Dachshund’s Creek

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A story about love, life, and growing up.

Gandalf as Dawson
Winnie as Joey
Mocha as Pacey
Aurora as Jen

DIRECTED by Michael Immerman
PRODUCED by Bronwen Lonsdale (& Penny)
COSTUME DESIGN by Jennifer Boyd
HAIR AND MAKE-UP by Heather Hogan
SOUND MIX by Michael Coffman

Dulce Dachshunds
Jacqueline Gulyan
Michael Dempster
Anna Grimm
Lena Tatar (& Loopy and Ochi)
Kathleen Cox Kullman (& Ruby)
Caroline Sloan (& Chickie)
Kelly Diaz (& Frankie)
Tenille Teague (& Mo)
Allison Raven (& Zoe)
Ted Horowitz (& Elizabeth Pretzel)
Anna Horowitz
Dan Horowitz
Michael & Debbie Lonsdale
Chris Liu
Liz & Peter Milwe
Spoonbill & Sugartown, Booksellers

Original music, dialogue, and VO from “Dawson’s Creek”.



  1. How about David Bow-wow-ie in the fantasy film “Lab-yrinth” Don’t bother,
    I just slapped myself for that.

  2. Brilliant!

  3. That’s funny. That black dachshund really does look like Katie Holmes.

  4. So good

  5. This is AWESOME!! 

  6. James Van Der Bark

  7. Makes more sense using dogs

  8. TheMusketITuckedIt

    Ahh this takes me back.

  9. This is incredible funny but made me feel so nostalgic!

  10. Internet GOLD!

  11. Quite an achievement to give both eye and ear cancer at the same time.

  12. Oh goodness, they’re so adorable ! Nice, really nice video creation !
    Thanks for sharing

  13. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too much… too much… lmfao!!!!

  14. baswaraj kandhakurthi

    Super video

  15. this would be funnier if i had watched Dawson’s Creek.

  16. that’s what the internet’s for

  17. Sinister C Joshie B


  18. Sinister C Joshie B


  19. I want to hug whoever made this. Its fantastic.

  20. I just hope this doesn’t evolve into something as retarded as that dog with
    a blog ;-; 

  21. OMG there soo cute they remind me of my cousins dog chocolate

  22. Yes please do a friends one!

  23. Please become a tv show.

  24. Which one is the child molester?

  25. This was on the news! And I think I’m the first to comment.

  26. This is AWESOME

  27. Watching the whole series again but with dogs?!?!? I’m in. 

  28. Very sweet xD

  29. Hollywood, this is how you do reboots!

  30. I just watched this…
    …What the hell am I doing with my life?

  31. Errr..


  32. This is better than the actual show. ^^

  33. The placement of that Schindler’s List poster was genius.

  34. ill watch it!!!

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  36. These are all much better actors.

  37. That was fantastic and hilarious

  38. C pas très bien

  39. thank you.


  41. Poor doggie!

  42. I would watch the entire series again edited this way

  43. yea also heard awesome reviews about instaphamous

  44. More like dawgson creek.

  45. But how will we make gifs of Dawson crying? =(

  46. Grammar Nazi Party

    Top. Quality. Content.

  47. Not a reallly a Dawsons Creek fan but FOX 59 in indianapolis Indiana did a
    clip about dachshunds Creek love animals my landlord has a dachshund that
    he re rescued Argacy named after the cacino she lives next door even though
    my landlord doesnt live here shes like my own child

  48. This is so brilliant. I’m in tears :’)))

  49. poor dogs

  50. dont make fun of people that faked their animals.


  52. As an avid lover of dachshunds, can I just say this is genius! Oh, how I
    love it!

  53. Best video ever I love it so much ♡

  54. This is hilarious!

  55. SouthJerseyDachshund

    Anything involving or including Dachshunds is better than anything else
    that does not have Dachshunds. WE have 4.

    I never saw the show Dawson’s Creek. Maybe it will mean more to those that
    liked the show. Still this has lots of Dachshunds so how can you go wrong?

  56. SouthJerseyDachshund

    Further, given the Dachshund’s extreme stubbornness it is a wonder any clip
    like this was made. You don’t see Dachshund’s in movies often because they
    take a lot of effort to train to do the most basic “tricks”. Other breeds
    are much easier trained and better “actors”. Dachshund fans say they are
    SMART and don’t HAVE to do tricks to be loved!

  57. nicely done.

  58. As a dog parent to 3 Dachshunds, I found this very amusing. However, having
    never watched the original show, I’m sure it would be more funny had I done
    so. Nonetheless, this is great. 

  59. Southernblonde1310

    That hair on the dog playing Dawson… XD *instantly favorites video*

  60. lmao this is the best thing ever!!

  61. TheGirlMostLikely2

    This is my favorite thing that has happened.

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  63. I’ve never laughed so hard holy shit haha 

  64. Anthony video maker

    better then the original

  65. So random. Totally brilliant.

  66. LoL. The entire video I’m wondering how severely mad Shia LaBeouf will be
    when he sees the video they made that’s all centered around fighting off a
    cannibal Shia LaBeouf.

  67. hahahaa oooh god

  68. Well done!!!!!!!! PLEASE do more! This was really cute!

  69. Holy cow. Are dogs thinking about indecent sexes around the mind everyday?!

  70. He should’ve been renamed James Van Der Bark, haha.

  71. This could have started at 2:30 and I’d have been satisfied.

  72. I can’t see or breathe from laughing so hard..omg this was absolutely
    brilliant….needs more views! 

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