Dog Copies Owner’s Face

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Italian Greyhound makes the same face as his owner.

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  1. That’s so cool!

  2. the dog is not copying the kid he is warning him that he will bite

  3. Like like like

  4. The dog is threatened & is warning him. No mimicking going on here. Bite is
    coming. Hope the dog doesn’t get PTS because of a moron.

  5. To the owner: Please be careful. This dog appears to be showing signs of
    stress and “calming” signals. If you google dog calming signals you can
    learn more about these, and they include things such as looking away, lip
    licking, and grimacing.

  6. The dog is warning him he’s gonna bite him

  7. People in the comment section are sick in the head. Maybe you can be
    reincarnated into a bug or animal, because it seems like you hate being a

    The dog knows it’s a game and is having fun so relax and take the stick out
    of your ass.

  8. Just saved me a trip to Pornhub! Thanks!

  9. wonder how many times the kid got bit or nipped…

  10. OptimistHunter Reel

    More like the other way around.

  11. That dog was about to bite. See how it opens its mouth when the owner comes

  12. Cringe

  13. I’ve bred basset hounds for 35 years. That dog is not playing; it’s warning
    you… that you need braces.

  14. Whoa….this is no joking matter here guys…..if you kept messing with the
    dog like that, he was fixing to turn and bite your head off! Better
    be-careful with that sassing!

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  16. The dog has better teeth than the owner…

  17. Isn’t there a story on the news about this kid having his face bitten off?

  18. That dog is just playing people. He’s not threatened at all. You all need
    to chill out.

  19. I thought that was the natural reaction of all Italians when you got close
    to their face.

  20. Nigga go get some braces

  21. wtf this pendejo culiao aweonao

  22. stupid video

  23. You can see that the dog isn’t playing at 0:06. He snarled his teeth, which
    is a sign that he feels threatened. You’re lucky he didn’t bite your face

  24. Look at all the smart people in the comments!!!

  25. Would be funny if it bit your stupid face off.

  26. hey1 i knew you had it in you. hungry gleaming what’s happeniqg..

  27. okay I think that’s was a warning

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