Dog And Tiger Cub Best Friends

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Dog And Baby Tiger Cub Best Friends

Meet Solo the dog who has struck up an unlikely friendship with a baby tiger cub. The tricolour Border Collie dog and the eight-month old tiger cub are inseparable – sleeping, eating and playing together. The new dog and baby tiger cub buddies even share meals from the same bowl and groom one another. Game keeper Ashley Gombert, from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, first noticed his trusty dog was friendly with the ferocious baby tiger cub when he spotted them splashing around in a lake.


  1. Hyenas are the best!


  3. tigers are like WTF….. Dog im the Bad ass here

  4. the dog like a cat and the tiger like a dog

  5. Baby Hyenas at the end!! mofos of the Safari. Hardest biting strength of
    any land mammal.

  6. I don’t get it. Is it becasue of your picture, the breed wouldn’t be a pure

  7. Thats Charlie Chaplin, not Hitler

  8. thats true! that was the first feeling when i saw this video but now i even
    dont know why i wrote this nonsense.

  9. Hyena cubs are cute

  10. dog seems to be scared 🙁

  11. Baby Hyenas are so nice)

  12. That dog is scared to death.

  13. Not even close.

  14. Hyena cubs!!

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  16. Lol a herding dog with 2 tigers that are getting bigger. What a not well
    thought through mix of instincts.

  17. aww thats a nice dog cub…

  18. dog doesn’t look to be having fun.. looks to be ready to defend himself.

  19. Who is a “taager” ??

  20. That doesn’t look like a friendship, it looks like an assassination attempt
    and the dogs trying to defend itself.

  21. That poor dog the dog is freaking trying run away

  22. What a jerk dog. Dominates using aggression (not too rough tho). I saw much
    more… friendliness, I say, from other animals I saw. But tiger cubs
    nicely team up against the “big brother” (0:49 – approaching from opposite
    sides). I hope when cubs grow, they will not hurt this dog, only because
    they didn’t see any kindness from him…

  23. Well he said it on the vid.. many doesnt not figure

  24. Didn’t expect the hyenas, so cute

  25. no, they’re not:(

  26. nice

  27. I think he’s trying to herd them.

  28. Was´t really friends where they. More like failed hearding of Tiger cubs.

  29. I just always think of Ed from Lion King laughing!

  30. Паша Латун

    они все вырастут и дадут ему пизды.

  31. He’s not being aggressive at all.

  32. Yeah, I guess not snapping at the cubs or trying to bite them isn’t
    aggressive. That wasn’t even playful behavior, he looks more nervous and
    like he wants to herd as opposed to jump around and play.

  33. Francisco Hidalgo

    Me encanta la naturaleza porque nadie la hizo ya esistia asin que no me
    vengan con historias estrañas

  34. That dog is chasing pussy

  35. They’re going to eat him

  36. lol guys gotta understand a tiger is a top of the food chain predator not
    sheep or cow. Bad idea to leave him in there ‘herding’

  37. they’ll trash that dog!

  38. T1234567890R12345678

    When animals play together its like there fighting

  39. I think it’s a stupid idea to do that with a dog . A dog a tiger never in a
    million years would I do that.

  40. He’s dinner

  41. There is many examples of animals of different species getting along all
    life, so drop it.

  42. Hardly best friends. Look at the dog’s body language. Hes showing dominance
    in an aggressive way and running away.from the tigers afraid. If you keep
    this up, your dog will be seriously injured very soon.

  43. idont like this at all that tiger willgrow massive and the poor dog wont
    atand abloody chance this man is stupid x

  44. im no expert, but i think a man who is raising tiger cubs and confident
    enough in his ability to predict their behavior to let his own dog play
    with them is more educated on the subject than you are. so unless you have
    raised your own tiger cubs, i think you should probably just keep your
    opinion to yourself

  45. Dog : “Oh … that cat is big” xD

  46. guys: i ACTUALLY checked, and i know for a FACT that life can’t exist. it
    was debunked. this video is a scam. end of story. (up-vote b/c i’m an

  47. yeah, but when the grown up i think they all used Crystal Meth !

