Dog Meets Snow

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  1. “A frik. Sweater’s not gonna do it. I need to get my mittens.”

  2. Dog is like “fuck that shit!”

  3. Amm… Fuck that

  4. hahahaha! I love her reaction, what a cutie :0)

  5. The brown dog looked into the sea of white and said to himself:

    “Nooope! And I’m wearing a hoodie too.”

  6. be prepared for “dog is like” comments.

  7. smart dog.

  8. Very very funny!

  9. lol The wind sound effects make it even more dramatic..

  10. His toilet is out there. I feel sorry for him. What a morning.

  11. Snow way I’m going out there.

  12. I have owned several yorkies and all very smart. This would be a typical
    response I would expect but in calif we don’t have to worry about snow let
    alone rain since they chemtrail us everyday..

  13. my pup just met snow too but mine lovessss it!

  14. On my way to school like

  15. haha “fuck this”

  16. NOPE

  17. that dog saw that snow and was like “nope”

  18. nope! !!

  19. first he’s like yeah then when u open the door he’s like never mind..

  20. Lol he is like fuck this shit I am out!

  21. me everyday of the year

  22. Awwweeee


  24. He looks exactly like my dog Cocoa

  25. Why trending I record animals and I don’t get views

  26. Yoshi does Terraria/Yoshi Gaming

    Awwwww so cute!

  27. His little legs lol

  28. “YEET”

  29. Evan Michael Hardin

    0:08, she gone.

  30. Doggy said no way my man I’m out???✌?️

  31. Turbojetnitro10 Rylee

    Dog’s like, “Yipee Outdoors!!!! YEA… wait what’s that? Heck no not going
    to that white void!!”

  32. aww he so cute??

  33. This happened to me once as I saw snow on the ground. I immediately thought
    to myself, “I need to be free!”, so I unzipped my pants and whipped out my
    rock hard dick. I took a step out into the blizzard and nearly froze to
    death. I dipped my dick down and gently put it into the snow. My dick is

  34. this is so cuteeee

  35. owner :”wanna go outside?”
    dog:”hell yeah nigga you bet I wanna go outside”
    * owner opens the door *
    dog:”The fuck is this shit!?!
    I’m goin back to drinking water from the toilet…”

  36. “I’m going back to bed. Wake me up when it melts.”

  37. how extraordioary! hey there, flagrant furniture what’s your opinion

  38. Me before first day of school vs after first day of school

  39. “OH OH YEAH LETS GO….. k nevermind”

  40. TheMajesticWaffleCat

    “Ah fuck this shit.”)

  41. Dog thinks what is that I’m out

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  43. LOL cute :D

  44. or doesn’t meet snow…

  45. Nope not today!!

  46. Oh hell snow!

  47. It looks like it mightve snowed there

  48. That’s how I feel when I’m about to walk into school.

  49. He was like, man fuck it…

  50. Виктория Деревянко


  51. dog:the fuck is this, especially because if they are color blind? I wonder
    how white or blind and cold it must be lol

  52. lmao that dog said FUCK THAT SHIT!! u go out there lol

  53. Yep that’s how I feel about snow

  54. that is such a cute dog! omg im jealous!!!

  55. It’s interesting!

  56. He went to get a bigger coat.

  57. Nope!

  58. dog was like nope fuck you im pissing in yo bed

  59. watch this : getting wild – dog on ice

  60. watch this : getting wild – dog on ice

  61. The dogs like: “Fuck that shit. It’s too cold. Put some warm water for me
    on the tub my nigga.”

  62. He’s like, “Oh that’s cold. I should get my coat first.”

  63. this dog is so cute!

  64. well, eh, fcuk it!

  65. Our yorkie Teddy did the very same thing. He wanted no part of it.

  66. that was too cute and funny!!! thank you for sharing

  67. “I need to go get my socks and some boots!”

  68. “Ah hell naaaww hooowooaaaah!”

  69. Alex Russet (the Snivy)


  70. “fuck that shit imma gonna stay by the fire”

  71. Nope.

  72. awe. my dog looks like yours only she’s a girl.

  73. Dog:HOLY Sh

  74. tampabaybuccaneer10

    This dog gets me.

  75. This is my Great Dane if it’s even cloudy outside. The potential of being
    hit even by a single raindrop is enough for her to just look at me, as if
    to say, “If you really want me to go out there, you’ll have to carry me out
    there yourself.”
    She has a remarkably strong bladder.

  76. LOL. Smart dog

  77. Oh hell sNOw!

  78. Nope.

  79. Lulu is adorable, and smart!

  80. mine did the same thing even with a coat own even rain he does that

  81. “I think I’ll go hump my favorite stuffed animal instead.”

  82. non mais c’est un peu de info sur les informations

  83. Literally me.

  84. Hahahahahahahhahahahaha

  85. Vim pelo video do Rangel :v
    eu ri muito do video

  86. just 5 seconds into the video is all it took for him to change his
    mind.that is one smart pooch.

  87. Vim pelo Rangel kkk alguem mais?!!

  88. *of course i wanna go outside*
    *open the door already*
    *Heeere we g… Nah, fuck this shit*

  89. “Get back to me in 3 months, bro!”

  90. YOU’RE A DOG

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