Deer Chase

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This is my dog (Brutus) chasing (and being chased by) a deer. This went on for nearly 45 minutes.


  1. I will be surprised if that dog made it

  2. William Galligur

    “What bro!! U gonna get smacked bro!!” 

  3. Весело:)

  4. Samantha Hernandez

    So cute

  5. then BANG! Bambi is dead. 0:51

  6. I used to have a pet deer like this in south America, and he’d play tons
    with our dogs as he grew up. Always fun to watch, till he was bored. Then
    he’d come sit on my lap and the dogs would be super jealous.. ? good

  7. a deer will fuck a dog up

  8. The deer gets shot out of no where lol good catch

  9. I was worry about the dog….. when I watch this video.

  10. ?Virtual Fireplace™

    OH DEER! these two are on fire!

  11. Somebody should do a voice over on this!

  12. This was great! I would not have believed it if I hadn’t seen it. I
    certainly haven’t ever seen it before. It’s cool that the animals get along
    with each other but sad that they are afraid of us. So many ignorant people
    would have popped that deer for just being there. I guess they know we are
    not to be trusted. By the way, that’s one brave watch dog you’ve got
    there. Thanks for sharing this.

  13. moiraine_damodred

    that dog is having the best time of its life rn

  14. People need to Chill out there just playing around. gosh if the deer was
    going to attack or is on alert there tail is up and stiff and they would be
    making weird sounds and stomping. if they are timid or searching then its
    not elevated. if the dog was in attack it would be the same just a lot of
    barking. gosh calm your tits, I am sure the owner had it under control a
    simple warning shot would have scared it away.

  15. Awesome

  16. the deer is probably protecting her baby somewhere in the bushes. Only in
    this case these animals get aggressive like that.

  17. Dear Chase, your dogs a pussy.

  18. That deer needs sex. Why so serious?

  19. I had to watch a commercial for this?

  20. This looks so adorable like two friends playing;however, the front legs
    looks dangerous if it hit the dog other than that just adorable.(^_^)

  21. Dog: Let’s play ! Let’s play !
    Deer goes: Playtime is over bitch, time to die

  22. Dorothy Holbrook

    Not an adult deer. Looks to be playfful and not afraid.

  23. this is one of the many reasons that all deer should be shot in the face on
    sight. #onlydoglivesmatter #letthedeergenocidecommence

  24. Get a Tibetan Mastiff and absolutely no deer will act as a threat towards
    your dog. 

  25. What would actually happen if the deer finally catches up with the dog? I
    assume it can’t eat it….

  26. I read, “Dear Cheese”

  27. The dog is playing; the deer is NOT. Hah

  28. Free Intro and Outro Templates - Vize

    Did anyone else read the title as, Dear Chase!?

  29. Oh Deer… 

  30. That’s one another way to walk the dog lol

  31. Obviously protecting a fawn that’s stowed no to far off. Whitetail give
    birth last week of may first week of june generally. Way to go.

  32. Pop a cap in that fucker

  33. That not Bambi, it’s RBAMBO. Take it out!

  34. up next! Deer mating hard and giving birth! ..but seriously wtf is up with
    the suggested videos…

  35. I’ll bet that dog slept well that night! But previous comments were right
    about that deer possibly doing some damage. I once saw a documentary about
    a deer in Japan that terrorized the whole nation by crushing buildings and
    eating people and ………….wait a minute……..that was Godzilla.

  36. Can you also upload the video where the deer kills your stupid dog?

  37. TheSpaceShuttleChallenger

    Yeah that deer wasn’t playing tag. She was trying to chase your dog away
    from the area, and, when your dog refused to get the message, attacking
    your dog with the intent to injure or kill. Notice how she takes a low
    stance, stiffens her forelegs and prepares to rear up every time she gets
    close to your dog? That’s what deer do right before they beat the
    everloving shit out of something. Notice how she places herself between
    the dog and the bushes behind her and focuses mainly on driving the dog
    away from that area? Notice how she only ever really chases after him (as
    opposed to simply charging him) and tries routing him off when he goes near
    those bushes? Notice how she stays focused exclusively on the deer with no
    sign or relaxation or distraction as would be the case if she were not
    feeling threatened? If I had to take a guess, I’d say she had a faun nearby
    that she was trying to protect.
    So basically, glorious pet owner stands around with his camera out while
    his dog terrorises the local wildlife and endangers its own life for 45

  38. OH deer that was cute. if you really thought the deer was trying to kill
    the dog you’ve should go watch videos of animals attacking others then come
    back here and notice how every time before the deer catches up it stops.

