Dog Whisperer: Trainer Walks Pack Of Dogs Without A Leash

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MEET leader of the pack Augusto Deoliveira, who can walk huge groups of unleashed German Shepherd dogs obediently at his heels. The magical dog trainer, 23, is a web sensation and turns heads wherever he goes – at the head of huge packs of dogs. Augusto lives in Hyannis, USA, but grew up surrounded by dogs on a farm in Brazil where he discovered he could lead groups of dogs with training. Now he’s wowing Americans as he walks through their towns and cities showing off the amazing feat. Augusto lives, breathes and sleeps with dogs as the head of his firm Griffin Shepherd Kennels. At the training kneels where he lives, he claims to be able to guide up to 15 free-walking dogs at the same time.

Videographer / Director: Laurentiu Garofeanu
Producer: Liam Miller
Editor: Ian Phillips / Sonia Estal

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  1. I wonder what would happen if someone attempted to mug this guy.

  2. The dogs don’t look frightened, and they look more afraid to disobey or
    make a mistake; they don’t want to upset the pack leader

  3. Heads lowered, ears pinned back, tail low, especially at 2:15… These dogs
    are anxious

  4. Must be rarely getting a pussy with all them dogs around.

  5. Damn right they afraid of him. He’s the leader of the pack. If them dogs
    wanna eat, they better make themselves useful. Nothing more annoying than a
    dog expecting free handouts and not doing a damn thing to earn it.

  6. I’m worried to see the dogs body language. They didn’t look relaxed like
    when cesar walk with his dogs.

  7. this is a sick man selling sick dogs very very sick man this dude needs to
    get a life omg

  8. Rhodes dogs are beautiful ??????

  9. How does he tell them apart they all look so much alike.

  10. i wanna see what happens when somone trys to attack him!

  11. why is is always these Latinos that are dog whispers

  12. No space for a human companion on that bed

  13. Omg this is so cool I want to train my 1 German Shepard like this

  14. Germans shepherds are really loyal dogs

  15. Let’s start a story once upon a time

  16. yes but hes is alone and single….

  17. 02:00 Idiot. Serious idiot. That’s what I hate about people. You NEVER
    fucking do that. You ask the owner if it’s okay, you never try and interact
    with a dog you don’t know. What happens if that dog would have bit his
    hand? He’d probably be fined AND possibly the dog could be put down, all
    because you think it’s acceptable to touch/interact with a dog that IS NOT
    YOURS. Idiot idiot idiot.

  18. I remember our first GSD, she helped raise our kids. She would keep them
    rounded up and go on alert if a stranger got too close to them. May she
    rest in peace. Our current GSD is just like me – a “grumpy old man”. He’s a
    joy though. And speaks three languages…

  19. Yea but what if they see a fuckin squirrel dart across the street??

  20. Squad goals, am I right?

  21. if you look at the dogs and how they act around him they are scared of him
    they are not listening to him because he is the dominant because he is kind
    they are scared of him because he is mean he locked them up and then they
    let them fight if you go to his Facebook page you’ll actually see videos
    that show him letting dogs attack his German Shepherd he feeds them the raw
    diet which I have no problem with but when you are picking up squirrels off
    the side of the road from roadkill and just straight feeding them to your
    dogs that can have rabies and so many other things that can make your dog
    so sick that they would have to be euthanized there is report of people
    purchasing his German Shepherd puppies and then being overly stressed and
    extremely sick he does not care about the dogs he cares about the money
    don’t believe a single thing that you see in this video I walk my dogs off
    leash but they trust me they see me as family not the master who owns them
    who beats them who scares them

  22. Recipes.Math.Fun.Challenges

    I’m getting a German shepherd pup soon ? do any of u guys have tips for
    me? ? I’m sorta new at this stuff

  23. Anyone can communicate with dogs this way. First they must understand that
    you are the leader. Secondly you must be a very calm person because Your
    dogs will emulate Your behavior. Lastly is a devotion on Your part to teach
    them whatever you want them to learn and not get angry with them if they
    have trouble with the behavior that you are trying to teach. He has a
    beautiful pack of Shepherds, they are probably the best dog to train,
    although Chows are very close. I just love dogs, they make such great

  24. Tenkative Powerful Dog Training is an amazing new system which discovers
    the powerful dog training secrets to eliminate over 30+ common behavioural
    dog and puppy issues with step-by-step instructions from one of the world’s
    most skilled dog trainers.

  25. gymnastkeiraandgaming xoxocrazyaboutgymnastics

    I’m going I do that with 6 dogs

  26. Gorgeous Pups!

  27. when you smoke weed for the first time

    something about this seems really sketchy

  28. I want all of his dogssssss

  29. guys thats my cuzzen

  30. German Shepard ?

  31. Sooooo, which dog is his girlfriend?

  32. I cried the whole video I love dogs so much

  33. pero`, anche a letto!

  34. That is amazing. Not everyone loves a dog but a dog loves everyone

  35. GiantFlyingMagicalDucks

    ain’t nobody fuckin’ with my clique

  36. And that house would be a 1000% guarded one step in get split into pieces

  37. Fellowship perfect

  38. German shepards are made to follow people

  39. Today = chooday To=choo

  40. lol whats he gonna do when they all start fighting each other?

  41. I see the string ?

  42. And the most important words: “I can spent time […] with them”. If you
    truly put in time and effort and give them clear structures and something
    to do right from the start any dog can become as well behaved as these
    dogs. You should just never stop training and spending time with them.

