Dog reacts to her Cancer test results.

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Kailua, Oahu Hawaii. — Overnight Lily got sick. She could hardly stand.

We took her in and they found a tumor on her spleen. She was bleeding internally, and so anemic her breathing was affected she needed a blood transfusion or she would be dead in hours.

Once they stabilized her they told us it was Hermangiosarcoma, and its very common in Golden Retrievers. It comes on fast and she only had days to live if we didn’t do surgery.

The bad news was that even if we did do the surgery she’d only have months. There was a small chance, only 10% chance that it was the benign kind. The vet said that in her 20 years of emergency medicine, she never had a case where that happened. We had to make a choice fast.

We didn’t want to give up. We emptied our savings account and did the surgery. They removed a 6 pound tumor! (photo below)

She immediately seemed better. But they said it would only be temporary. That in a few months she would bleed out. I kept saying, “but what if it is benign?” They were clear that it has never happened and we should be prepared and just enjoy our time with her.

One week later we got the results. This was the moment I told her.

Mahalo to Feather and Fur Animal Hospital for taking care of her. The vet tech actually used her own dogs blood to give Lily an emergency blood transfusion!

For anyone doubting this happened:

This is the tumor:

This was her scar:


THANK YOU to Davison from LOLPervs for all the YOUTUBE words of wisdome!
We now give our dogs the Turkey Tail mushroom. It has had major success against this kind of cancer. If you have a golden retriever or a German Sheppard they are at HIGH RISK. Look into this. Don’t lose your baby to this asshole cancer!


Yes this happened, no I didn’t have a treat, yes she gets excited at my voice, yes its annoying and yes she doesn’t understand English. She was happy because I was happy. If you don’t get it, you probably have never bonded with an animal and that is sad.


  1. We lost our Rhodesian Ridgeback to Hemangio Carcinoma. It ruptured and he
    was bleeding internally. He went into cardia arrest twice. The second time
    they couldn’t revive him. So heartbreaking he was only 7 years old. They
    said he might of had it for awhile. It bleeds out then it gets re absorbs.
    He could fine one day and sick the next. But our Jabari didn’t have really
    any symptoms until it was too late. This is a deadly cancer. When they find
    it it’s usually too late and if surgery is done they only love for a few
    months. I was ready to do surgery no matter what the cost was going to be.
    We miss our Jabari tremendously.




  5. I love life….loved this video…all life is precious…

  6. I miss my dog. She was a golden and had lung cancer. She made it to 14

  7. I don’t get why almost everybody is trying to make logic of this video.
    Honestly it’s just an adorable video because her dog survived a disease.
    I’m sorry to some of the people who’s dog(s) died from a disease or
    anything. But sometimes you should just feel good for someone and not try
    and make some logic out of it. She probably was reacting to the baby voice
    but at least the people knew what was going on. Thank you I have said what
    I need to say.

  8. This is so cute omg congrats glad she doesn’t have cancer

  9. I saw no reaction

  10. whut if cancer not kil?

  11. Lol Funny/ cute lol XD

  12. Equestrian Forever

    Awe this is adorable I’m so glad she is ok!!!!

  13. TheOnyxFoxReturns


  14. let’s all pretend that the dog in this video understood a word of what the
    woman said!

  15. beautiful video <3 wish i could have delivered the same news to my golden
    retriever koda, as he was struck down by Hermangiosarcoma at only 8 years
    of age. so glad you got the good news!

  16. more like the obnoxious human reacts to the dog’s test
    results….lol….the dog just acted like a doofus regular dog…not dumb,
    not smart, just dog. meanwhile….”no sir….no sir…your not going
    anywhere today….rtahtjgfdgsdgarga….no sir…no sir….lol…der

  17. 666 dislikes…..god help us

  18. She actually ruined the moment by telling the dog to sit down. When she
    starts her high pitched baby talk, the dogs reaction is subdued because its
    still trying to stay seated as ordered.

  19. Congratulations on the good news! I am so happy for both of you. I lost my
    2nd Golden to that cancer. You are so correct that this cancer spreads
    wicked fast and takes them down quickly
    Well thanks for the suggestion about the turkey tail mushroonm

  20. The douchebags on the comments section deserve a nice good punch to the
    face. Just be happy that her fur baby is cancer free. Lots of love,treats
    and belly rubs for you,Lily :)

  21. I’ve never had a pet before but… I don’t think that you should empty your
    savings for a pet. I understand they can be a big part of your life and
    even family but still …

  22. I’m not crying

  23. I’m not crying

  24. I’m not crying

  25. While it is delightful that Lilly will have more time with her loving
    family, the truth of this video is that none of us can see what Lilly’s
    human is doing while filming Lilly’s ‘reaction’ to her prognosis – aside
    from the voice inflections was the owner engaging the dog with a treat or a
    toy while talking to her?

    Not an unreasonable consideration.

    Lilly is a beautiful dog – may she enjoy a happy extended life!

    For those going completely ape-shit over people who are questioning the
    owner’s choices: Calm down. It’s not the end of the world.

  26. U putting this up gave the Internet more cancer

  27. wish I still had my dog

  28. More like human acting like idiots. Dog still confused.

  29. 麦麦(四面墙)


  30. Good puppy

  31. Another overrated dog video

  32. Sounds like animal abuse to me. Reported. >.> :P

  33. animeradioactive lover girl


  34. I wish I could say the same for my dog

  35. You all are assholes! It’s great that the dog is cancer free!

  36. Who’s a good girl! Who isn’t dying this week?!

  37. Oh my god why the hell is everyone being so damn negative?! It was a cute
    video of a happy pup who the hell cares?! You ppl are ridiculous.

