Cutest koala joey makes for best early Christmas gift of all!

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Isabelle the koala received the best early Christmas gift of all, with the emergence of a “yet to be named” adorable baby girl from her pouch.

A late season joey, the six month old decided that it was time to start seeing what all this fuss was about in the outside world, and lets face it – being this cute, she has definitely done the world a favour by doing so.

As is visible by this amazing footage taken the first two times she emerged from Isabelle’s pouch, the little joey is simply perfect in every sense of the word and just like her cousin, the world famous Imogen, she is definitely not shy of the camera.

The little new arrival is a culmination of an extremely successful year of captive breeding programs at Symbio Wildlife Park, with in total three koala joeys, six kangaroo joeys, two ring-tailed possums, two emus, four critically endangered curlews, two eclectus parrots and a myriad of threatened snakes and lizards all born under the watchful eye and guidance of the zoo’s curator Kylie Elliot, General Manager Matt Radnidge and the dedicated zoo staff.

Like all of the Symbio video content, this too was filmed and produced by Symbio Marketing and Creative Services Manager, Kevin Fallon.


  1. Squeeee!

  2. this video is so cute.

  3. *dies from the cuteness*

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