  48. Hilarious to see the dog instinctively herd the tigers !

  49. Predators are predators cause they kill for food. However a predator is not
    killing 24/7. Animals like humans also know what relationships are. A
    mother elephant or even moose will mourn her hurt or dead baby just as a
    male lion or wolf will defend an kill for their young. We as humans are
    ignorant in our ways and naive in our evolutionary thinking

  50. God gave man dominion over the earth over the animals this proves the
    Genesis Story Name one animal that man does not have dominion over

  51. you should buy one, see how cute they are when they grow up xD

  52. god isn’t real so fuck up.

  53. we have intelligence over every animal but VERY MANY animals have physical
    attributes over us. try to fight a shark with your bare hands. see how it
    works out for you.

  54. gooooood dog

  55. Luis Fernando Silva Ferreira

    a brincar

  56. this is actually the most interesting things ive seen all day

  57. Howd I get from minecraft videes to this

  58. I’m so amazed on the pure intelligence all these animals. I’m almost at a
    loss for words. Great videos

  59. Definitely A Dragon

    Aww! :)

  60. I think the dog is to tense around them, and scared them, i wouldnt
    continue on doing this…


  62. Luciano Guillermo Fantuzzi

    un dia los tigres van a crecer y se van a desayunar al perro

  63. From what i see the dog is very alert and stressed out being with the 2
    larger tigers

  64. That guy is a retard. Eventually on one of the chases the cat will go into
    it’s innate predatory nature and bye-bye doggie. Poor dog. Idiot fucking
    guy. Then the jerkoff guy is going to be like “I don’t get it. They were
    raised together. They’re best friends.”

  65. Border collies and collies in general are so friendly, i had a dog and it
    was my best friend. Collies are really sweet.

  66. That dog will be kitty food one day. lol Tigers play rough sometimes and
    their claws can really rip apart a dogs skin.

  67. The dog looks like he doesn’t like it at all.
    But someone needs their few minutes of fame i guess.

  68. wow, that dog’s gonna die of a stroke, if this is the way he interacts with
    the tigers…

  69. WHY????????????

  70. herd mother fuckers i’m using my best moves for the camera

  71. Those 2 differents are not so-called “best friends”.

  72. very nice

  73. I used to Live in PE.. now back in Scotland

  74. its all fun and games til someone loses an eye …

  75. The world owes you and many others a debt of gratitude..for looking after
    these great creatures….good luck for the future.thanks again!!!

  76. The world owes you and many others a debt of gratitude..for looking after
    these great creatures….good luck for the future.thanks again!!!

  77. Love that dog. I just hope it stays safe.

  78. WTF !

  79. I’ve always found it remarkable the focus of Border Collies. Quite
    interesting and well explained. Thanks for posting.

  80. Wow, I find I hate hyena’s even when they’re just babies. For some reason
    the cuteness just doesn’t register with me

  81. Thats way dog is man best friends,, the best companion


  83. ute scheinkoenig

    der Hund hat Angst u. Panik, ich finde dass es Tierqüälerei ist!!!

  84. doesn’t look like they are playing, more like the dog is stressful all

  85. I don’t understand how this stupid people it’s trying to change the way
    nature is is like putting the poor dog as experiment waiting how long it’s
    going to take to get kill

  86. where is port elizabeth?

  87. these fucking sheeps aren’t doing as I say!!!

  88. It’s good for the baby hyenas to be around dogs. They need the
    socialization. The tigers need the stimulus. The dog loves the company and
    the interaction. It seems like a good thing for all of them.

  89. it’s crazy how boarder collies have such intense herding instincts .
    Dogs and tigers , seems to be a reality in the lives of tigers now .

  90. Those little cubs are just the cutest. LOL

  91. why does someone put them together?
    the two tigers want to hunt the poor dog

  92. Those are the cutest hyenas i’ve seen in my entire life!!!

  93. Hahaha love 0:56, the tiger is like “ah dangit hes too fast” 

  94. He’s kinda pushy.

  95. Zuriel Ioasa (Bloodz)

    Once the baby tigers grow the dog will be lunch

  96. I have never seen a man so unsuited to the place he lives.

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