  43. org tok nang x pernah kerja ka?…..jaga asuk jak kerja kw,,,,

  44. He heard someone say “Dogs attract pussy”……..He took it seriously ^^

  45. That guy should not of put his hand out like that even if they seem well
    behaved. He was just asking to get bit.

  46. The Terry and Layla show


  47. He’s the bitch!

  48. Did he name his 6 dogs each after an ex-girlfriend?

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    com )Help me support her. Thanks Love love :)

  50. i love this guy

  51. when my neighbour and i were kids, we were waiting for the bus when this
    old guy came next to us with 6 dogs. He left them at the bustop while we
    went to buy bread. All 5 of them sat in a line looking Straight Forward. We
    were right by them trying to play but they ignored us and everything else
    completely ;-; till the owner came they left with him

  52. Victoria Jennifer Marin D'Angelo

    He also abuses his dogs by using one of the worse collars ever made. I
    train K9 for the military. Even the best train dogs will slip up and go
    after something. With That many dogs he is taking a HUGE dangerous risk.
    Dangerous for the dogs well being and dangerous for the people.

  53. TheAnimashfangirl

    Future goals <3

  54. Mısırlı asdqwe

    he is living my dreams

  55. That’s so easy, especially with german shepherds.

  56. Sam Loechtenfeldt

    I can’t even walk my one dog with a leash

  57. This guy torture his dogs. He uses shock collars.

  58. i once live with a white german shepherd in a rural area in New Zealand.

    the energy and power of the german shepherd are amazingly great. now i live
    with two mutts back home.

  59. toothless lakhdari

    like minecraft when someone attacks him LOL

  60. and everyone thought this dude abused those dogs, PFFT.

  61. all his time went to those dogs. sad

  62. I can’t even imagine having a hole pack of pugs like my pug. My pug is
    crazy! My family have invented a new type of running she developed,
    it’s called “Low Butt Running.” She looks so dorky when she does it.

  63. How would the dogs react when a cat appears?

  64. ApertureGovernment

    классные собачки!
    good dogs!

  65. imagine amount of poop this guy has to pick up..damn!!!!

  66. He beats his dogs !

  67. The dog on 1:06 is like when the weed hits

  68. 2:06 She probably does have a poodle, damn I hate that dogs

  69. TheArctiCraft - Games Galore

    Man if I had dogs like that I would sleep in a puppy pile every night XD

  70. He is wearing woman boots

  71. These comments are just ridiculous man… He does not abuse his dogs. ALL
    of my German Shepherds obey me just like these you see in the video. People
    like to say he beats and abuses his dogs because they aren’t use to their
    own dog being well behavior.

  72. Taking these dogs down a main street is for the benefit of the prick whose
    head is so far up his own arse he should be on a lead. Dogs are not toys
    that you show off to others you can control with a stupid look at what I
    can do stunt in a busy city. This prick is the kind of owner who gives
    other dog owners a bad name. In any busy city there will be people
    frightened of big dogs and frightened for their young kids so hey lets take
    a pack of german shepherds down there just to prove what !!! That the owner
    is more interested in himself than respecting the people around him or his
    dogs. I’ve had dogs for over 50 years including German Shepherds and have
    never seen such a sad sight. Controlling dogs is for little men who need to
    feel they have to control. Dog lovers who know and respect dogs would never
    even think about pulling such a dumb stunt. This guy is a disgrace to dogs
    and humans. Prick – serious Prick.

  73. i think what he does is the most awesome thing i have seen, besides ceasar
    milan & the only way you can properly train them is to put them & you into
    these situations, otherwise they are never properly trained well & this can
    lead to some problems, i can tell he has worked w/these dogs & they trust
    him implicitly.

  74. great training.

  75. What a very understanding landlady. However, an unleashed dog could easily
    get you a ticket in any city.

  76. I dont think I could purchase a dog that is that well trained. Its buying
    someone else s child. I would rather try and do it myself and whatever I
    end up with would, at least, be my dog.

  77. I love the dogs, i love your skills!!!

  78. What you didnt see was the shit mountain that was in his back yard. 1
    german shappered leaves a pretty heafty pile, but 6, fucking hell you would
    need climbing boots to sort it haha. still pretty cool training and nice
    dogs here.

  79. Elvin Redzematovic

    damn 6 german shepherds squad up love them

  80. wow i congratulate him. i cant even have my 5 month old pup to sit still
    for 1 min…

  81. this is dangerous

  82. I have a Golden Retriever and he’s nowhere near that trend. how do you pick
    which one gets to sleep with you?

  83. журналист

    He should do a reality show. I would watch it, and I hate reality shows.

  84. Snoring GamingGirl

    You are supposed
    to ASK.
    God I hate people.

  85. they can barely walk due to hip dysplasia. it’s obvious. he breeds them
    with 1 male the rest are female

  86. lol they all look the same too me :(

  87. Rihanna's Butthole

    this guy is a dog abuser, if u read about reviews of his training many
    people have claimed his dogs are abused and a lot have been starved, hit
    and yelled at to get them so submissive. go look at reviews online e

  88. All the dogs were walking in front of this bloke….. Whatever he may be,
    he’s no packleader, these dogs indulge him. This man is just the hand that
    feeds them, and he should be carefull with what he’s doing because one of
    these dogs WILL bite that hand. They allready are showing the signs of
    being the boss.

  89. I am a big fan of dogs

  90. Trontavious Jackson

    Ahh I wanna be a dog, they don’t need to work, got infinite amount of food
    and care.

  91. GORGEOUS Dogs and WHAT I WOULDN’T GIVE to be rich and live on 10 acres in a
    beautiful house with SIX beautiful, loving, and FANTASTIC German Shepherds
    like these guys & girls!! Oh MAN!!


  93. It’a nor “off leash” if their still on shock collars, or believe that they
    are on one.

  94. its a pain in the ass when you are trying to do something like he was doing
    and someone trys to pet them.

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