Diving Dog: Pet Jack Russell ‘Titti’ Jumps From Rocks With Her Owner

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THIS diving dog scores a perfect “10” as she launches herself off a clifftop into the clear blue waters of St Peter’s Pool in Malta. The Jack Russell Terrier, named Titti, even performs SYNCHRONISED dives with her loving owner, 49-year-old Carmelo Abela. Fans of the intrepid pooch have flocked to Marsaxlokk, a fishing village in south east Malta, after footage of the duo’s exploits surfaced online.

Videographer / Director: Mark Cassar
Producer: Mark Hodge, Nick Johnson
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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  1. Incoming “Titti” jokes in the next hour.

  2. jack russels do a lot of things they even ride horses omg i want one so bad

  3. i can make titties jump

  4. real nice…shows that a dog is indeed man’s best friend

  5. So cool and adorable!

  6. I’ll turn my notifications on so when the dog gets eaten by a shark yall
    have the vid up

  7. titties on the water!

  8. Jack Russels are fearless

  9. Wow Titti is a great dog, ,??? amazing and beautiful video ??

  10. Bravo! Bravissimo!
    Great story.

  11. Dianyelí Hernàndez


  12. Titty Tuesday.

  13. My crazy eyes read…..Dog with jet pack….

  14. i can’t even swim, SMH

  15. Aw, that backpack with the dog in it is so adorbs

  16. thats a cool dog!

  17. 6 year olds don’t have titties

  18. Magnifique, bravo le toutou !!!

  19. Lolololol Titti

  20. They are from malta like me.. Thats at st peters

  21. Jack Russells are so cute when they’re trying to bond with me and not eat
    me lol !

  22. Titti is a good name for a dog

  23. nice pussey

  24. Cute! That pool looks magnificent! WOW!
    ~Durban~ xox

  25. she looks my dog


  27. That dog has bigger balls than my boyfriend

  28. Who names their poor animal Titty?!?!?! That dog is dumb as a Titty though
    jump off rocks like that. Hope there is enough water to catch her or it may

  29. Of all names he could’ve picked, he chose to name the dog titti….

  30. Turkey….?

  31. What a sweet and loyal dog!

  32. Amazzing

  33. Periquito kitto falante

    so cool!

  34. Fabulous!

  35. omg.. that water!!

  36. My dog hit me in my face cuz I was tryna teach him how to swim

  37. omg.. look at that water… who wouldn’t want to jump in there!? it’s

  38. This video is adorable and I love it, but am I the only one who can point
    out a creepy resemblance between the owner and Bogs from The Shawshank

  39. I wish my Jack Russell would do that.

  40. Aww that was cute and funny?

  41. The dog just bellyflots in the water though. Ouch!

  42. This made me smile so much. Your dog loves you very much and you love her.
    soo happy for you both 🙂 my jack likes to jump out of a medium size tree
    into my arms in my local park but he hates water lol, I hope to take him
    swimming someday so he can face his fears. love your dog btw she so cute ?

  43. Titie huh

  44. soo cute!

  45. That dog can dive better than me ;-;

  46. when that dog has a better active life than you

  47. Where does one purchase a titti

  48. what type of this dog?

  49. TITTI???!!!

  50. C⃟H⃟E⃟L⃟L⃟Y⃟C⃟O⃟R⃟N⃟R⃟E⃟I⃟M⃟B⃟O⃟

    Gotta be happy for Titti! Shes so cute!

  51. This is why evry1 loves jackrussels

  52. Im from a Malta and her name is Titi ok

  53. That is soooo cute!!!!!!!! ?

  54. like like like!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Meu Deus! Q demais! So cut! Eles são os melhores amigos!

  56. Виктор Степченко

    ах у энно!!!

  57. jack russells are the best!

  58. That dog is great! :)

  59. OMG, as a mom to 3 JRTs I totally understand the bond between Titti and her
    human. These little powerhouses will do just about anything that you train
    them to do. People pleasers, forever clowns but extremely intelligent.
    Jacks are able to read your expressions and will react to even simple
    finger gestures. They are intense in their power to comprehend. Beware,
    they are just as smart as they are cunning. Obstinate but sweet and
    soooooooo cute to boot.

  60. Thats just gorgeous …….

  61. Where are they

  62. I loveeeee my jack Russell so much

  63. Omg, I love her!

  64. great, cool jack russell


  66. Titti omg

  67. I have a JRT. Best companion, better than wife, omg, no kidding.
    faithful gorgeous dog.

  68. scatty but gorgeous

  69. Just great!

  70. 9.9
    (for the JRT)

  71. Wow ! That is fucking awesome ! Me and my Jack just came in he goes nuts
    when there is snow on the ground never a dull moment

  72. Small in stature but big in attitude.

  73. Jack Russells are brill dogs. Real good video. Makes ya really wanna be

  74. juste magnifique

  75. Yeah, but can she do gainers?

  76. It s official. A JR would jump off a cliff with you.

  77. Not only does that Jack Russell dive, but it dives with style. I rate it a

  78. where is this? France? Les Calanques in Cassis??????

  79. my dog used to do that! hes dead

  80. my dog used to do that! hes dead

  81. Backpack dog yay

  82. Awesome!

  83. this was cool

  84. Nivia Kouyoumdjian

    So lovely!

  85. really really really extreme dog

  86. in where place are you?

  87. bouncing titti

  88. that dog can dive better than me

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