Dog drives little Boy in car…..Daisy Driving Oliver

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Daisy loves to drive Oliver around in their car. Yes the car is a remote controlled car which I use to accelerate and stop (neither of them can reach the pedals… Haha)… Yes she is really steering it to the left. I steer it to the right… She steers back to the left! Haha Hope you enjoy! Daisy is a Maltese/Chihuahua Mix .. A “Malti-Chi” 🙂

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  1. This video is so freaking cute I could scream!☺?

  2. Why would anyone dislike such a cute video like this! This video made my

  3. Even the child gets confused more than the dog 0:28

  4. IN your face google!!way cheaper than a self-driving car!!

  5. That dog drives better than my mom

  6. This Doge drives better than most women.

  7. Mommies SimmpleLifee

    cutest thing every seen ???

  8. dog is a good driver because it’s white,

  9. Oh thiseth Internethetetet. Almost maketh me believeth th dogies canna
    driveth th automobileth. …But then, you just read the description and
    your world falls apart because you learn the car is remote controlled.. You
    cannot believe your eyes only so the ability to read written text still is
    important, and should be supported most famously around the world.

    Thank you for posting the video, the dog, the child and the car are most
    adorable and made me smile!

  10. I saw Daisy drinking half a pitcher of beer on a patio less than an hour
    before this video.RECKLESS

  11. In 2015 dogs can drive cars, but people still record vertically. Makes


  12. Aloha +Jessica Wolf. What a precious video! Who cares if it’s a remote toy
    and someone else was steering. Please don’t listen to the haters. Just
    enjoy the moment. I have a Silky/Maltese and he looks a lot like your
    Daisy. ((hugs)) and aloha from your biggest fan in Hawai’i!

  13. Brian driving Stewie

  14. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen on the internet.

  15. I still like the iPad Mini 1. Are there any videos like Dog drives little
    Boy in car…..Daisy Driving Oliver that talks about it?

  16. It is too cute

  17. remote control

  18. 赤ちゃんを乗せて車を運転する犬

  19. They’re looking for some cats to run over!

  20. Still a better driver then most Asians.

  21. かふぇちゃんねる


  22. ever think about how millions of years from now dogs will be working with
    us side by side as they catch up in the evolutionary calendar scale?

  23. The Holy Bible is the Truth

  24. VivianDiodoro's Vlogs

    that is soo cute!! ?

  25. how darn cute is that?

    my family laughed because the dog looked similar to our dog and we all
    thought how well behaved the boy and dog were!!!
    if you have been around either you know what I mean:)

  26. Bowtie Thirteentwenty

    That is a very cute video, thanks for sharing. I like how near the end,
    your Son is wondering what the heck? :)

  27. Leviathan Cerebrate

    <3 <3 <3 <3

  28. koo pup :)

  29. what? just…… what????

  30. Daisy can only turn left, read the description, she must have been Dale
    Earnhardt in her last life.

  31. My dog looks exactly like Daisy. He is also about six years old. When we
    got him he had a sister. I am wondering if they are siblings?! I have never
    seen any dog looks like mine this much. We got our dog at San Diego. Where
    did you get Daisy? Too bad I can’t upload pictures on YouTube, I’d love to
    show you mine

  32. OMG, so adorable!! Both of them! My daughter and I enjoyed this video. We
    have a Maltipoo and he’s our little guy. He doesn’t have a toy car to
    drive, though,lol!!! TFS!!!

  33. “Now take this gun”

  34. that’s so cute

  35. Daisy be like Lets go find some bitches Oliver

  36. All the Asian and Chinese people watching this are like “FAKE! No way that
    dog can drive that good!”

  37. Where Your license Dog ?

  38. dogはヨークシャテリア?

  39. it’s one of those cars with the remote control , so …

  40. yawn at the fakeness of this

  41. danielagentemarbella

    I have one. Control remote FAAAAAKE!!!!!

  42. I’m so confused

  43. Vertical Filming is the Devil!

  44. “Aim for the cat, dude!”
    – Evil Robot Ted, “Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey”

  45. This cars have rmote control ;)

  46. Tell that b*tch at :45 to wait her turn

  47. Wasn’t this a movie (a long time ago) called “Miss Daisy Driving”?

  48. That dog looks like lighter color version of my boy! Oooo so cute.

  49. way to go guys! Colombo would be proud! lol

  50. I think they use a remote control that can move the wheelchair

  51. 三年級唐謙威

    IS RC

  52. Love this! Made my week. Thanks for giving some of us (clearing throat)
    something to smile about. I love seeing kiddos and doggies doing cute

  53. Simply Cute, KAWAII! カワ(・∀・)イイ!!

  54. A Google car for dogs and their best friends the kids….

  55. OK this is a cute video. But even if anybody thinks it’s a fake it’s
    amazing the little dog sits there and obviously enjoys riding in the car.
    Someone mentioned the paw being taped, who in their right mind would put
    tape on a dog’s paw? Removing the tape would clearly be torture for the
    dog. Enjoy it as it is. Some people are critical of anything and
    everything. Chill.

  56. Vitalstatistix Stats

    The dog is definitely smarter than his dumbfuck human who recorded this

  57. sorry for being a buzzkill but that dog not pushing the pedals the kid is
    sorry if that is not the point of the if the dog is supost to just turn the
    stering weal

  58. Fake

  59. These dogs know to much

  60. This video should be illegal. I laughed so hard I almost DIED.

  61. It is a costume

  62. There must be a zipper!!! Look carefully!!!

  63. More video’s of this dog please. So adorable.

  64. Rich people. Figures.

  65. love that, thanks!

  66. best video ever! lol

  67. remote controlled !!! FAKE

  68. realnameunknown2011


  69. Why cant i stop laughing

  70. TotallyRadicalRetroGamez

    I love all the dumbasses in here debating on if this video is “real” or
    not…it’s a fucking dog “driving” a car. LMAO yay internet.

  71. This video brought me so much joy! What a beautiful child and precious
    doggy. Thank you for sharing this, and for making my day <3

  72. super dog

  73. KAWAII

  74. Doc Brown did it first :P

  75. The Gaming Brothers 2.0

    lol, this is really the dog, not autopilot?

  76. Oh my god ..that was cute. I wassss hoping dog was driving..but in reality
    knew it wasnt..but wish it was.

  77. Vito Yin (Vito Dharmawan)

    Why the police didn’t arrest the dog?
    Double standards, double standards everywhere..

  78. I had the most disturbing ad ever.

  79. Curlygirl582 curly


  80. So cute

  81. OMG

  82. remote control

  83. swagz

  84. such a cute toddler 🙂
    0:16 aaaww

  85. forget self driving cars, this is what we need…dog driving cars!

  86. lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Omg~so funny???

  88. Somebody is controlling the car with a remote control

  89. Agar zZero/ Road To 1k Subs

    1000th sub

  90. Oh so cute!!

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