Cute Orphaned Orangutan Rescued From A Life On A Leash

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Cute Orphaned Orangutan Rescued From A Life On A Leash

A baby orangutan is in safe hands after being found with nylon rope around her neck in the forest of Lower Labai, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. After a villager heard a sound similar to a baby crying and discovered the little simian, he took her to his home to keep as a pet and tied the rope around her neck. Officers found the animal nearly two years later in a severely weakened state and have given her to the Provincial Natural Resources Conservation Centre to recover.

Videographer / Director: HKV
Producer: Nick Johnson
Editor: Sonia Estal / Ian Phillips


  1. awesome

  2. omg shes soo cute! and other baby Orangutans are soo cute!!

  3. I want one!!!!!!


  5. Hwo on the world dislike this ?

  6. this is just awesome


  8. Touching story, but I can’t believe people find these things cute xD

  9. سبحان الله

  10. I feel like the man was put in to the “bad guy role” in this video whne in
    reality he was the one who saved it and then tried his best to keep it
    alive. He didnt need to do that.

  11. kasihan banget monyet ini dipishin dgn yg ngrwt

  12. Who could dislike this?! 

  13. Hope the asshole who chained him up dies. Soon.

  14. ‫يونس السلطان‬‎

    اكتشاف ﻷول مره مرض يسمه داء الحزن

  15. Beatriz Chavarriaga


  16. How I wish could play/ work for them

  17. When she is released back in to the wild. Oh the smile that brought to my
    face! :)

  18. God Bless…

  19. I swear, i would adopt that little ginger teddy bear. Train him to play cod
    and call him scumpy.

  20. I love happy endings. :D

  21. At least the man knew he didn’t know how to take care of the Orangutan and
    knew it was a good idea for him to give it up 

  22. And yet we were monkeys

  23. Why are they wearing masks

  24. 1:20 WHEELBARROW OF CUTENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. SOOO cute

  26. The next video you should do is fox kills and eats my go pro 

  27. Ahh too cute!

  28. Baby Khloe Kardashian

  29. Baby Khloe Kardashian

  30. AWE!!! So sad … yet with a happy ending. I just hope that her earliest
    memories dissipate soonest.
    ~Durban~ xox 

  31. So cute!.^_^

  32. Nice to see that there’re still decent people out there!!

  33. I wish I could personally thank the people that rescued the little guy. It
    puts joy in my heart that not only the Orangutan was rescued, but that
    people cared enough to do so.

  34. Sad beginning but hopeful there will be a happy ending. The farmer does
    deserve some credit for trying to do the right thing, only to realize he
    couldn’t do what was needed but found the people who could and would. I
    thought I had seen so many cute animal videos but seeing a wheel barrow
    full of orangutans has to be in my top 3. Thank you for sharing and please
    keep showing updates on her progress. 

  35. Cuteness in one video 

  36. Maybe the dumbest farmer in the history of the world!!! I would like to
    lead him on a leash!!

  37. Non-human animals are so wonderful!

  38. Rehab $thousands. A .22 shell…$.07. I vote the shell….

  39. This makes me so happy I wish I had a job like this :D

  40. i wanna join Orangutan baby school

  41. Good vid 

  42. Good vid 

  43. Kathleen “SLADE” Domo

    1:21 lol a whole lot of cuteness in one wheelbarrow..sign me up please..aha
    too cute

  44. the wheel barrow full of orangutans ll so cute

  45. im indonesian

  46. Beautifull 🙂 



  49. Um yeah I didn’t say we are as in today I said we WERE ya know from along
    time ago.

  50. okay seriously..don’t attack my comments only because this is common
    fucking sense.. your telling me they can’t put fucking slippers on while
    they walk around int he cage or the facility.. nobody has shoes on. and
    they wonder why it;s a dirty country infested with infections and diseases
    wtf..smh…these ppl need to be bathed in purell

  51. God they are so funny looking they are one of my favorites more so than the

  52. Cut the leash loose with a chainsaw….

  53. paul polish, you watch orangoutangs on fire??? what an arsewipe. you think
    your funny and witty? get a grip your a sadistic man

  54. oi
    you wouldnt put a hard rope around a human baby at 5 months and give it
    cuts and bleeding hands
    WTF would you do it to a baby rangatang WTF that guy should be put in a
    hard rope and have him run around and get cuts on his necks and stuff haha
    if you cant take care of something dont
    dont keep it till it gets sick and stuff
    its a baby like a i dont know a human baby
    stupid peoples in this planets

  55. +Paul Polish +Novideoscon I really only do this because I have no friends ,
    people don’t like me because sometimes I don’t shower. I can’t help it I
    don’t like water. Truthfully I like monkeys and Orangutans. I am in the
    seventh grade and I have not come out to my parents yet, they probably
    already know I’m gay but we didn’t talk about it. 

  56. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa<

  57. amazing how they all sit in the wheelbarrow and dont try and get out!

  58. Once the head is removed the leash comes right off.

  59. The 3 Fluffateers

    So cute 

  60. TransgenderAceWithTheGayestOfGrace

    I just noticed that some monkeys look like really large spiders.

  61. Super cute

  62. That’s so cute

  63. I feel so bad for that animal who had been put on a leash. Such heartless
    owners! ?


  65. life happy love
    <3<3<3<33<3<33<3<3<3<3<33<3<3<33<3<3<<<3<3<<33<3<33<<<3<3<3<3<<3<<33<3<3<33<3<3<38 (--

  66. supermagenta cupcake icing COOKIES

    i was crying

  67. ‫فارس الحربي‬‎


  68. I am so happy for the beautiful ending! There is hope for humanity. Thank
    YOU angels for doing all this amazing work :)

  69. I notice with this video that the ones that are in a terrible state just go
    along with the new people they don’t even know , as though there is no real
    attachment to the person or people in the place they are being taken from.
    In fact to see this one hug up to the man walking her outside of that house
    where she was kept shows me that it knew exactly what was going on, that it
    was leaving right then with strangers that must mean good for it. Is this
    real what I see? Am I just imagining this to be the case because it’d make
    sense or do others recognize what I see? I think they are far more
    intelligent than even I give them credit for and are anything but slow
    minded. That’d mean that they are far too aware of their condition or
    status and lioving conditions and whether they are reallhy loved or not.
    That means a lot to me in how it is that I feel about those that would
    actually hide one of these animals in their home full well knowing that
    they are sought as abusers just not ticketed as criminals, as of yet that

  70. Young Orangutan’s look like mini old ladies lol still cute though

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