Dog Plays Ping Pong

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Smart dog plays table tennis better than most humans!

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  1. [-YD/GD-] Oceliveth

    COOL! I never though a dog would be better at ping pong than me ?

  2. aww so cute!!!

  3. aww so cute

  4. cute lindo

  5. great!

  6. ouo it so cute and talanted

  7. So cute, and its so serious too! *.*

  8. I never thought I’d say this but the cat was better lol.

  9. owwwwwww cuteness overkill

  10. GirlWithCuriousHair1

    Man, I love dogs! They bring such joy to my life :)

  11. That is so awesome!! Never thought a dog could play tennis! :)

  12. O!!!!:))))

  13. its so cute!

  14. I sense another Air Bud sequel!

  15. Thank you for filming horizontally.

  16. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    The cat was really kicking his ass!

  17. haha! AWESOME!

  18. “A dog that plays ping pong, that’s Amazing!” “Not really, he’s only won
    one out of the last 5 games…”

  19. Oh my gosh…. my eyes are melting from the cuteness. ?
    I want a puppy!!! Dx

  20. Oh shit they’re getting smarter!

  21. cute as *FUCK* ^_^

  22. To all the people who down voted this: I hate you :)

  23. I like this dog man because it use perform nice

  24. Dogs never cease to make me smile

  25. This is just awsome, he’s so cute and smart! I wonder what breed is he? A
    variation of Collie?

  26. The pet cat probably keeping score too.

  27. I love this dog’s excitement

  28. it’s not even hitting it with the right side or the paddle……smh

  29. I get shy when I sit in the Costco table section

    Hi! I work for douchebag news station and I’m wondering if we can use this
    footage and not give you any credit for it.

  30. in the next episode DOG PLAYS MARBLE SODA ON LAUNCH PAD!!!


  32. yeah try getting a monkey to do that….

  33. Am I the only one that’s amazed by this

  34. ball looks fake

  35. Dogs are evolving. Look out for the rise of the planet of the dogs. 

  36. I have a cat that played ping pong with me when she was young … just hit
    it with her paw … wish I had taped it …

  37. Okay, the dog plays ping pong, but he really sucks.

  38. The dog sounds like a seal.

  39. I wish I could play ping pong that good

  40. I like how at the end he’s like”aw I fucked up that last one”

  41. little bay transport

    and he can slam

  42. ?1p

  43. Awe ??

  44. Border collie?

  45. Border Collies, dude

  46. [スピッツ犬] Lucky Pomeranian

    A talented and beautiful border collie.

  47. mishi and david moore

    dat jus wow wich. daag can do dat just wow

  48. off the table, that’s cheating!

  49. Marshmellow Fluffies

    Wow…. He’s actually really good! ?

  50. Starts out much better than many I have taught!

  51. At the end the dog is like “My work here is done”

  52. 設計一個狗球拍給牠吧 b^^

  53. gold metal coin for these video

  54. This dog is more athletic than I am

  55. this is too much for a dog person. its just too much.

  56. He’s cheating !
    He has all 4 hands on the table !!!! hahahahahah

  57. Houston from houston


  58. That’s the same dog that hustled me at the bar!!!


    Now thats what I call good entertainment…

  60. awwwwwwwww so cute

  61. who downvotes that?

  62. good boi.

  63. my chinese sharpei can play much better

  64. but can it serve?

  65. plays like a girl. )

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  67. WHY border collies are my favorite dog/pet

  68. I played pingpong for 7 years, this dog would be a great opponent.

  69. So cute!

  70. A-freaking-adorable

  71. Que fofo, ! jogando Ping pong. .. e acerta hein. ?

  72. Que fofo, ! jogando Ping pong. .. e acerta hein. ?

  73. He’s better than Me! Dogs are awesome

  74. so cute subscribe here please we’re crafty and wierdos

  75. this is my everyday life…my Border collie comes with me literally

  76. The CW Television Network

    Taking fetch to the next level

  77. Australian Shepherd or Border ?

  78. So cute

  79. 超カワイイ!!!!!!!

  80. if poodle is smartest, collie’s are rocket scientists. i even see one of
    these breeds can do a math, like 3 x 2 = 6 howl. very interesting breed.
    but their intelligence sometimes can be dangerous for owners

  81. I only speak a little “Dog” but I think he is trash talking too!

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