Dog Comforts Pal Having Bad Dream

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Laika noticed Jackson was having a bad dream so she quickly came to the rescue and gave him a little snuggle!
Jackson is a 1 year old Double Doodle (half goldendoodle and half labradoodle) and Laika is a 1.5 year old Goldendoodle


  1. دوست دارتونم عاشقتونم

  2. دوست دارتونم عاشقتونم

  3. Aw, what cute dogs.

  4. Read some of the comments on the video and you will clearly see dogs are
    preferable to human beings…

  5. awwwwwwwww

  6. Too cute. 

  7. I want them! <3

  8. Only dog lovers would understand this video. And I’m one of them.

  9. a single white female

    I think the dog was having a good dream. Dreaming of chasing rabbits.

  10. Forgive my French but holy fucking doodle shits that’s adorable.

  11. that’s so cute! I loved it! 

  12. as it says on the back of my dog’s dogtag “doodles rule!”

  13. That dog was reacting to the motions that the other was making by jumping
    on it and playfully seeking domination. It had naught to do with comfort.

  14. Esto esta mas preparado que…

  15. It’s not a bad dream. The dog is running in his dream, probably chasing a
    rabbit or car, more likely it was a good fun dream.

  16. ❤❤❤❤

  17. Awwwww

  18. Sweet baby Jesus..

  19. They look like stuffed animals I want the brown one. ???

  20. A cat would never comfort their friend… 

  21. Gofundme.Com/blueyes help the cause. I want to foster pets

  22. This is very sweet

  23. So sweet. Looks like poodles.

  24. Maybe he was just horny

  25. *LOL ….. Awesome background track. Its from The Walking dead!*

  26. ¡¡ HERMOSO!!

  27. Bogus You Tube title #1,234,345,193

  28. amazing haha he was running running escaping something in the dream
    there are amazing… dogs…………
    I have caught the eye of my Jeny and I can almost read her mind, she in her
    own little way
    sees herself smarter tha me.. no kidding is hard to explain but that’s how
    she sees me like
    poor angel he is so good gives me things but so stupid…
    I have video recorded she trying to teach me things for example
    one day we were watching some animals on TV I got close to the TV and said
    Look Jeny look, she came stood on two legs to get a better view then
    dropped down to four
    again she looked at me barked at me like saying come you poor fool she went
    around the tv to the back of the set
    and waited for me like saying all those animals are back here…

    Genius you…. I felt humbled by her logic, it made sense…….they were
    back there……..
    I loved her and all of them they are so simple and pure love no hypocrisy

    They are not better than us they are part of us…………….this is the
    part people including me in the past did not get
    they are part of us a good part…….. and yes they are very intelligent
    in their own way and very loving and Loyal
    the “Mas best friend” is not joke they are our best friends in the animal

    I read an article recently sent to me by a friend who has cats and it said
    some researchers have come to the conclusion after many trials
    that dogs see us like FAMILY like their own kind, actually they said they
    trust humans more than their own

  29. What breed are those dogs PLEASE!!

  30. Nice

  31. The other dog just wanted to hump.

  32. To others my dog is scary looking and yes bad rep he is a pit&bull dog so
    he is big. But he shows more love than some humans so to me he is important
    like no words can say. But on the other hand I will never say he is worth
    more than a human. Maybe some jaja jk but I hate when people compare dogs
    with babies no my babies are babies my dog is a loyal companion that I love
    and has protected my kids and I and most likely will again.

  33. Dogs are such pure beautiful souls!! Unconditional friends here to do good
    and nothing in return but love..

  34. right in the feels

  35. Owner: this will be a great viral video when the dogs wakes up and runs
    into the wall

  36. aww, both golden doodles?

  37. ~ It’s having a better dream than I had !!! (*_~)

  38. TheJapanChannelDcom

    This is a human interpretation of simple playful dog behavior.
    But the kiddies love it.


  40. Sims2UltraLover5 Productions

    The blonde one looks just like my dog <3

  41. Im more annoy about the quality of 4k

  42. Wow, so cute and kind it is!

  43. is it just me or did anyone else think he was about to start humpin him?
    anyone? no? just me? ok ._.

  44. cutest dog on my channel check it out 🙂 plz sub and share for more videos

  45. Sweet friends

  46. what are the dogs doing on the couch??? out, out, bad dogs!



  48. Nahh. The dog is probably trying to take advantage of the other dog. Not
    the innocent fairy tale that you would like to imagine. Just animals and
    their instincts.

  49. I see this as the brown dog is in another dimension trying to figure out
    the secret of life he’s been gone for years he was in a dark cave running
    from a beast and this dog wants him to come back to reality );

  50. This was like something out of Disney!

  51. Sehr bewegend <3

  52. Wish this was longer

  53. The dog was probably running in slow motion while his nightmare was chasing
    him like the flash. Don’t worry doggy I know how you feel.

  54. Does this remind anyone else of the movie Catching Fire. Where Katniss has
    a bad dream and Peeta comes help and comforts her. I mean common. The one
    dog brunette (aka Katniss) having a bad dream. And the other blonde (aka
    Peeta) comforting her.

  55. how do you know that dog was having a bad dream? He was probably having an
    awesome dream frolicking in the park and this other dog just woke him up.
    its a sad sad day when someone wakes you up from a good dream

  56. Peeta, would you stay with me?

  57. so fluffyyyy

  58. Cats in this case would just watched from the side and with their usual
    smug face on.

  59. 15sec of commercial for a 20sec long video

  60. Bender B. Rodriguez

    How can you say it was a bad dream? Dogs do this sometimes and i bet they
    are dreaming of chasing some animal.

  61. That looked like a rough dream


  63. So many freaking sad morons on the comment section

  64. i want to wear those dogs like a blanket

  65. +Jonathan Page 

  66. In the world, there are an idealist and a materialist.

  67. so kind dog! from japan

  68. I’m a human and I’m watching this in 2143 B.C.

  69. awwwwwww!

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  71. Frank! Frank, was it nam again?

  72. wake your dog up with your voice

  73. We really like your stuff. Keep the vids coming :)

  74. Looks like domination behavior where one dog tries to establish or reaffirm
    their hierarchical social status. The title suggests anthropomorphic

  75. when my Dora was little she saw her dad sleeping and whimpering in his
    sleep so she went to look at him and touched his face…well needless to
    say she got bitten in her nose, so she learnt the hard way to leave him
    alone when he is having a bad dream. This dog having a bad dream was nice
    with the other dog that jumped on him. he could of easily woke up and
    attacked the other dog.

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