Deer Meets Snowman And Devours Him | The Dodo

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Deer Meets Snowman And Immediately Devours Him | This little deer came across the cutest snowman — and decided he was DELICIOUS ⛄🍨

Credit: Marena Butd via JukinVideo (

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  1. i love you

  2. Yayy I’m early and I love DEERS

  3. What a beautiful birthday present for me thanks dodo

  4. Aww this deer is adorable but the snowman turned into voldemort after the deer
    ate his nose 👿 = Voldemort

  5. nom nom

  6. That’s one way to get a haircut. She makes a good barber.

  7. I love you the dodo also great vid

  8. Soo cute.. A bit funny to 😊 thanks for bringing the smiles dodo 😊😊😊😊

  9. Fluffy Baby Bunnies

    Haha, what a good meal for the deer! The snowman was cute while it lasted. 😊

  10. Looked like food, smelled like food, must be food! Yum!

  11. The snowman was probably like, “Oh deer.”

  12. After the snowman’s head fell off:

    Deer #2: Oh my gosh!!! You murdered someone!!!

  13. I love how one deer rips off the head and the other one bolts

  14. The snowman had it coming.

  15. I love deers

  16. Hmmm… that was yummy the best Christmas feast ever😛⛄

  17. i love the Dodo <3!!!

  18. Jericho & Thunder The 2 Gray Cats

    Snowmen make the best carrot platters.

  19. #snowmenlivesmatter

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