Cute Raccoon Freed From Drain Using Angle Grinder

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A cheeky raccoon was too curious for its own good – after it got its head stuck in a DRAIN COVER. Officials from the Wildlife Emergency Services near Santa Cruz, California were called on to assist the poor animal. The experts sedated the critter and a grinder was used to carefully cut through the metal. After treating the raccoon’s superficial wounds it was given a small snack and happily set free.

Footage: Wildlife Emergency Services
Producer: Nick Johnson / Rebecca Lewis
Editor: Ian Phillips

For more compelling footage of the amazing side of life:


  1. Poor baby

  2. They should of worn gloves when sedating the raccoon 

  3. guess he could no longer move it move it.

  4. this guy is supposed to be our guardian of the galaxy. how it happened !!!!

  5. AWE! How touching. I LOVE animal rescue folk … and send them ALL loads of
    blessings. They must have incredibly good karma. 🙂 I wonder whether this
    fellow even remembered his tragic and uncomfortable ordeal after coming out
    of sedation???
    Thanks for sharing guys. 🙂
    ~South Africa~ xox
    BTW: If one doesn’t have any antibiotic spray on hand, cheap IODINE works
    like MAGIC for both animals and humans alike, and even gets rid of SKIN
    CANCER! TRUE FACT per kindest favour of Roman Oncologist, Dr. Tullio
    Simoncini. 🙂
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  6. Raccoons are quite cute, even when eating my trash!

  7. How much i love this channel :)

  8. Yes another of restore in humanity… very rare

  9. We want to see the guy behind that documentary voice

  10. JohnFive Eagles Szuros

    Poor little guy. I found a mouse that managed to stick it’s head through a
    grill in the wall and I freed him. He used to come back to my room all the
    time and he would sit on his paunches and wave his paws in the air for some
    munchies. His favourite? Whole flax seeds. I cannot even hold one of them
    in my hand. He gripped it like a baby bottle nibbling it away.

  11. stupid raccoon. any creature who get their coconut stuck is retartttted.

  12. WTF? They ruined a perfectly good, heavy gauge steel sewer cover, to
    “save” a stupid pest animal?
    How many hours went into this and what’s it going to cost for a new sewer
    Should have just chopped the head off with a straight edge shovel, slid
    quickly down the edge of the steel like a guillotine, so the animal would
    die quick and not be in pain.
    Then fed it to a lion at the zoo, and put the sewer cover back on.

    What happens next week when the same stupid animal pulls this shit again?
    Another wasted sewer cover? If it was stupid enough to get into this once,
    it will do it again. Just leave them to die and let another animal come
    along and eat it.

    Actually, if they had just continued to annoy the animal, as they were
    inadvertently doing at 0:22, it probably would have caused the animal to
    quickly figure out how to constrict its own head, and pull it out so it
    could get away. Then no resources would have been wasted.
    This display was over the top stupid and wasteful.

  13. Venusia Venus (The Venus Girls Zone)

    In Africa,they will cook it and eat it.

  14. Although I live in a big city, I also live a few houses away from the
    river. The raccoon bandits frequently raid our garbage containers at night
    and I’ve driven up to my garage only to see their little heads pop up with
    their eyes glowing in the car’s headlight glare. They are pests but cute
    pests nonetheless.

  15. Kristina Varanavicius

    Aww I have two raccoons ?? they are cute

  16. You’d think Raccoons would be domesticated pets seeing as how they look
    like a normal house cat in ways

  17. Oh Sly Cooper, so much for being a master thief…

  18. From Drain. Lol

  19. goofty raccoon lol

  20. Thank you so much for saving that precious life <3

  21. Bless xoxo

  22. The poor thing, she or he must have been so scared. Great job folks
    saving the little bandit. 

  23. Have to say again wonderful work, it was so amazing to see the raccoon
    freed, thank-you for all that you are doing. You are creating great karma
    for yourselves, although I know you are doing it to help the animals. 

  24. Raccoons are cute when they’re angry, except when they’re holding guns.

  25. Praise the Lord! this is so sweet; my heart grew 3x larger.
    may the Lord Jesus abundantly bless these compassionate people!

  26. Street Puffters!

    Good job they got to him, Coons will bite their own heads off to get free.

  27. homestucks everywhere

    (later that day) daddy look a purple raccoon in our trash!! *dad gets

  28. Omg So Cute And his Neck!!!!

  29. Thanks.

  30. im glad to hear he had a good raccoonperation and was released quickly <333

  31. Nestor Schalbetter

    Who ever did that for the raccoon are that are so nice and actually care
    about animals unlike other people which would just pull its body thank you
    so much for saving the raccoon ? 

