Dog Opens Dog Proof Container

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The owners of Meme the dog made sure her food was put in a dog-proof container so she wouldn’t steal any. Unfortunately for them, she ended up figuring out how to open the container and munched on her food to her stomach’s delight.

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  1. Dogs smarter than me..

  2. My beagle can do this to that exact same container. You have to make it

  3. So much for it being ‘dog proof’ XD

  4. She was licking something out of the corner and inadvertently opened it.
    She took the lid to go finish it off (hence the cut). Then was probably
    told to go eat.

  5. I could do that

  6. its a BC hehehe they are one of the most smart dogs on record 😀 i will
    like and share this :D


  8. lmao ok wow!

  9. My lab could do this ate 15lbs of kibble lil piglet….

  10. That is not a dog proof container, it’s a giant dispenser toy. She’s a
    border collie, if you want her to eat less, tell her.

  11. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
    Hey who is watching this in February 2007? Internet Explorer is the best

  12. I farted.

  13. This dog was obviously taught to do that. The fact the the dog walks away
    to drop the lid indicates that its being instructed.

  14. Sebberbom Frølich

    #dog life

  15. If I don’t want my dog to eat something, of course I leave it somewhere
    around the floor level. What could possibly go wrong?

  16. They dont want him to eat, what’s good Chef Dee

  17. The dogs name is fucking meme

  18. “This happens when you don’t give me food!”

  19. cuuuuute????

  20. Well that shows what hunger does ?

  21. Well that shows what hunger does ?

  22. This dog is smarter than some people these days…

  23. Guz The Real Life Tenno

    Dog proof my ass. xD

  24. well it was dog proof…its not now.

  25. Well the dog is called Meme so they should not be surprised that the dog
    trolled them. :)

  26. clever girl …..

  27. most likely it wasn’t on tight enough. I have the same container.

  28. That’s a smart Aussie!

  29. BorderCollies? Australian Shepherd? we need the doggie’s owner tell
    us.@DailyPicksandFlicks who is her owner? plz tell us that youtube id

  30. The container isn’t dog proof. The fact the product has ‘Vault’ in the name
    is significant to the products design. Heavy-duty, durable plastic and a
    gasket seal that keeps it airtight.

  31. Energetic animation Studios

    what I want to see, is him put the lid back on!

  32. Random Person on the Internet

    Another smart border collie.

  33. I’m not sure if this is specifically marketed for being “dog proof”, but it
    looks to me as though it could just as easily have been designed for the
    ease of training the dog to open it..

  34. Sheepish

  35. Jamila Le (XxAnimeLitexX)

    I honestly am astounded that most of the comments are about the dogs name,
    Meme. Honestly is that all you people think about? The name Meme can be
    pronounced differently like meh-meh or mi-mi. Get your life together and
    focus on the video.
    You know what’s funny? Most people don’t even look at the description so
    I’ll give you credits for that…

  36. To be fair…even if my pug had a snout….he couldnt figure that out….a
    border collie however….crazy smart. :)

  37. Dog proof container… let’s place it on the ground where he can’t reach

  38. Elaine Warren, you heard right! I have one and he opens doors for me when I
    bring groceries home to put away! Among other things. So smart, but very
    high energy and require a lot of your time. But I love that about my dog!
    He is also trained in nose work and tracking. Amazing dogs!

  39. Her dogged determination did not go unrewarded.

  40. Lol “Meme the dog”. Did you by any chance mean “doge”? xD

  41. How do u guys know hers/his name is meme?¿!?¿!

  42. that is a smart pup

  43. Lawsuit in 3… 2…..1

  44. I know people who would have had a hard time figuring out how to open this

  45. Someone needs to make this into a Meme, if you know what I mean

  46. its not very dog proof to me

  47. Thats actually really bad because dog can eat so much that it die. True !!!

  48. Bet he was looking for a girl dog

  49. That is one smart dog

  50. Best dog 4 ever

  51. You smart. You loyal.

  52. Smart dog xD

  53. I think container is still dog proof, i think that dog is actually dolphin

  54. it took him 40 seconds? I would’ve done that in 1 sec noob

  55. Border Collie doing what she does best!!

  56. Clever little shit..

  57. Now if they can only train her to replace the lid.

  58. we need fingerprint scanner!

  59. ??????????

  60. Smart dog! I know people who might have trouble figuring that out. ;-)

  61. hunden är höngrge

  62. Dog proof maybe…but not Border Collie proof!

  63. Ok now impress me show me how she/he puts the lid back on?

  64. sorry to ruin it for you, but her name is probably pronounced like Me-me.
    Not like meem.

  65. she’s seen the humans do it and mimics them. what a clever girl!

  66. [TheLifeLessVampire]

    Wow This dog is Meme lmao

  67. ★ SweetPrins CS:GO ★


  68. This looks and acts just like Tripp, my Australian Shepherd. He is very
    smart and always find a way to get what he wants, as well as not doing what
    he does not want to do :)

  69. Dog proof *was

  70. it’s a smart dog

  71. Part time dog, full time savage

  72. not bordercollie proof

  73. I love this dog. She’s my hero.

  74. Good job boy! ^_^

  75. When a dog is smarter than yourself

  76. Dogs should not be taken lightly ?

  77. Isak Bøge Nielsen


  78. cover is not in it’s place when you get home + no idea why food is missing.

  79. this dog is smarter than me…

  80. There will always be that one guy saying this is some kind of animal abuse

  81. That’s why everyone should work while hungry; it brings out the best in

  82. clever girl…

  83. This dog is smarter then that girl using a lighter when she is getting fuel
    that also were Trending.

  84. Molly Stewart (#PartyGirl)

    holy shitmom ya got to see this I told u its not me

  85. Can I keep it? :3

  86. Guess the designers had to go back to the drawing board after this.

  87. only wondering where the tail is.. poor doggie

  88. This may be sad but that dog is smarter than my mum, she would have taken
    hours to figure this out I am installing one on the fridge

  89. he deservd it

  90. “Dogs are dumb”.

  91. awwwwwwwwwwwww

  92. Border collie is smart

  93. “What’s their metabolism? What’s their growth spurt? They’re lethal at 8
    months, and I do mean lethal.” There used to be 4 but she killed them. She
    had them attacking the fences. They were looking for weak spots”

  94. Dog proof?!? Hwo is that in any was dog proof?

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