Dear Kitten: Regarding The Dog

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Cat and Kitten are back again, and now there is a new “thing” in the household. How will they respond?


  1. Claire and Tim Lagula

    “you might see me.. a little in crazy town now and then, HACHHAAHHHH!” XD

  2. Rest in peace Peanut. Never forget.

  3. Watching this with my own little cat, and he looks up at me at the end as
    though to ask; “Must I memorize all of this?”
    Sebastian, you have more lessons coming your way.

  4. That turtle shell cat is soon adorable! Can I steal it from you?

  5. the dog looks sooooooooooooooo soft and cuddly and cute

  6. Omg I have the same exact dog but she is one year now

  7. XxRedDragonxX TheDestroyer

    … It looks like your spine just sneezed.
    I laughed at that part. LOLz

  8. That’s right doggy!! bow down ???

  9. K2UltimateDestroyer


  10. This vid is cute!!!!!!!?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??

  11. do a dear dog series

  12. worst marrionette ? theirs two?!?!

  13. i have a mixed breed of bull mastcheif and wrotweiler lol i cant spell

  14. ButtMasterHurterson

    Rip Peanut :(

  15. what kind of dog is that

  16. “Kitten” has grown!!! So cute!! The both of them!

  17. ”i’m getting a ittle ninja crazy town howaaa waachhaaa” lol

  18. what breed of cat is Cat?

  19. That’s right dog, bow down.

  20. that voice makes it

  21. “It looked like your spine just sneezed”

  22. That is the cutest St. Bernard puppy ever. 

  23. This dog it’s so cute. I can not handle it

  24. Radio Monster High Anna & Hailee

    my grandmother had a dog nmed peanut too r.i.p.

  25. Beautyrifics Official


  26. why did I just watch this. i started watching things on youtube about
    saturn. ( school ) did I even get here. wtf.i laughed like crazy
    though. hahah so cuteee

  27. How could they say a dog is a cat without intelligence and cleanliness?
    They are statistically smarter and cleanliness is debatable as both sides
    have positive and negative aspects. PS: I am very calm, not butthurt
    although reading over this comment it does appear I am insulted by this
    mentor cat.

  28. Why does anyone take care of the dog more when there’s cats to kiss and

  29. Too bad purina is like the Mcdonalds of cat food.

  30. My cats in the future, once I hopefully get a dog.

  31. Weren’t the kittens eyes blue??

  32. This makes me so happy

  33. Dear Kitten: Guide of the bathroom

  34. this was hilarious

  35. I don’t care if this is supposed a commercial. I like it.

  36. “Puppet”

  37. I’m glad Frank got the cat products gig. he deserves to make some money.

  38. R.I.P Peanut.

  39. Ninja crazy time !! these Friskies spots are so funny. : D

  40. the puppy explanation is what killed me

  41. AnimeFuckHead (Hentai-Senpai)

    “That’s right doggy, bow down!”

  42. That_phone_guy Phone

    This is why I subscribe

  43. “They get put in jail” hahaaa

  44. I recently got a kitten, I already have one other cat and my cat doesn’t
    like the kitten yet (working on it) but these videos get me so excited for
    when they do like each other and it just makes me really happy. Hopefully
    they will love each other one day soon!

  45. Lol it was so funny


    wait, is the cat speaking (meant to)


    no wait. is the cat meant to look like it’s speaking or is a man meant to
    look like he’s speaking to cat and kitten?

  48. Sophia Mavrorasakis

    When the cat mentioned the dog who died I got so emotional and I’m just 13
    seconds into the video

  49. oh… poor peanut

  50. best thing I have ever seen, my ten pound de-clawed cat, taking on, and
    besting my ex-gf’s 45lb pit bull. Dogs need to know their place.

  51. I’m a dog person myself but cats are cool too

  52. Mrs.Becky TheAwesome

    LOL, 1:49.
    “Buttpaper”–the cat

  53. why have I not seen these before?

  54. puppet..too funny

  55. I don’t even like cats but that dog is so cute

  56. Am i only one who doesnt like dogs?

  57. “Check it out, I’m walking on 2 legs like the “peoplez” do”

  58. yes, i love cats
    no dog series plz

  59. “It looked like your spine just sneezed” I died at that part!

  60. Ze frank

  61. that dog is so cute omg i want a saint bernard so bad

  62. when he said they poop on them the dog winkeed

  63. What breed of dog is that???

  64. beetohveen

  65. stormtrooper business

    r.i.p peanut

  66. This is such a calming voice

  67. when a dog begins to bite plastic bags, toys, etc, it means it has stressed
    out probably due to the attitude or daily routine of the owner to the dog..
    animal abuse!

  68. Puppy , french word for puppet? LOL

  69. Omg i cant stop laughing i love my cat unique more & more everyday.

  70. It looked like your spine just sneezed

  71. Omg who’s the writer for this? It’s so clever lol


  73. Ninja Crazy Town, lol.

  74. Please make more dear kitten videos

  75. I miss true facts!!

  76. This is just BRILLIANT! all of it…

  77. Supergirl127t ninja-gal

    Lol ninja kitties

  78. The “that’s right, doggy. Bow down” gets me every time!!!!

  79. Hey, Please check out here for funny and cute animal videos ^.^

  80. The grey cat and Peanut the dog hmm it doesn’t remind me of Garfield at
    all… Though Garfield is the same colour as the kitten :33


  82. Depressing name “Dear Kitten” it’s like Anne Frank

  83. Everyone’s asking about the dog breed so I’ll just put it here: It is a
    Saint Bernard and it gets HUGE. That’s all.

  84. this cat is the baby of Ron Swanson and Ron Burgundy


  86. Omg peanut ????? R.I.P haha that was so heart breaking but adorable

  87. 2:10
    I thought it said “pepe”

  88. Whatchaaaaaaaaa ooooh!

  89. Arufa the werewolf

    I want that dog!

  90. The dogs so fluffy ????

  91. kitten is adorable

  92. so to summ it up ( i dont know hot to write sum or summ or whatever)
    animals are cute we should all have 1 or 100 if you that into it

  93. awwwww

  94. sanbernardo puppy

  95. “That is… incredible marketing on their part” that line was pure

  96. I hate dogs now.

  97. He gets put in jail ” ???

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