Dog is playing drums – Metallica Enter Sandman

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Our little dog is playing drums. Enjoy !!!


  1. I only posted so the comment number would change from 666 to 667 ?

  2. That sir was f***ing awesome!

  3. OMG!! So cute

  4. I like how the video faded to black when it was over nice touch. And by the
    way be careful when posting videos as someone out there might hate this and
    come seek to destroy you.

  5. Andrew Fleckenstein

    Hilarious please make more!!

  6. Боже, это охуенно

  7. Yeah ! But first let me lick some delicious shit in my nose ?

  8. plays better than me!

  9. can I pls have your dog?

  10. My new favorite video!!

  11. he makes the same face as Lars with his tongue haha !

  12. Guys, if you look closely will see that he is not playing for real. But it
    is hard to see.

  13. Precisa de mais feeling… achei um pouco fora de tempo também… É uma
    crítica construtiva!

  14. Thank you for this rsrsrs

  15. I could watch this video forever

  16. Love it!!

  17. That was so cute???

  18. Excelente!!! kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  19. The Best video EVER!!!!

  20. Mikael Brännström

    so… i guess Lars tried some “tanning lotions.” :P

  21. This dog is God

  22. Никита Писарев

    hey, how did they manage to film it?

  23. OH POR DIOS!!! CHIQUI!! ES CHIQUI XD (la perrita de mi tia)

  24. that dog is a better drummer than lars ulrich

  25. Just as good as Lars!

  26. Better than original… :)

  27. I’m in love

  28. Laughed entirely too hard at this….>_<

  29. Kevin Belinda Nguyen

    This is the cutest thing ever!!! We have a pug and wish she could do this
    stuff. Please make more videos!!!

  30. I would literally just give you tens of thousands of views myself if you
    made a youtube playlist of the pug playing different songs on the drums,
    and I could just let it autoplay…

  31. Better then lars….

  32. That’s one kick ass pug brother!! ?

  33. Actual proof that you can do anything with a Pug.

  34. SpencerSharpeVlogs Metal

    where is the full song with the video

  35. *If you look closely you can see that the dog is a cow.*

  36. The levels of goofy contained in this video are insane…

  37. Awesome! perfect timing

  38. My brain keeps filling in the rest of the song.

  39. Kiriakos, pud dog?

  40. ha ha lol funny ;)

  41. Marianne Markham (DarkWriter00)

    Too cute!! I also love that song. :D

  42. Александр Медведев

    K P A C U B O

  43. Master of Puppies.

  44. Dennis Charrette aka DenChea

    Very Cool!!

  45. keyboard cat and this dog should make a band

  46. who did this


  48. Lol…Dog’s better than Lars!!!!

  49. This is actually perfect impression of Lars Urlich face when he plays …
    Just too damn accurate ?

  50. Of Dog And Man

  51. 371 people suck a dick for dollars

  52. this chick is totally beating up that kit! great job bad ass puggy.

  53. welcome drum pug goodbye keyboard cat

  54. this is why I love the internet

  55. you know that ain’t that dog’s real voice…

  56. AWW! look at him! he look badass and cute!

  57. funny and cute

  58. this video would have been even more amazing if the pug threw the
    drumsticks at the end

  59. He’s even got “Lars tongue” haha! Love it!!

  60. still more talented than jb

  61. Totally awesome! Top that, Doug the Pug!

  62. lol

  63. so funny how u did that
    so cute lol
    bro nice

  64. カフェインTVのコーヒーチャンネル

    oh my soul friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. That’s One MEAN Pug!

  66. Is this legit?



  69. wow this is incredible!!! what a cool doggy :)

  70. Still better than Lars.

  71. WE WANT MORE !!!

  72. well now i feel better.

  73. so…fake me come on ???

  74. at 109 u can see some sort of black sleve

  75. I can’t tell if this is real

  76. this is stuiped but cooo

  77. Defently, Lars are jealous! )))))))))))

  78. so fake

  79. So cute it is the most cutest puppy ever

  80. Игорь Афанасьев

    Сука блять.

  81. Lars Ulrich pug

  82. I wish more drummers picked their nose with their tongue during

  83. fucking better than lars

  84. OMG ABUSE!!! You’re stressing out that poor

  85. still a better drummer than Lars

  86. That’s not real

  87. Fake! That dog is not really playing the drums!

  88. i love pugs

  89. Pinky doggy hilarisch

  90. so much better than Lars >_<

  91. Haven’t heard mr sandman since rockband ?

  92. Let me guess… Instalok brought you here?

  93. Why can’t a dog just be a dog?

  94. Pocket!

  95. So CUTE?

  96. Not quite my tempo.

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