Dog unlocks window, sneaks out of house

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These owners were curious to find out how their dog managed to escape out of the house, so they decided to set up a camera by the window. This is what they saw after looking back at the footage!

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  1. What a rascal, lol! And with all that whining you even feel sorry for the
    little guy! :D

  2. Disgusting how people leave dogs alone, they are pack animals. If you are
    not going to be there for them then don’t get one in the first place. 

  3. Really grant? So you say buy a pack of dogs? Really?

  4. Dude, really…so quick to judge. That dog will be just fine with a Kong
    and some toys. Why not go bash someone who is mistreating an animal rather
    then someone who has a camera set up watching their dog while away and OH
    BTW that melinois (think I spelled it wrong) is healthy and beautiful. So

  5. Charlie The beagle and Laura Olivia

    Prison break:Dog edition:D

  6. Is the dog ok?



  8. Wow people bitching about owners leaving their dog alone…Not everybody
    can live off of welfare for the rest of their life, people have jobs,
    leaving a dog for an hour or two is not going to do him/her no harm. We are
    pack animals as well, but we need alone time, a dog will not be with you
    all the time even tho you`re at home. They need space just as any other
    animal. it could be that he saw something outside, or that he needed to go
    to the bathroom. Leaving a dog for a couple of hours (no more than 4-5) is
    not going to do the dog any harm. 

  9. Stupid. Bitch this video you sharing letting everyone know that your a bad
    pet owner cuz your neglecting your dog bicth this ain’t about you trying to
    quit bitch if i came over with some do do you going to be want to smoke
    also again 

  10. Gee I wonder why he would want to escape from such a nice meth lab.

  11. Poor owner, poor dog. Owner needs to work but getting out of the house can
    be potentially dangerous for his dog on the other hand. Maybe they can keep
    the tv on and get him toys? 

  12. The comments on this video are ridiculous.

  13. Animals Are Human, Too.

    They needed a camera to find out how he was getting out? Seriously? Didn’t
    they find the window open when they got home? I’d think a video of his
    closing and locking it when he returned would have been more entertaining.

  14. Poor dog. Dumb owner.

  15. Барёк Марьков

    зачем держать дома такую тварь?

  16. Be free little doggy!

  17. People moaning about dogs being left alone make me laugh. This dog and
    millions like him live a pampered life that many humans, including myself,
    are jealous of.

    PS. This doggy is absolutely adorable. :)

  18. SimpleMindsAdvancedTimes

    So apparently people can’t watch a simple video without calling someone a
    bad owner or parent anymore. Holy fuck. None of you know anything about the
    owner or pet besides what was shown in this brief video.

  19. Man with all these comments about this being a bad owner i guess i am to i
    leave my pups for 4 hr every morning and 4 hrs ever night [two jobs] and
    man you should her them whine sounds like someones hurting them even though
    no ones home.. they have enough toys treats and a soft bed they just hate
    me leaving as the all baby sucks. If only my pets knew I had to work to
    have a home and food for them then maybe they wouldn’t cry so much

  20. smart dog


  22. My goat unlatches a pretty complex gate and gets out. 

  23. see now… I would start charging him rent!!!

  24. This is animal cruelty by the purest of definitions. Would you let a baby
    be stuck alone staring out a window?

    PETA and the FBI have been reported. May God have mercy on your soul.

  25. he wanted to go to the bathroom real bad

  26. dog sneaks out, burglar sneaks in.

  27. poor guy just wanted to get out and poo. nice job leaving the ladder there
    unattended too shmuck!

  28. I don’t buy it.

  29. The stupidity of the human race astounds me. Everyone claiming abuse are
    the dumbest people on the planet. No one can stay with their dog all the
    time. I guess the owner should just not go to work, or go grocery shopping
    ever right? guess everyone complaining have NEVER left their houses right?
    I wonder how you people provide for yourselves when you have dogs. Because
    if you left for ANY amount of time, that would be animal abuse right?
    Think about what you are saying people.

  30. fallenskateboarder99

    wow ‘grant kidd”, if every single person that would never leave a dog alone
    for at least a little bit from the moment the get them to death about 13
    years to 15 years later; that would be millions of annimal back in shealter
    or on the steets or dying, so keep your comemts to your self without first
    truly think about the scape of thing from such bold words. thats truly
    discuting to see millions of dogs without a home, so whos going to take
    care of them?you? probably because of all the time your sitting at thats
    computer annoying people with immature comments. love the video by the

  31. What have we learned from this video? A lot of people think a whining dog
    is a sign of a bad pet owner. I’d hate to see how the people in the
    comments raise their kids.

  32. Mister Profligacy

    Grant is my example why we can’t go 1 day w/o an idiot

  33. It’s possible to have a job and not keep the dog lonely. I drop mine off at
    daycare every morning on the way to work.

  34. Id rather risk getting hit by a car just to roam the street and sniff other
    dogs asses than be stuck at home all day if I was him. 

  35. What some dogs will do to get laid.

  36. What everybody doesn’t understand is that the dog was outside and he broke
    into someone’s home.
    Call 911 now !!!!

  37. Last person to like this wins…

  38. Anand Tsogtbaatar

    Can someone please tell me why some breed of dogs have pointed ears? Is the
    genes close to wolves?
    I need a scientific explanation.
    And what advantage/ disadvantage does the ears have?

  39. Aww♡

  40. I’d love to get in touch with the people that made this video. Their dog
    looks exactly like mine and is just as smart. I wonder if it’s one of her
    litter mates?

  41. Wow so quick to judge. You don’t know jack about the dog’s family. They
    don’t need to be with their dog 24/7. That is a real fact. Does your dog go
    to work with you all? Well some jobs they can’t. Get the f over yourselfs.
    Oh by the way this dog is awesome!!!

  42. Veritas et non Cognitus

    I hope he didn’t maul anyone

  43. Separation anxiety is sad to watch. ” (

  44. What pleasure did these people get in tormenting their dog just for a
    stupid video? It doesn’t look very well maintained either.

  45. can’t imagine if that was several stories up lol

  46. Hope u get him back

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