Dog Hides Whole Sandwich in his Mouth

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Dog hides an entire sandwich in his mouth.

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  1. i hope you didn’t eat that afterwards…

  2. Saven ur sandwich bish xD

  3. Knowing white people she probably ate that after

  4. Brock Crutchfield

    I guess you could say he was… Sabin it for later.

  5. oh my god i love him

  6. Could’ve sworn I saw this on AFV

  7. I’m going to record my school vertically, so I can get more views!

  8. inb4 the ” inB4 this is viral”

  9. Even the dog thinks u should go on a diet, lady

  10. she’s gonna eat that sandwich, that fat cow

  11. like a dog? Laugh at me

    It is a funny dog!

  12. “you can have your sandwich back”

  13. ★ShadowTale Gaming★

    you still gonna eat that?

  14. good stuff, what breed of dog is that?

  15. Has that women only got one finger @0:15

  16. Banshee 24 (Banshee Green)

    I don’t play that game with dogs anymore… mine had a dead baby bunny in
    his :(

  17. the secrets to a viral video……

    1.record vertically

  18. Lol???

  19. it tries to bark to play it cool.. lol.

  20. ha

  21. how many times did you practice to make this video perfect? this video is

  22. “R’OK… Splitzies?”

  23. now u enjoy that women

  24. Stop making vertical recorders famous!!!

  25. love dogs xxxxx

  26. It’s recorded vertically because this person is an Alabama fan. Hell, we’re
    lucky she’s even able to figure out how to make the camera turn on.

  27. Dog: you ate it fat bitch

  28. What breed is this ?


  30. THe more time passes, the less I get used to people recording vertical
    video. WHy is it so impossible for people to figure out that TVs, monitors
    and viewing screens are wider than they are taller?!?

  31. Love how the fact she’s recorded it vertically has pissed you all off. Get
    a life you sad cunts

  32. KenshinBattousai374

    Only YOU can stop vertical videos. Downvote today.

  33. Sounds like Alabama, looks like Alabama & acting like Alabama. Saban.


  35. she

  36. gay name

  37. So honest a dog

  38. Aww cute hehe my cat always eats my food too 😛 esp, when I make Tuna salad
    or Turkey!

  39. the dog was looks at her like “what did you put in this sandwich” (spits it

  40. What kind of sandwich was that. It looked delicious.

  41. Kolitha Wijethilake

    how did this video get this much views?


  43. let’s make a square phone. to eradicate the plague of vertical recording .

  44. That’s for calling me Saben. Enjoy the slobber dressing.

  45. she ate it afterwards

  46. Omg he’s so cute!!!

  47. And between the slices of bread is the neighbor’s cat.

  48. #1 tip of 2016; if you see something incredible that could potentially be
    viral, record vertically!

  49. That’s my kind of dog.

  50. Ahh so adorable and Gross at the same time

  51. ????#forgotEmojis

  52. StabStabStabStabby

    He was doing you a favour judging by those sausages you call fingers.

  53. Someone send this to Gavin Free Now

  54. wtf first off ur dogs dick is on that couch then he trows up a sandwich on
    ur couch an floor gd u pet owners are nasty as hell

  55. knowing white people she’d pick that right back up and eat it

  56. Venugopal Chillal

    His eyes are so creepy at 0:08

  57. jaja

  58. byblis persephone

    This white woman will probably eat that sandwich now

  59. Your,your not gonna eat it right

  60. Me bringing food into theatres.

  61. The dog be like “I don’t want your stupid sandwich anymore…”

  62. 300,000+ of us are sitting here watching a dog hiding a sandwich in his

    We’re truly living in a riveting time.

  63. Why don’t you freaking twats ask the software developers to get rid of the
    auto-rotation for cameras on phones. IDK go sign a petition or something,
    anything other than just complain like little bitches.

  64. Y’all are idiots. Who cares if the video was recorded in vertical. Believe
    it or not, it is much easier to record something with one hand vertically,
    because horizontal you really have to use both hands. So excuse people for
    holding their phones the way they were meant to be held.

  65. Darko Marjanović

    Do you think she ate it after?

  66. My dog ate a whole sandwich with one bite.

  67. Say no to vertical videos.


  69. Judging solely on her voice, she sounds like she ate the sandwich

  70. And I bet she ate the sandwich

  71. I ‘m apparently not the only one who has experienced this , especially when
    you’re hungry, lol

  72. I hate you MOM XO

  73. dog: NNNNNNOOOOOOO I was saving that for later… how do u know my secret

  74. Everytime you upload a vertical video on YT *ten little kitten die* ! >__<

  75. she sounds fat

  76. Cool, now you can have it!

  77. The dog must have been hiding the ability to turn your phone horizontally
    in its mouth as well.

  78. OH LORD! Named the dog after the football coach?

  79. I think the question we all really need answered is – what kind of sandwich
    was it?

  80. poor guy was just hungry

  81. where’s my sandwich, satan?

  82. He did not steal it – he only borrowed it. LOL :D

  83. Hell ya sandwiches are are good

  84. Now eat it, cause you didnt let the dog eat it.

  85. and thats why you get a cat because it only eats half of the sandwich

  86. What’s worse than recording vertically?

    Recording vertically and then exporting horizontally.

  87. Damn it, busted!

  88. Saben looks almost like a Great Dane puppy.

  89. wut..? XD

  90. He licked it…it’s his sammich now! lol

  91. ?

  92. I thought his name was satan ?

  93. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahajahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  94. So funny lol.

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