Cute Panther Kitten Rescued After Being Abandoned By Mother

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Cute Panther Kitten Rescued After Being Abandoned By Mother

GAZING wide-eyed into the camera, this adorable Florida panther kitten looks the picture of health and happiness. But just three weeks earlier it was facing a cold and lonely death, having been abandoned by its mother. Fortunately the week-old cub he was rescued by a team of biologists and is now on the road to a full recovery. The teams came from Conservancy of Southwest Florida and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. It was treated at the Animal Speciality Hospital of Florida in Naples, Florida.

Footage courtesy of: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Producer: John Balson
Editor: Joshua Douglas


  1. AWW sooo cute!:-P


  3. What happened to the bodybuilding video you just uploaded??

  4. Aww it’s so cute 😀 I want one

  5. The panther baby’s mother should be thrown in jail!

  6. shinchang kejimi

    So!!!!!!cute.I want to adopt like that panther,tiger,lion,jackal and
    leopard.But it’s okay because I have a mineture tiger.

  7. So fucking cute. I need to have it

  8. of course there will be haters

  9. Britney and brett Thorpe

    So cute 

  10. Cezabear “Cezabearx” X


  11. Aww yeah!
    This cub is soo close, I live about 30 or so minutes away from Lowry park

  12. Hi my name is wendy i would totally like to adopt the litte panther i would
    take good care of it i just hope i get the little panther bye

  13. its so cute!

  14. Soooo
    Cute people who are watching
    Like this cute kitten

  15. grow up son, aand hunt bacon <3

  16. oh my god look at that lettle face meow

  17. I bet he is all grown up now I wish I had a baby panther I was born in

  18. Phong Nguyễn Diệp Tuấn

    So cute?


    Who would abandon that cute little fluff ball?? Not me !! I love animals

  20. Cutest thing EVER!❤️?

  21. I love cats

  22. they so cute I want to adopt them

  23. SO CUTE!!!!! (:’)

  24. Awwwwwwww ??????????

  25. It’s so cute, I want it!!….

  26. can I have it my son loves them

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  29. I live where the baby was found! There was a big wild fire and the mother
    in a hurry and being scared ran off and left the baby! The baby had burns
    on his feet from walking around. They where walking around and heard a
    little sound so they were looking and found it all alone! 

  30. so cute!!!


  32. I’m at that part of YouTube again help me get out plz

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    that’s kinda cute

  34. To cute :3

  35. aww :3

  36. Cutest thing in the history of cute things

  37. its soooooooooooo cute)????????????????❤

  38. It’s so freaking cuuuttee I really want him

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  40. Omg so cute ?

  41. I know having a kitten is hard work, you have to potty train them..Feed
    them warm milk atleast a few times even at night, only had a short time but
    then got along with the other family members and I’m really sad about it.

  42. SO SO

  43. to cute

  44. My school’s mascot is a panther

  45. ѕтαя ѕмσкιηg

    Its mother obviously died, or got hurt because a mother panther never
    abandonds its babies.

  46. A panther? isnt it a cougar (mountain lion)? (panther = jaguar)

  47. Lovely video clip

  48. how in the world does it have that many dislikes I love it it’s adorable

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  50. he I so darn cute I’m definitely subscribing

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  55. is he blind ?

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  60. he is so cute

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  63. Aaaawww

  64. Poor cub hadn’t even opened his eyes when he was abandoned. Never got to
    see his mother.

  65. i disliked bcause i dont have one :(((((

  66. I wonder if his Mom is seeing this??

  67. so cute and feel bad his mother left him ??

  68. Васил Димитров


  69. There always in Florida!!!

  70. sooooooooo cute ???

  71. curie !!!

  72. cutie !!!

  73. cutie

  74. Awww, It’s so cute!!!

  75. Precious little face ???

  76. The Siamese Kitten Satan/Angel


  77. Awwwwwwww… :3 SO GODDMAN CUTE.

  78. Omg sooo cute!!!!!!!!

  79. My cat always a bands her kids

  80. Awwwww so cute :)

  81. soccer,gaming and stuff

    WHO ARE THE 73 numb skulls who disliked the video

  82. My admiration for all the people who manage to save these baby animals .
    There are still the odieuse stupid no brain who shoot them; And us the
    majority who never get to see them after childhood . SO THANKYOU

  83. OMG that panther is adolable see a tear watching this

  84. I’m becoming a vet

  85. so cute?

  86. Everything is cute when it’s a baby, and that’s a fact.

  87. super duper adorable

  88. the eyes is beutiful

  89. and him too

  90. this is sooooooooooooo cute

  91. Sooooo cute I want to pet it and keep it

  92. if i may ask, why do cats (and other animals) abandon their children?
    whereas other animals will never abandon their children, even going to the
    point of death to protect them (snakes and stuff)?

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