Derby the dog: Running on 3D Printed Prosthetics

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See how unique, custom 3D printed prosthetics allow Derby the dog to run for the first time.


  1. how do 497 people dislike this?

  2. The prosthetic should make him taller, so his head in the proper height. I
    think being sloped all day is bad for his esophagus not to mention it just
    must be uncomfortable to be in the position constantly. You can set his
    food and water dishes on something higher so he can reach them.

  3. Richard Carlo Dioquino

    too much feels

  4. cops will shoot the dog, the owner, the developers, the computers,
    everything, you cant build a proper society if you have cops around, other
    than that, great stuff. i love everyone in this video. Please stay away
    from cops!!

  5. Maybe 3D printed hearts could be made for the people who, “thumbed down”
    this story.

  6. What type of breed is he??

  7. Purple Melody (ColumineMiette)

    He’s so cute!

  8. Awesome!! Have fun Derby!! You’ve got a wonderful and loving family lucky
    dog :D

  9. I’m literally crying tears of joy right now 🙂 So happy for this dog! Guys
    you do amazing job!

  10. This is amazing…


  11. 500 assholes roam the earth

  12. Aww, Derpy is so cute!

  13. Science, BITCH! 


  15. They could have made them longer…

  16. I read Derpy at first

  17. nothing more heart-warming than to see a happy dog :D

  18. really cool

  19. This is what rich white people do with their time.

    Another black begger died last night, under the bridge, cold and hopeless.

  20. Fucking moon moon.

  21. :,)

  22. it seems like they are way too small, his back is arched way too far down.
    They should match the size to his real legs to try level out his body??

  23. loooololol

  24. They’re too small! His back is arching too much that can’t be good.

  25. Damn onions..

  26. I feel like if he got the bottom half of his front legs cut off and got new
    prosthetics, in the correct lenght this time, it would probably be easier
    for him to run more upright in a more correct position for him. Also I
    don’t think it’s a good idea to let him run that far every day with the
    posture he has now. He might get back problems later on. Make longer
    prosthetics maybe with a spring in them to compensate for the missing

  27. They should stop sharing the 3d gun footages, and focus on things like

  28. looks really nice and all but isnt that a bit too small or short for him.
    looking like he is bending down to run. doesnt it hurt his back if he does
    this for a long time?

  29. Who the fuck dislikes a video like this?

  30. Amazing what they have done for this dog, reminds me so much of our

  31. Well that’s cool but LETZ PRINT GUNZ!

  32. This is so good. I am happy for this dog. Continue the good work.God bless
    you all with a lot more wisdom.

  33. I cried so hard

  34. What a wonderful family!

  35. damnit, why do i watch these videos that get me all teary before they even
    start! beautiful story and great work by all involved

  36. This is animal testing everyone can agree on.

  37. What type of dog is he? He is very beautiful.

  38. Inconvenient because low .Higher than it shauld , it will hurt him.

  39. Gabriel “WubWub” Juarez
    my puppie Miley was born with bad back legs. I had to take her. she was too
    cute!! I need to have her surgery done! if any one could help at all, Here
    is a fund I set up for her!

  40. Are u going to get ones that raise his body higher because in my personal
    opinion that if he runs with his spine like that it could damage something
    because of the way that the vertebrae are positioned 

  41. WELL DONE!!!! congrats Derby <3

  42. Looks great , but shouldn’t the prostetics be a little taller 2:25

  43. I was born with a missing bone in my right leg. I am currently wearing a
    prothetic leg and have been since I was 5. I’m 19 now and really used to
    this leg. is there ways to 3d print a right leg ?

  44. approx Cost and availability?

  45. Adrienne Galler Lastra

    What you and his family have done to help this pet is truly amazing. May we
    see more of Derby with his final prosthetics??

  46. As a dog lover, and Siberian Husky owner whom I lost to cancer… You bet
    this video and technology has a special place in my ❤?.. Like many other
    commenters, I’m not alone in understanding the thumbs down for this
    Human or K9.
    Are you human, or are you just trying to get a rise out of people? Either
    way, you’re a complete asshole!
    Watch #animalplanet

  47. AMAZING!

  48. Anybody else find it ironic that there’s no closed-captioning for this

  49. That who disliked this video, don’t have soul. That dog is so cute and
    beautiful ? And Tara and her friends are ameizing peapole. P.S. Sorry for
    a mistakes. I don’t speak English very well.

  50. We need to study his genes to make a trex!!! BAAA HA HA HA

  51. ZenVeterinaria ZenVeteterinaria

    Hello 3D Systems! I’m a vet from Portugal and we have a dog (Pincher) than
    weighs 0.7Kg and has a very similar malformation as Derby. We only have
    access here in Portugal to wheel chairs but because of his small weight and
    also because he can move both limbs the chair is not really a good option.
    We found here where we can print in 3D but no one that can help us with the
    design. Can you help us? I have videos and measurements of Figo (it’s his
    name). Hope you can help us (he has been adopted from our clinic and we
    really want him to have a healthy life for as long as he can and for that
    we have to help his forelimbs to preserve his spine and hindlimb). Sorry
    for such a long comment and god bless you for helping Derby. <3

  52. I Love This!! Derby, honey, you are sooo Beautiful!!! And so are your
    You guys inspire me so much. We (My Pets & I) don’t have a need (not now
    anyway-cross my fingers) for prosthetics, but every time I watch this – I’m
    Touched & Inspired! I have posted this video on Pinterest & Facebook (I
    hope you don’t mind) & everyone who sees this, are also touched. Keep
    helping others; you’re doing something right, & it shows in what you’ve
    created & what it did for Derby. Your “words” & “attitudes” tell me that
    you are a Very Special Group of People & I am so “Thankful” for YOU & for
    people just like you(s)! Take care.
    ~ Peace

  53. Nayro theadventurer

    Derby was born part t-rex.

