Deer walks up and licks the lens of my camera.

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A deer walks up to me and licks the lens of my ContourROAM2 on my porch. (Upstate NY by the Hudson River)

I was not and would never feed wildlife. It teaches them terrible behaviors that can be dangerous. It seems that neighbors have been feeding him for a while which led to his odd behavior. I was very lucky to be able to catch this moment because he thought the camera in my hand was a carrot or something similar.

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  1. What we don’t see is after he stops the recording he grabs his shotgun.

  2. He’s like ok these humans are acting weird I’m out of here walks away
    backwards and leaves 

  3. He’s just a SWEEETY

  4. Hey is for horses…

  5. Nice app

  6. Nice app

  7. My step father hunts for deers


  9. Happens often at my house. Cool experience. 

  10. I once shot one, they taste good and you should have shot it now you’ll
    never have a chance like that again.

  11. And yet some people say it fun to hunt these cute animals

  12. I live in Australia, we used to ride kangaroos to where ever we wanted. Now
    it’s illegal :(

  13. Yvng__Kvng Gaming

    And now we all know how it is to make out with a deer

  14. I live in Maryland so there are a lot of deer in my neighborhood and all of
    them are pretty used to humans so they sometimes get really close to us
    (luckily I live in a suburban area so hunting isn’t a problem). In fact we
    have this one deer that my cat is I guess friends with so it stops by often
    and it’s so cute because they sniff noses and just sit with each other 

  15. Touch it man do it

  16. That’s so cute

  17. I wish it was licking the lens on the scope of my hunting rifle 😀 

  18. That was an amazing video. Showing the respect between an animal and a
    human. Very well done sir. 

  19. If i pet it ill be watching netflix with him

  20. Open season :)

  21. 😛 ** walk **

  22. AWWW!!! Why didn’t you pet it or give it some carrots? 

  23. Why am I turned on??

  24. Now that’s a wet nose!

  25. Great. Now I’ve got to clean my screen.

  26. So cute!!!! Awww! He reminds me of this character from this movie I saw a
    while back. I think it was called Open Season. 

  27. Daisy Castañeda


  28. Deer are so wild where I live if step out of my house and glance out in the
    field 200 yds. away the deer run for cover. Unless I’m driving at night
    anyways. Then they become stupid and run at the damn car.

  29. Anthony Rodriguez

    Lol this is awesome! #LetAllBeSucceessful 

  30. Animal abuse. This isn’t a kitty. It needs fear of humans to live. It’s
    probably dead now cuz it wondered out in road at night in this
    neighborhood. Shame. So tasty. 

  31. Awesome, felt like it licked my face. Im now covered in imaginary dear
    spit, so thanks for that.

  32. deer : weird carrot?

  33. Wtf y would u not pet it???

  34. it must have been someones pet to have no fear when i was a kid we raised a
    baby deer and when we released it we put a big yellow cow tag in its ear so
    hunters would know it was pretty much tamed ,its still no guarantee it
    wouldnt get shot but it wouldnt be hunting to shoot a tamed deer .

  35. Squatsnotshots Cruising

    “Go ahead, shoot me, it’s not gonna unlick you”

  36. for some reason when deer are in velvet they seem to be very curious… Yes
    it really not good to feed them. many people do here around this area and
    even have salt licks around hoping to keep them from the flowers.

  37. Easy target for an assault rifle for crazy loon 

  38. My cousin is the one who filmed this!!!!!

  39. Man, if only i could catch it in a pokeball and have it as my best friend

  40. He was a young buck. Did he still have fuzz on his horns?

  41. Namnar Bonaparte

    Well.. Someone has obviously been feeding this deer and it will forever be
    screwed.. It would be best served in a petting zoo or something at this

  42. Lol he just walks up to the camera, licks the lens, stares awkwardly at the
    man, then leaves like nothing happend. 

  43. That was so cool 

  44. The deer looks delicious. How did you cook it afterwards? Potatoes?

  45. Wow…. Thats beautiful. Good to see you respected it in not touching it
    and letting it be. 

  46. footballprogoodie

    You don’t need to talk to it like its a pet. That deer is above you if it
    wanted too it could kill you

  47. O-o dulo penis boinglogns

  48. Some dumbass people have been feeding the deer around that area.

  49. What a great country! Your food just walks up to you so you don’t even have
    to chase it down.

  50. Awww precious!!!

  51. Christina Janelle

    That…is precious.

  52. Who knew a camera tasted like carrots

  53. Lol omg the deer has the cutest tongue ever c: 

  54. That is adorable

  55. Maybe its his pet… can have a pet deer…..right?

  56. Dude, I don’t want to alarm you: but this may mean you’re a Disney

  57. ComedyBecauseIt'sFunny

    So was that real life Eric Cartman practicing with a deer to get back at
    Scott Tenorman?

  58. Playing with your food? 

  59. Bradley Corrigan

    To everyone who commented about shooting the deer or killing it, you made
    me cry. Are you happy? It may seem kinda dumb to cry about it right? I
    won’t care if you hate I just wanna tell you if your goal was to make
    people sad you did it right.

  60. Cute!!!

  61. awwwww :)

  62. Just put it in your Pokemon Ball…
    and summon it if your in Danger!

  63. Tame deer like a dog

  64. Now you’re camera has lime disease. Way to fucking go

  65. What balls!

  66. I bet there are a lot more around because of that pond.

  67. this deer reminds me of my dog

  68. i fucking love pickles

    omg its Rudolph.dude that deer is so fucking cute. how dare you not pet or
    feed it you must have no heart or soul did you not see its cute face.

  69. i was expecting a french kiss… seems i came to the wrong place >.>

  70. i think if you are being filmed without consent then you should least have
    the right to lick the camera


  72. You should’ve cut it’s head off with a rusty fork 

  73. Dat female deer doe.

  74. Very cool

  75. pearlsnaredrummer77

    So cote!

  76. Kapten Archibald Haddock

    I would shoot that with an arrow.

  77. I would pet it.. Then make jerky.

  78. Need to switch cameras. Not his brand.

  79. EmeraldMoonstoneGhazt

    aww!! that’s so cute!! 

  80. Sepia Rose (RETROGEMS)

    They are such beautiful and SWEET creatures!

  81. They wag their tail too! Happy deer :)

  82. Sary Mayive Gutierrez Quiroz

    Que hermoso siervp

  83. That’s cool as heck 🙂 thanks for the video

  84. When did you last eat meat?

  85. So cute :)

  86. LOL at his ears…. like some kind of satellite or sonar system.

  87. Thanks for uploading. I didn’t realise Deer were around the Hudson River
    area, i’m from another country. Quite a beauty of an animal isn’t it.

  88. America is the coolest

  89. Really cute!

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