  39. Spuds The Macker

    I’m feeling very sick right now because the place being filmed at looks
    extremely similar to one of my nightmares

  40. Even animals know it’s all about the chase….

  41. my guess its a mother deer the fawn is probaly close by 

  42. So you’re not gonna continue the letter for Chase? So curious..

  43. Doe most likely had a fawn in the wooded area

  44. Xxxx

  45. Progressive American

    Wow I had the exact same situation just the other day my brother yell that
    there was a deer right outside the house nothing surprising here where we
    live just outside of Shakamak State Park in Indiana right outside of
    Coalmont and Jasonville. To see a dog and a deer running and playing like
    they were was. I really wish I would have been able to have filmed it. Not
    to mention but the deer and the dog looked nearly the same to the ones that
    you have filmed yourself. To me this is weird but than again I am rather
    stoned at the moment…..

  46. This scares me. I’ve seen deer trample dogs before. 

  47. Black dogs love white tail.

  48. You could have deer meat there and then!! How convenient!

  49. justkeepitoriginal

    This is the stuff they don’t show on Discovery 

  50. if that deer catches the dog it will tickle it terribly with its wet nose
    and whiskers then sniff the dog into to a stupor

  51. LivingHistorySchool

    That doe will shred that dogs skin. I know because it happened to my dog.

  52. Love the animals!

  53. This dogs Wolf ancestors are like WTF

  54. Where was this taken? It looks really nice!

  55. Stupid owner

  56. jadarrius stanton

    12 niggah 12 haha coulda ended up like that video


  57. To all you wildlife “experts” that think deer are dangerous to a big strong
    dog like the one in the video: DOGS EAT DEER. DOGS KILL DEER, THEN EAT
    THEM. One (the dog) is called a “predator, one(the deer)is called
    “prey” Sorry, but that’s the way it is.

  58. Deer are playful to other deer, this one is trying to kill your dog.

  59. Here’s my two cents:
    It’s possible that she had a baby hiding in the bushes. She looked young,
    probably a year old with her first baby. She was standing her ground
    against that dog, who had no idea what was happening. She would have tried
    to kick and stomp the dog. Luckily for the dog, she was young and not a
    mature, killer mama.


  61. Christopher Dee Royse

    The deer is likely trying to keep the dog from the bushes across the road
    where her fawn is resting. It’s obvious that the deer keeps putting itself
    between the bushes and the dog. Just being protective, not aggressive.

  62. Cool video. Not sure if that deer was really trying to hurt your dog, but
    I’m not going to be a DB like most of the “experts” making comments and
    call you an idiot. Life is too short…

  63. Very lucky to find to a deer that didn’t just run away immediately. It
    isn’t hunting season but if i were a deer I’d still be paranoid.

  64. Oh where, oh where, has my little dog gone?
    Oh where, oh where, can he be?
    All I saw was a deer, and his leg go up.
    Oh where, oh where, is he?

  65. should be vice versa.
    Dog should be chasing the deer

  66. Would’ve shot the deer and tell the cops it was self defense when it came
    charging at me and then I would have a good deer stew for dinner 

  67. I’ve seen as many as approximately 30 deer run around playing similarly
    amongst each other here on my property running around the pond, and
    pasture. It had nothing to do with the rut, or fighting amongst each other,
    which I have also observed here.


  68. Lol Brutus did NONE of the chasing.

  69. The deer is trying to keep the dog away from a new baby she has hidden in
    the trees nearby. The dog looks like it is just having fun, but the deer is
    exhausting herself trying to keep the dog away. 

  70. You’re an idiot. Your dog is gonna kicked. Fucking moron.

  71. It will kill that dog

  72. At :15 the deer actually hit your dog. You can hear it and you see the
    dog’s hindquarters go down down a bit as he was hit, making him run a bit
    weird in that brief second.

  73. May I ask why nearly every viral video gets associated with storyful? 

  74. Watch my videos and like them and subscribe everyone 

  75. deer chase


  77. As this video goes on….

    The owner is getting ready to fire

  78. So did you shoot it or what 

  79. *Dogs love to run :)*

  80. She must have some babies in the brush 

  81. reminds me of Pacquiao vs Mayweather xD

  82. James and Sirius? is that you?

  83. Elephant Protectors

    So adorable!!! I luv this!!!

  84. This is not cute or funny. In many areas it is highly illegal. This is a
    dog harassing wildlife. The deer is a doe and is obviously to me trying to
    keep the dog away from a fawn hidden in the grassy area behind them. WHY on
    earth would anyone let this go one for 45 minutes. The stress alone could
    put this doe and any fawns in serious danger…

  85. I can feel the humidity. jeez

  86. that deer wants to fucking kill that dog. look at the deer’s leg lifting,
    it is showing off what it will stab the dog with.

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