Dog Wants To Trade Baby Toy For Human’s Breakfast

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I Chose fantastic unique toy to trade in for my owner breakfast….and this greedy human gives me NOTHING!!!!
Hrrrrrr! Will try tomorrow again
Charlie quickly realizes that if he wants his human’s sausage and egg breakfast, he’s going to have to do some serious bartering. Luckily, he has a plan and quickly suggests a trade.


  1. Aww.. I missed my beagle 🙁 He lived for 14yrs 

  2. YoutubeUsername 13243

    its hard to believe that the dog has learned any form of commerce . prob
    not what its thinking 

  3. Mark Dave Manansala

    pick up the damn phone!

  4. That’s not even his toy!!!

    What a little con artist.

  5. How wise this dog is !! 

  6. Random angry Youtube comment about animal abuse. Ignorant comment about
    starvation, oblivious to the fact that most dogs will beg and some will eat
    themselves to death if given the opportunity.

  7. Anthony Pellecchia

    Cutest thing ever

  8. How is your dog so smart ALL MY DOG DOES IS IT SHITS AND PEES ON THE CARPET

  9. Good…. Now teach it to trade shares and do dividends on the stock market
    …. Your dog is a mastermind 

  10. You giff me mana, I giff you tango

  11. you should try being nice to your dog….why should it have to beg for

  12. Not that I am complaining or anything, but why are there so many
    negrophobic comments on this video about a cute dog? Just curious.

  13. beagles never fail to astound me with their intelligence 🙂 this totally
    made my day!

  14. The dog maybe just wants to play. First he wanted to eat but wasn’t aloud
    to eat…Then he said…ok, I can’t eat. Let’s play with this toy. 

  15. Wtf is up with all these “nigger” comments?

  16. That xig is so cute god bless him ??

  17. This is the first video where I saw a 4k resolution! So much HD!

  18. to Charlie and Laura, you don’t know what you videos mean to me. I have a
    beagle now after having my little best buddy pass a few years ago. I needed
    another beagle to bring the special type of joy only a beagle can. I also
    have three boxers ,and a Weimaraner, .I love all five of my dogs. But the
    constant clown is definitely the beagle. How lucky Charlie is to have you
    Laura, you can see that he is so loved.thank you for your kind words and
    for taking the time to respond to my comment. Not something you get often
    today especially with all the views that you have. God bless people like
    you. We need more of you in the world! I and subscribing to your channel,
    and look forward to more and more of These positive videos! Yours is also
    one of the few comment sections where everyone is positive and happy! The
    beagle I have now I adopted, this is my third rescue and why I advise all
    to adopt.So good folks reading this you can all get a little Charlie! 

  19. Remember Snoopy? Charles Schultz made a fortune drawing a daily cartoon of
    the famous Snoopy! It was centered around Charlie Brown (Peanuts) at first!
    So Art get to it, Charlie will be a hit!! Best of luck!
    Charles Schultz based ” Snoopy ” after his own dog “Spike”.

  20. Who else tuned into 4k?

  21. The kid’s all like. “Did this bastard just jack my toy?”

  22. cyrus.hudgens rockandroll

    This is so cute!

  23. I’m dating myself with that reference, haha. Carlie is doing what he is
    doing because he loves Laura! They are smart, sure they will take a treat,
    but the tricks he’s doing is to make Laura happy. Their bond is incredible!
    I love this site and am so happy I found it. I wish Art draws Charlie ,
    I’ll buy the book! 

  24. What’s are there so much black hate in these comments. What does race or
    “ni**er” have to do with this cute video?!!!!
    I feel sorry for humanity.

  25. Steven DallaVicenza

    Give him the eggs. Give him all of the eggs. Go fry more eggs and give them
    to him.

