. The . Cuteness.

  69. CUTIES:)!!!!

  70. too cute to be true

  71. Awww! so cute!!! <3

  72. That is too cute.

  73. Nicee…

  74. the laugh at the end gave me the shivers is that weird?

  75. verry nice

  76. That is not a camera, it’s a fucking RBG!!

  77. guess he never heard of a long sleeve shirt?

  78. adorable! :x

  79. That’s so cute 

  80. So cute i can’t even!! 😀 xD

  81. I want his job! Adorable merrkats!!! :)

  82. can u have a meerkat as a pet? arent they just like a house cat?

  83. I hate to say cute, but this is so cute 

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    Monkey Series” “Doggy Patrol” similar to yours. Monkeys bring joy and
    happiness to us all. Lifting the veil of negativity in the web of
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  85. Boooooo that suck balls 

  86. 0:44 zero fuck were given on that day

  87. Thats awesome :)

  88. oh, look at these sweet little cuties 🙂

  89. I want to be a meercat post. I will do it please! So cute

  90. That is so awesome. Taking advantage of their environment.


    My dog looks like a weasel too!

  92. Did anyone else find his laugh at the end kinda creepy and axe-murderer

  93. Shows a reasonable level of intelligence, first realising that humans
    aren’t a treat, and then taking the brave step of using them as lookout
    platforms. That considering that they are usually on everybody’s menu

  94. I’m pretty sure there was an ads about meercat in Australia

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