  38. My guinea pig has cancer 🙁 gotta put it down… it sucks so much.

  39. Videos on Chrome when are you going to do more videos on Chrome

  40. Love the dog! The owner? not so much

  41. I love your dog

  42. the best part of video ….the comments.

  43. It doesn’t matter why the dog reacted! She’s cancer free and that’s all
    that matters! Happy for you honey! <3 Waiting for test results is nerve
    wrecking and we always hope for good results and thats what happened here!!

  44. How wonderful!! All the best Lilly. We wish you all the best, beautiful

  45. Jeez, I’m reading those comments and don’t get why people are so vicious
    and mean… I feel so happy for Lily! Golden Retrievers are such cuties, I
    love this excitement and good, positive energy they gave us.
    Lucky (my Golden Retriever) send lots of kisses from Poland!!! We wish you
    a good health sweetheart! :)

  46. good stuff!!!! ????

  47. This is great! Makes me happy that your puppy beat the odds and is healthy!
    Our family dog which was a Black Lab wasn’t fortunate and it was too far a
    long. My girlfriend and I have a Black Lab together named Duke and this
    time he will get blood work done, make his vet visits, and anything else we
    can do to ensure a long, happy, and healthy life.

    This video made me happy, thank you for sharing it.

  48. The dog was later killed by a speeding motorcyclist who was just cleared fr

  49. God that scared me

  50. her dog had cancer that’s sad

  51. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  52. awwwww

  53. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :D

  54. I left 2 turds under your desk u fuckin bitch the dod says.

  55. Feel good

  56. Clearly she has a treat in her hand and is waving it around, however, that
    is excellent news!

  57. I’m so happy your dog is okay. This is literally one of the best videos on

  58. I hope this family lives a happy life with their cancer-less dog.

  59. +Kitty Adorable AWESOM COOL VIDEO@!@#!@~@!LOVE IT THATS Sad@!@#!#Dominic
    Leon- DID The DOG Live????@#!@##@!

  60. Charles The Hammer Martel

    GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!

  61. so cute

  62. Why are people so rude in the comments?
    “The only reason she reacted was because you changed you’re tone, had a
    treat in your hand, blah blah blah”
    How about “congratulations! Glad she’s happy and healthy!”

    Why do people always have to be so negative…

  63. my Bandit (17halfyrs) didn’t live long after diagnose, 4mo, but WE lived to
    the fullest! Great news for Lily!

  64. my Bandit (17halfyrs) didn’t live long after diagnose, 4mo, but WE lived to
    the fullest! Great news for Lily!

  65. my Bandit (17halfyrs) didn’t live long after diagnose, 4mo, but WE lived to
    the fullest! Great news for Lily!

  66. What a sweet dog, beautiful!


  67. Why is Life a bitch

    Dogs can read and understand Emotions on a Person’s face. So, it sort of
    understands the situation, All Dogs are actually smart.
    Dogs actually would be there to cuddle with you if you’re sad, too.

  68. I love this video sooooo much!!!

  69. awww that’s beautiful, what a gorgeous dog. I’m glad she’s ok

  70. So cute!!

  71. Dafaq is wrong with y’all! I’m happy for the dog but sad for the husband.

    POOCH!!! :)

  73. Could that be cuter??? congrats!!!


  75. she looks so happy, I am in love

  76. Good job lil buddy u did it im proud of u

  77. Lps Light™

    I’m so happy for you!!!! ;ᵜ;

  78. this video brightened up my day

  79. So happy to hear that! Can’t believe how many people would comment horrible
    stuff like that! Hope she lives a wonderful life and I hope she gets plenty
    of treats, playtime and petting sessions

  80. Kathleen Pietropaolo

    so cute and so happy for you and for Lily!

  81. YAY!!!! what a lucky girl!

  82. You made my day.

  83. bästa jävla människan

    Omg this made my day my Dog has a tumor and this gives me hope that she
    doesn´t have cancer thank you

  84. yayyyy Lily!!! Lots of kisses and belly rubs for you!!! <3

  85. lucky

  86. 25 minutes later, hit by a car.

  87. That dog doesn’t know what the fuck you’re saying.

  88. Clip has a discussing opening.

  89. Sammy “Mew-Blue” Shadows

    “The dog only reacted because you used a baby voice”. No shit, what were
    you guys expecting? Ya’ll are calling the owner dumb, but if you’re
    clicking on the video thinking the dog is going to have a deep
    understanding of her cancer test results then maybe it’s your intelligence
    you should be questioning.

  90. Gooooooooooo Lily !!

  91. So sweet! Please disreguard any negative comments from all the douche bags
    that survive in this world.

  92. God was watching over her, for sure.

  93. So glad it was a good result!

  94. My dog peed blood on Christmas Day so I spent the morning at the ER vet
    after driving unplowed roads and spinning my car out. He had something in
    his bladder. He had surgery when his vet came in on Monday. I know how you
    feel to find out something is not life threatening. And our dogs really can
    understand and reflect our mood which is what your dog is doing and I think
    it’s adorable. We know he doesn’t know the words so people get off your
    high horses. It’s just a happy video.

  95. Awwww congrats

  96. OMG SO CUTE AWWWWW❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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