Dog turns roomba off

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Red Lab doesn’t like Roomba and turns it off


  1. Mischief Managed

  2. Shit, I’d turn it off too. Sounds annoying.

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  4. That girl should just vacuum the floor manually. lazy bitch

  5. Tsunayoshi Sawada

    I didn’t know roombas were so loud. Well that’s disappointing. I really wanted one

  6. Did anyone else doubletake at the thumbmnail because it looked like the dog had no legs?

  7. He stares at her like he thinking “but it’s loud tho”

  8. chesta just protecting it’s master from the robots

  9. “Mommy’s trying to vacuum, what are you doing?”…really?

  10. at the end the dog’s like yeah b I turned that shit off right in front of your ass

  11. it’s the end of the world guys…. Someone recorded horizontally ?

  12. “Mommy’s trying to vacuum”?

    America, ladies and gentlemen.

  13. I like how she says “mommies trying to vacuum” wtf lol

  14. I didn’t know Rumba’s​ sounded like a metal grinding factory

  15. “leave roomba on!!”
    **roomba bumps into Chester**
    **boops the power button**

  16. What type of dog is this?

  17. Dogs hear 50X better than humans and that shit sounds loud! Poor ?.

  18. Publius Cornelius Scipio

    Love her accent. Must be beautiful woman

  19. It’s a noisy sucka…I don’t blame him, lol!

  20. ・ロイドマークマ・ロイドマ

    “Mama is trying to vaccum” … give me a break.

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