  26. this is very smart dog

  27. Share her breakfast…!!!

  28. My dog does the same but brings me toys to play with him, he doesn’t trade
    for food, just begs for it.

  29. Charlie you better change into the giant mutant spider dog and scare the
    food from your dad! 

  30. Someone pick up the phone!

  31. BelleoftheBall2night

    wow. he’s so smart… YOu couldn’t give that cute little doggie not even a
    piece of sausage? Dang.. youz one cold HUMAN. the baby is so cute he’s just
    playing. Well trained doggie. MOre videos please

  32. BelleoftheBall2night

    does anyone hear a doggone phone ringing. I can’t stand to hear phones
    ring. I guess they’re not home or at the office. NO vm no nothing. That’s
    sad. i love this video. It’s cute

  33. 好聪明的小家伙!我家以前有一只斗牛犬,也很聪明,不过已经不在狗世了,希望他在天堂安好

  34. What the fuck is up with all the “nigger” comments. It’s not funny, it’s
    immature. It’s an innocent video. Keep it that way.

  35. pick up the damn phone

  36. I thought I saw a finger….

  37. That HD. Damn!

  38. So cute! 

  39. What a Nigger.

  40. Childrenofworld2014

    too cute

  41. Nothing like slobbering dog saliva on your kitchen table while you eat.

  42. かわいい(≧∇≦)/

  43. I can’t tell you enough how much this video brings a smile to my face.

  44. He knows how to sit in a chair you taught your dog so well

  45. charlie is smart!

  46. why so cute! cant stop smilling

  47. Ah man, I love these dogs 🙂 

  48. Charlie the Beagle!
    America baby!

  49. The things Beagles will do for food. XD

  50. Why do you let our 🙂 when someone uses a racist word in your
    takes everything away from the channel and the sweetness of the dog.

  51. Byanca Cristina Holbrich

    Beagles are very inteligents… i love so much!

  52. Hence proved that beagles are awesome and have the potential to do business

  53. Next day: What about this baby? Can I have your food now?

  54. Wouldnt it be funny if the dog would pick up the baby for trade? XD

  55. Hahaha I love Charlie! He’s so cute! Very smart boy!! 

  56. jose hernan tatto heredia

    awww charlie. i would give you food.

  57. LOL no he didnt lol lol 

  58. CleoDita chiczazil

    ????????????????????????????????? I would
    give him the world!!!

  59. CleoDita chiczazil

    At least he is kind, mine would just ask for it… or surely
    DEMAND IT! mine do not change a toy of her for something…. Hahahaa

  60. Tiffany Covington (Tip)

    So cute and intelligent. He knows how to tuck in a baby, help assist to
    change a diaper, and bargain for food. He is do well trained. Can u please
    upload more videos so we can see Charlie and that beautiful baby girl? In

  61. In UT …2nd charly dog ….my best buddy ever.

  62. Não,não,não…que cretino esperto…nem sei se merece ganhar a comida ou
    uma sova de mordidas e palmadas nessa bundinha….

  63. Awww heart melted…i would have given him my breakfast and my
    wallet! Lmao

  64. Such a smart Dog. Already the concept of Barter system.


  66. Zingboy212 Gaming

    Mostly my cat would rob my food 

  67. I love that dog … :)

  68. Please tell me u gav him his breakfast aftr dis video

  69. Lol the dogs all like
    “Can I have it? Pweez? I’ll give you my toy…”

  70. so smart!!

  71. Seems a fair trade to me. i mean, you can keep the toy forever. Even after
    he eats his breakfast. later, when you are hungry, you can make new food
    and still have a toy. but the breakfast you traded, well, its gone. so…
    long term, I would go with yes… fair trade…

  72. holy cow…
    i am a third generation farmer and we have had hundreds of dogs on the farm
    for almost a hundred years..and they are smart workers and members of our
    family pack..and i have never saw a dog do that .
    nice trick…..?

  73. Lord Jesus what adorableness!! X-)

  74. so sweet!

  75. Are you eating a penis?!!!! :O

  76. RobloxianGirl Gaming


  77. Smartest beagle!!

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