Dog Wants to Sleep More

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No matter what his owner did, this adorable pup did not want to get out of bed. He lazily tossed and turned under the blankets as his owner stared at him.

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  1. 734 people don’t have a heart

  2. The Yu-Gi-Oh Brony


  3. soups

  4. Awwww :3

  5. is that a corgi ??

  6. So cut ????

  7. sleeply head

  8. That was so cute

  9. They are watching Secret Garden!!!

  10. so so so cute

  11. its paws r pink? o.o

  12. Alexander Deguzman

    I feel like your breaking national law In china of no youtube in China

  13. Silver the hedgehog


  14. my brain just blew up………..:)

  15. “5 more minutes”

  16. He later called in sick from work.

  17. MrOrthogonalization

    I can relate to this on a work morning.

  18. E1ectr015 - King of Mars, Destroyer of Worlds

    On my homepage, this was right next to a video titles “How Much Power would
    it take to Destroy a Planet.”

  19. Cuteness Overdose (つ☯ᗜ☯)つ

  20. So cute

  21. I didn't comment on purpose or anything

    Inb4 this gets on Reddit

  22. how small is the puppy?

  23. ありくうりたる

    good night pupper

  24. And how did a dog sleeping end up in the trending list

  25. We wonder why this is even on trending….but we click on it anyway. Lol

  26. cute dog..

  27. so cute!!

  28. Are you sure this isn’t footage of me in the morning?

  29. I understand that dogs wishes

  30. Dogs dont sleep

  31. cutest thing ever

  32. Obi- Juan Kentucky


  33. this cute Motherfucker’s got a blanket too? shit, this is a cute video.
    don’t tell my niggas I said this

  34. that’s me every morning….love my sleep!!

  35. Caca caca.

  36. I was expecting a life hack after hearing the guy in the background.

  37. story of ma life :3

  38. Aww he’s cute but this video is kind of boring tbh.

  39. Me. This morning. Two hours later, sitting in front of my computer at work.
    Still me.

  40. oh my god!
    it’s so cute!!!

  41. me every morning

  42. This is me everyday

  43. I don’t know why these type of videos tend to get a lot of dislikes…what
    is there to dislike???

  44. the gaming empire games,and more

    So cute

  45. baby corgi

  46. What kind of dog is that?

  47. what the heck you guys !! And I’m pretty sure he’s not sleeping,he’s having
    a stroke …

  48. Your dog is dead.

  49. I wanna see it run in it’s sleep that would be cute.

  50. which breed ?

  51. whoever disliked this video are cold hearted people who hate dogs?

  52. Secret Garden!

  53. mf' top madam Jimin

    who doesn’t

  54. ░░░█▀░░░░░░░░░░░▀▀███████░░░░

    You thought I was gonna say “You’re a rebel, i like you” WELL no, bitch.
    you have to deal with obama’s forehead.

  55. Good video, bit short but still a cute pup.

  56. Pos aquí grabando mi perro para ser popu

  57. kawai :)

  58. all the pupper wanted was sleep

  59. That’s me every.darn.morning.

  60. ….dog is probably first stages of a seizure….low sugar

  61. Awwwww

  62. 汪汪汪


  64. Dat is cute

  65. <------- that is also a corgi

  66. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  67. its cute

  68. When it’s a school morning…

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  70. hola puedo usar el video para hacer un gif

  71. Sweet Puppy!?

  72. So cute! I have a dog too :)

  73. I have a YouTube Chanel abelmi Mena plz subscribe

  74. Say English OMG OK

  75. ‫عبدالله عبدالله‬‎

    ما هذا لا اعرف عن ماذا اتكلم

  76. For a second I thought he was dead and just twitching

  77. I’m gonna choose Funny or Cute? CUTE!!! Like he is the cutest dog ever!

  78. Captain FuzzyPants

    is that chihuaha pomerianian?

  79. that dog is super cute I love dogs that’s why

  80. so cute

  81. И чё теперь? Где боль, страдание… Котики?

  82. Sleep ang hing bing hahahahaha(:

  83. Anasthasia Tropina


  84. loved it

  85. I am going hunting for the idiots who disliked this vid???☠

  86. I want him..

  87. Secret Garden in the background!!!!

  88. How cute.

  89. Me on Monday mornings

  90. than beautiful

  91. than beautiful

  92. Justine Kwon (justine unee)

    Am I the only one who saw the title to this and saw the missed potential in
    its virality??

    “CORGI PUPPY WANTS TO SLEEP MORE” would have done much better!

  93. puppy: ” just five more minutes mom”

  94. Let him sleep

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