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Sandy and her pups were abandoned in a grocery store parking lot. They may have had it rough for a bit, but we always try to change that!

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If you are interested in helping with animals in the future, please visit our partners at to learn more and to donate if you would like. Abandoned Pet Project is a 501(c)(3), tax exempt non-profit organization. There is no shortage of pets in need, so every donation means more lives we can positively change.

Music: “Rosa Dear” by the band “Ruth”. Ruth has given express written permission for the use of these songs in Vet Ranch videos.


  1. > “I’m not gonna get them”
    > Gets them

  2. OMG I’ve just moved to Austin in April, and the past few months I’ve been
    really struggling, emotionally and financially. I wasn’t able to pay my
    rent last month, I can’t find a full time job, and then Thursday I was
    struck with a fever of nearly 102. I couldn’t make it in to my part time
    job, and was told there will be disciplinary action taken against me for
    the amount of absences I’ve had (aka I’ll probably be fired). All of that
    anxiety, stress, and heartache just completely disappeared when I watched
    this video. Even if it was for only 7.5 minutes. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I got
    my puppy when she was 2 weeks old (her mom had been hit by a car and left a
    litter of puppies) and this took me back to those beginning days. She’s 13
    years old now, and I don’t know what I’m going to do when it’s her time to
    go. I was unable to bring her with me to Texas, so she is living with my
    mom, but I miss her soooooo much and it hurts soooooooo much that I will
    not be there for her in her final days. Any coping suggestions would be
    GREATLY appreciated. She’s the first dog I got and will always hold a VERY
    special place in my heart. #mansbestfriend

  3. “Grapic footage” – an overload of grapes?

  4. What breed of dog is sandy and her brother? They look a lot alike!

  5. it would be good if all of them are adopted together so these cute puppies
    live forever happy with their mom

  6. So I guess FULL EUTERAN PROLAPSE wouldn’t get as many clicks. I love the
    work you do but holy crap I wasn’t ready.

  7. Dog vagina caught me off guard….

  8. What is so hard about bringing dogs to a shelter? Why do people keep coming
    up with new cruel ways to get rid of dogs? I can’t believe somebody thought
    it was fine to put a mother and puppies in an airtight box and leave them
    on a car in a parking lot. What an awful coward.

  9. Cute veterinarian is more like it ! ?

  10. This makes me happy. 🙂 Today, I had to put my dog down. She was ten years
    old. We brought her in due to what seemed to be constipation and she wasn’t
    moving around. They took an X-Ray of her abdomen and found out she had a
    tumor and fluid all in her abdomen, and the vet told us she would not get
    any better and that she’d only be in more pain as time went by. She will be
    dearly missed, but I’m glad we have somebody like Matt helping all these
    animals :)

  11. Just so y’all know, a channel called “PeT VeT” has uploaded virtually all
    of Vet Ranch’s videos onto their own channel. I’m not sure that’s what Vet
    Ranch means when they suggest people “share” their videos. I think they
    mean for us to hit the “share” button to share them on Facebook or
    whatever, NOT to upload them onto our own channels. I’m going to stay off
    PeT VeT’s channel. Just thought I’d tell y’all about it.

  12. Do you get more ad revenue if we don’t skip ads?

  13. How do the doctors not just keep all of the precious animals they get? If I
    were a vet, I’d keep them ALL.

  14. so I found the same dog but in black and had him for a week I bought his
    shampoo bed everything everything was going well and today like around 4:30pm
    he had a severe kinda like heart attack,stroke,seizure or rabies episode it
    started with with his leg then he started tweaking with foam out of his
    mouth runny nose clear like water,eyes wide open but didn’t respond to
    anything I seriously thought he was dead,but then he kinda came back to
    life and started to roll around then after that he came back to life but
    was all confused and started hitting everything like if he was super drunk
    and and then he came fully back to life after 5 minutes but unfortunately
    he had 6 more episodes of this illness so I decided to take him to the
    shelter he was all sleepy wen I took him

  15. Hey Vet Ranch, how do you tell if a spider has bitten a cat? I found my cat
    playing with a spider and holding it in her mouth at night. I live in South
    Australia (a state in Australia), and pretty much everything is deadly
    here. So how can I tell if she is okay?
    More info:
    She has been bitten before when she was around 8 months old by a red back
    spider. (this times it was a hairy kind of spider.) when she was bitten she
    tried to stand up but could not and that was a dead giveaway, but I need
    more pointers.
    Thanks Mate
    P.s Love your work, keep it up.

  16. You guys inspired me to become a vet

  17. It seems, to me at least, that Cindy was aggressive with people when near
    her pups because she was in pain. She was being a protective mother, but
    because she was so sore she was over compensating with the aggression.
    Basically, I’m going to scare them off by acting very threatening, sort of
    thing. After the surgery she seemed fine. She seemed to be checking on the
    pups when the vet picked them up, rather than being angry that she was
    holding them. I’m happy to see they all got a loving home to go to, they
    really deserved it. Especially Cindy.

  18. i was having such a crappy day but these pups made me feel so much better

  19. you people are wonderful thank you for caring god bless all of you


    they spelt graphic wrong in the beginning wowow

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