Dog Surprised with 100 Balls for Birthday: Cute Dog Maymo

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Maymo’s people decide to give him the best birthday surprise ever by dropping over 100 balls into the middle of the dining room floor for him alone to play with. It doesn’t take long for this cute dog to pounce on his gifts, running wildly through the sea of balls with reckless abandon, until he tires himself out from all the excitement, falling fast asleep next to his sister Penny on the carpet.


  1. At .19 that is priceless! He even runs and hides lol!

  2. Texas Guns n' Ammo Channel


  3. people like this need to have kids they would make good parents.

  4. Γιωργος Φαλαγγης

    omg wtf was that:-) 🙂 :-)

  5. the surest way to get a ball out of a dog’s mouth is to convince him that
    the ball you have in your hand is better

  6. It’s not animal cruelty in my opinion, I thought this was a sweet idea.
    Regardless of the dogs shock, he obviously was enjoying him or herself and
    this was an adorable video!?

  7. Maymo Rules!!!

  8. Avaline “XxRobloxJulesxX” Kress

    Wow. You should really cut Maymo’s paws.

  9. 1. You have an adorable dog, and this video is hilarious.
    2. The dog is not dead at the end, people. It’s called sleep.

  10. Secretly Suspicious

    Lol 0:20 the dog oh crap

  11. When he saw the balls he was like ” oh sh** “??

  12. lol 100 balls

  13. What a joy with the many colorful balls !!

  14. Use to love this until you cluttered it with banners!

  15. Madison walfas ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    so cute

  16. Wonderful, wonderful! So much happiness! Thank you for sharing.

  17. So cute

  18. please Maymo uploaded video to vine !!

  19. Yeah I donated a small fraction of mine… XD

  20. Such beautiful babies!!! ~ <3

  21. what breed of dog?

  22. never gets old!

  23. theawsomechannel 800

    Sooooo cute he got so scared when all the balls dropped

  24. The dog was like O hell nawww I’m out of here 

  25. 0:17 funny XD

  26. When he sees the 3rd ball he’s like “Wait, what?”

  27. Dang, I wish people were like this! Every time I surprise people with MY
    balls, they just get all pissy…

  28. Ho visto i video con i tuoi animali sono bellissimi Guarda il mio video con
    il mio cane e bellissima ma non ho molti vizualizzazioni come devo
    fare?penso che se la merita vuole essere guardata Aiutami Grazie 

  29. bff “Lpslover” 101

    I am sorry you got mean comments like that. Why would they do a thing like
    that??!! My dog videos got no comments yet so i am pretty lucky about
    that.I think your dog videos are great ! Maymo is so pretty with her or his
    fur color ! Its like a pretty smooth fur color like my friends dog. I hope
    you make more videos! Do not listen to those mean comments. They are rude
    whoever is making those rude comments! Just please make more videos no
    matter what . I love your dog Maymo and i am now a big fan of you!

  30. Hahaha ?? 

  31. 0:17 OH SHI-

  32. LOL that surprised him

  33. 0:17 … Dog said … WTF!!!! I’m out! ahahaha!

  34. Hahahaha lol I can’t stop!!!!!!

  35. can somebody tell me what breed dog this is? 

  36. So cute

  37. He’s so happy! There’s always that one ball that smells a certain way and
    becomes their favorite.

  38. 1 ball: Yay a ball!
    2 balls: what?
    3 balls: what’s happening? This is weird

  39. Oh look a ball oh another one yay I want more where I…. Omfg

  40. when the balls were thrown he was like i am getting the hell outta here!!!

  41. Happy birth day

  42. Lshidmtamsfo ( hehe)

  43. Happy late bday

  44. is that a bird dog?

  45. LOLZ

  46. 1st ball: mine
    2nd Thank but I have one
    3rd this is getting weird
    4th fine I`ll take it but what is in that box
    100 save yourself ahahahaha

  47. what fun it is to watch your videos! 😉
    thx for the ideas when my four legged kids get bored.
    he is so blessed to have u and they are so cute & fun to watch!

  48. Elizabeth Mange

    You scared Him.

  49. Where did you get all the balls from? I know a dog that might love a
    surprise like this.

  50. Анастасия Чернова

    Классный песик!

  51. The tiny pitter patter of dog feet. :)

  52. Maymo’s face when the balls were dumped was priceless.

  53. Best idea ever

  54. That “run for your life” moment at 0:17 was priceless!
    Such a handsome boy!<3

  55. O the curiousity ?

  56. 0:16 lmao

  57. Mi fa morire dalle risate

  58. 1 ball: Ill get it!
    2 balls: another one 😀
    3 balls: ?
    100 balls: OH GOD RUN!!!

  59. Maymo looks so happy! I can’t wait to try something similar with my Beagle.
    Subscribed! :)

  60. Your beagles look so different to mine. Like with the body structure and
    all. My beagle had thick fur on her tummy, a thick not very flexible tail
    and is very billy…

  61. Lily & katies toy videos

    Thats. So. Cute

  62. Αλεξάνδρα Τουσούνη


  63. Dog surprised with 100 balls for birthday: Cute dog Maymo

  64. 1st mine
    2nd oh well i have this one
    3rd wait now which do I want
    before 4th oh crap RUN
    4th OMG it’s heaven and confusion town I have so many mixed feelings about

  65. 0:16 i love the look of “OH SHIT” on his face before he runs away

  66. Venice Maelan Sorino

    Maymo is scared

  67. ?????????????????

  68. Such a cutie! :3 You’re a great owner <3

  69. 0:16 “AH HELL NAW”

  70. 비추천은 누가했나 모르겠네..너무 예쁘기만 한대…

  71. xgyyyee. ft

  72. hahahaha the dog ? is making me laugh???

  73. Press 3 for ultimate enjoyment

  74. 0:16 I laughed so hard at this!!!!

  75. he is just so CUTEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. im with taht so cuuuuuuuuuute

  77. adorable xxxxxxxxx

  78. that is SWee4

  79. last last dia buka mata…

  80. He/she is so cute ! ;)

  81. พ

  82. Svetlana Topalovic


  83. Happy birthday

  84. BOOOOOOM!!

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