Dog on a Roomba – Easter Edition!!!

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Happy Easter from Five the Boston Terrier aka Easter Dog on a Roomba!
We’ve had a bunch of people write and ask for a follow up on Santa Dog.
**Music is “The Bunny Hop” by Ray Anthony**


  1. Irgendwo kommt es halt immer her :D

  2. Mubashir Mehmood

    آغاني عربي

  3. Youtube send me!

  4. lol lol lol

  5. Mm I stand fore paw to fore paw with this canine. Perhaps you should put
    the joker in the background on the roomba next time and give us all a

  6. If you’d stay quiet, cut the music, and attempted camera angles, it
    could’ve been good. Sometimes less is more, mate.

  7. i have a boston too

  8. everyone knows what that dog it thinking lol!!!!! “I hate my life I hate my
    life” lol

  9. I know that look… I am unsure of this

  10. sufficientlyoldskool

    I’ve seen enough of these “pet’s on a roomba” videos to know that if you
    invented a robot specifically designed for carrying animals in random
    directions you could make a fortune.

  11. VickytheCultLeader

    Is that a jesus with bunny ears picture on the mantle? May I be your child?

  12. TGV Movies Channel

    That dog looks so disappointed, so cute

  13. That laugh track was horrible. 

  14. Omg to cute

  15. All I see is a diamond plate fireplace.


  17. +Megali Nanayakkara haha this is so funny :D

  18. A fully recessed holiday :D

  19. and tomorrows headlines…. “Dog Savages Owner!!!”

  20. Barry Melancon's Channel

    I liked the video, great job. Looking forward to seeing more.

  21. Well trained dog, great temperament. At the beginning, he is looking right
    at the camera and opening his mouth as if to say “I get extra treats for
    this, right?” I hope you rewarded him.

  22. You two have the most contagious laughter! I love it!!!

  23. I think the dog is thinking, “Would somebody please get me down off this

  24. Have we really dipped so far culturally that dogs on roombas are really
    worth 500k views?

    It would seem that it requires little talent to create a video like this,
    and even less artistic vision. Did you really just update your Christmas
    Roomba video with bunny ears for another 500k views?

    Everything is just so dumbed down.

    Dylen Durret, /r/TheRedPill moderator, downward spiral witness

  25. This is hilarious, I’m not sure if I could get my Boston Terriers on one of

  26. That laugh ruined the whole video

  27. I hated this video, because you made your beautiful dog clown! Really man
    is pathetic!

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