  54. I will not cry. I will not cry. I will not fucki *sob*

  55. aww this is so sweet good job and thank you for makeing this dogs life much
    easier my whole life has sarounded around dogs because they are 99% of my
    life so to see this story it makes my heart happy but sad that he has iy=t
    but at least you found a cure

  56. This cute dog is a Husky?

  57. I cried everytime and said Derby was cute ??

  58. People who clicked dislike are idiots. they clicked it because of guns….
    when the truth is it takes the same amount of time to print a 3d gun as it
    does to make one from spare parts. actually doing it with spare parts can
    be faster if you do it enough to where you can do it blind folded. people
    don’t seem to understand that anything… anything…. can be used in bad
    ways. did you know someone can use a bible to kill someone?. and a pen
    also. even a spoon. so people really need to wake up and see what great
    things can be done with 3d printing and stop focusing on the bad stuff
    right off the bat. bad things vs good things with 3d printing… not even
    close. weapons. vs thousands of good uses. get over your selves people.

  59. Hey there. Great Dedication. accurate grubby !!!

  60. Oh no, my eyes are sweating

  61. I have been following derbys story and I smile every time ❤

  62. sad story

  63. This is great! But he needs to be higher up if possible! I feel like it
    puts alot of strain on his back and hips…

  64. f

  65. xBROCKxii xLESNARxii_BEAST

    it runs like a retard

  66. you stated that in the video- your pup is so so wonderful and so r u- thank
    u for help ok ng your pup and others

  67. Buddha dharma,,,karma for u!!!

  68. Александр Шикуть

    CHILDREN Africa, who lost his legs in an anti-personnel mine, but of all
    the shit. After all, dogs sore paws!!!

  69. yeah….Derby the dog can do the Terry Fox run.

  70. amazing job. GOD BLESS EVERYBODY and all of you guys than help the animals.

  71. The tail tells you everything you need to know. Happy tail, happy dog.

  72. AWWW so cute I just feel they should be a little taller? I’m not the expert
    here it just looked like his back was dipping :)

  73. I like that they actually tried to help him instead of just putting him
    down immediately

  74. When human ingenuity is a thing of beauty #GoDerby! #HeartMelted

  75. This video is nice, I feel bad for the dog, but I know that it will stay
    strong, and I hated when people dislike the video, show respect for the dog

  76. Procurem na Amazon pelo livro “A verdade sobre as impressoras 3D” Recomendo
    para quem quer ter uma boa ideia do que essas impressoras realmente são
    capazes de fazer, pois a mídia muitas vezes distorce as coisas. É para
    iniciantes, se vc já tem entendimento ou experiência na área de impressoras
    3D este livro NÃO lhe será útil.

  77. man, beautiful video! hope he’s doing good now wherever he may be

  78. bubs “bubsmeh21” meh21

    OMG so so cute to see him happy i nearly cried

  79. people who disliked it where people who realized their prayers did not work
    and it was science that did.

  80. Yeah! Have fun, Derby! Very nice!

  81. Thank god for people like dog lovers! This absolutely made my day! Thank
    you so much for sharing this really heart warming and beautiful video!

  82. needs to be a bit higher on the from. so the dog back is more straight not
    bend down.

  83. I can only assume (based on extensive experience) that people who disliked
    this video are those assholes who would say “You worry about a stupid dog,
    while there are children starving out there” – people who never in their
    entire lives moved their fat asses from their chairs to do anything for
    anyone or anything around them, but are very good at organising other
    people’s priorities and feel very entitled to enforce their opinion upon
    the world they are not even a part of. You know the type.

  84. This is inspirational

  85. at least 548 people that dislike this, are pathetic, soulless, mindless,
    deject wastes of space, flesh, bone, food & water, just shameful excuses of
    the human race, that live a miserable life, and will die a miserable,
    unknown death of being just a “number” for their graveyard to bury them in,
    because their worthless life is meaningless, shallow, hopeless, and their
    existence was a mistake, and those loser walking sacks of shit will never
    reach the meaning of life that this happy dog has reached. To the dislikers
    – the worms, maggots, and bacteria will happy feed on your rotting carcass
    and you will be forgotten, only remembered by the few who were
    unfortunately related to you until their meaningless lives end and join
    you. Derby here, will long live on in the memories of thousands & thousands
    of people who were bless to see him be happy and live a full life even if
    its only a short dogs’ life, his memories will be around far longer than
    yours, in far more people.

  86. Happy Dog☺?

  87. what great people to give this dog the opportunity!

  88. Yay he can walk I’m happy

  89. how touching

  90. What a beautiful dog…

  91. I cried evrytiem

  92. I cried so much!!!!!?????this is the sweetest thing!!!!!!!!!!!! My dog
    has a similar story

  93. Beautiful

  94. 😉 thats so cute i cry ;’)

  95. I bet they stopped with those legs.. even though they are too short for
    that dog and the dog will develop spine issues early due to those

  96. It makes me smile to see the difference in this dogs life. You are the
    kindest people!

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