  32. Lol I thought that this was going to be a video that likes to stick its
    head in holes xD

  33. cute but would not ever touche one there nuts

  34. fabmcswag theswagmaster

    It’s probebly like “Huh, all i’ve got to do is get my head stuck in
    something and i get free food and water?”

  35. i would cut his head off then laugh like evil huhahuahuhaauhaaha :DDD

  36. Vanessa Schneider

    Oder warum machen sie so ein Video sollen wir mit leiden

  37. Raccoons are disgusting vermin…

  38. Raccons are freakin cute. :3

  39. The Animal and Aircraft zone!

    Silly coon…

  40. poor raccoon :(

  41. I broke the mold

    Awww buddy!!! Ur fine. I guess some humans do have a purpose on planet

  42. Everyone says animals like theses our scary and deadly but some people can
    teach em’

  43. So cute

  44. Stitchedhearthusky

    😀 awwwwww!

  45. When I see videos like this I always wonder what goes through the animals
    head when it’s freed and notices that the humans aren’t going to eat it…

  46. ‫איזק בר‬‎

    oh cmon.. why wont you show how you release him then..?
    greedy bastards.

  47. 1:24 (Raccoon) How the fuck did i get here???

  48. And it seems the master thief has had an epic fail

  49. That’s beautiful

  50. He looked so confused– why am I in a cage? awwww. adorable

  51. This scares me. 

  52. God Bless “Daughter Of Day” Y'all

    If this doesn’t restore your faith in humanity I don’t know what will ?

  53. I live in Santa Cruz !!!!!

  54. I fucking love Raccoons even though they’re vicious little bastards! <3

  55. thank you so much

  56. great work!♡=^..^=♡ raccoons are not villains. They are quite brilliant and
    deserve respect and a safe habitat without trash, traps or cruelty. Bravo
    to your team! From Eden Turtle&Wildlife Habitat Of Ca♡☆ Where every day is
    truly Earth Day!!! Donate and volunteer to your area wildlife rescue. Most
    operate on a shoestring with mainly a staff of trained volunteers and
    vet’s. Raccoons rock!!!

  57. That’s nice
    Good job 

  58. I apmost fried

  59. That’s right.

  60. Muslims would burn it alive.

  61. Make America Great Again

    You should of DECAPITATED IT!

  62. at 0:39 I had a small heart attack and I thought they will cut the head

  63. Poor thing ?

  64. although they have no identification you kind of hope animals people save
    are like..”hey this guy helped me…thanks man”

  65. They could’ve saved so much time if they just listened to Billy Mays and
    used the Dual Saw®!!!

  66. Poor ringtail. But iTS Goos that iT gas Bin workt to Freek HIM. But how did
    hè even get in there.

  67. Luv German Shepherds

    Wow!! Brave souls, special and amazing people who do this kind of work.

  68. so cute

  69. I love raccoons! This was an amazing rescue while preserving the life of
    this little being. Thank you for your humane work.

  70. who else tried to write with their feet after this.

  71. This is still super cute even though it’s sad

  72. It warms my heart to see this <3

  73. pore dog, I mean cat, I mean racoon…..


  75. Why are they cutting it out that animal lives off humans, it’s not a wild
    animal they should stop treating it like one.

  76. Since when are racoons “cute”? I would kill them if one even came close to

  77. I hope they gave it rabies and other shots to protect from health issues

  78. They rescued it ?

  79. I appreciate the grinder skills and attention, good job

  80. you try to help it and it trys to bite you? what a worthless animal. leave
    it in there

  81. Jaylin Brockerville

    A www I fell so bad for the animals that get hurt


  83. Shit just kill the damn thing, what a waste of money

  84. Some say raccoons are smart, some say raccoons are dumb. I say they are

  85. dumbass

  86. 2 years ago I went to the park with a couple of friends and a baby raccoon
    who lost its mother followed me home. We didn’t know what to do so we took
    him in for about 6 weeks and then brought him to a professional centre so
    she could be with other raccoons and learn how to act like them.. She was a
    sweet heart and we treated her like family… I miss her so so much ❤️

  87. He looks so cute I never new raccoons could be

  88. That taco on is soooooooooooo CUTE!!!!

  89. Hip Hip Hooray The Raccoon Is saved

  90. I hit that raccoon with my car the same night. Sorry.

  91. living DORAEMON

  92. Thanks for helping one of GOD’s creatures!

  93. That raccoon was NOT cute

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