Dog Won’t Fetch but His Boy Still Loves Him

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This boy and his dog are the best friends ever.

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  1. EchoExtremefortheQueen

    Hail Satan!!!

  2. Nice;))

  3. No, you fetch

  4. Aww that puppy and little boy are so adorable

  5. Blossom Productions


  6. cute

  7. That hug tho!!! 

  8. Giovana Travaglia

    Oh my god!! :-)

  9. The dogs like Kill me and the boys like omg a puppy!

  10. This vid makes me wanna cry???

  11. All i can say is…AAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW

  12. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    Dog’s like “Learn how to shit in a toilet first, then we’ll see about
    taking orders.”

  13. when your dog has the face of a ying yang symbol 

  14. Hayley Jackson-Tilsley

    Dog is showing soo many signs of stress in this video. When you know dog
    body language, it’s not so cute.

  15. Plot twist the boy actually trying to choke a dog

  16. Dragon Gaming609 (dragongaming609)

    Love goes beyond play

  17. What breed is this?

  18. *Dog thought he was being filmed for an ad.*

  19. That’s an awesome white/black dog face.

  20. Dogs looks mad uncomfortable and on-edge …

  21. All the butthurt over the dog. The dog is fine, people. its not under
    stress. its showing submission. its a result of breeding and evolution. he
    knows where he fits in the pack. he’s ok with it. you can be too.

  22. So corny . Whoopee dogs do that all day 

  23. it goes to show you at such an early age, how dogs are truely mans best
    friend. They are truely loving, kind and affectionate creatures that become
    family members not just pets:)

  24. 아기가 호기심에 강아지 귀를 잡아 당기거나 막 만질 수도 있는데, 포근히 안아주는 게 넘 예쁘네요 아 귀여워

  25. This is so cute it’s stupid.

  26. This is so adorable.

  27. I love the dogs ‘YEN/YANG’ face.

  28. they are both so adorable

  29. Awwww c:

  30. Daniel Hernandez

    My girlfriend don’t fetch either and I still love her.

  31. JazzKeyboardist1

    A Little Rascal?
    Signed Pete the Pup

  32. That kid is barely smarter than that dog.

  33. Rodriguo Martinez-Alvarez

    Yo articulate lil fucker

  34. quadsnipershotp1lvl4

    But I’m allergic to adorableness 

  35. Gyahaha AndKyahaha

    awww so cute ^-^

  36. Soooo cuuuttee

  37. Why did this make me want to tear up?

  38. Dog is like, “Evolution complete.”

  39. glad the kid wasn’t asian Lol

  40. More like, dog is more advanced than boy, and knows he will get in trouble
    for biting boys face off!

  41. I cried when I saw this, I had a dog that looked almost like him (had a cow
    like pattern on him with the black and white) and he died recently and I
    tried to play with him the day before he was put down and I rolled the ball
    a little from him and he tried to get up to get it but couldn’t so I gave
    it to him and just cuddled with him.

  42. So cute

  43. He’s like “ugh fuck it. I love you anyway”

    Awww soo cute

  44. Oooo this is so cute!!! Thanks for sharing the vid with us; Jesus Christ
    Bless! :)

  45. sweet

  46. What type of breed is it?

  47. how can someone dislike this..

  48. I’ve overdosed on cuteness, send help.

  49. wowwwwwq

  50. 0:25 ‘Help me.”

  51. Just never leave the kid and dog alone together

  52. So my ….. heart just melted

  53. he obviously tried to choke the dog out…didn’t work so he ended up
    pinching him

  54. 0:23 kill me

  55. the dog is so cute.

  56. This is too damn cute *dies of cuteness* ??

  57. 74 people have no soul

  58. Awwwwww. so cute

  59. I think the dog just knows that he’s to young to bounce around 

  60. he’s so adorable x

  61. awww thats so sweet

  62. so adorbs!

  63. Well that’s the main thing, it doesn’t matter if your dog can’t play fetch,
    just as long as you love them, that’s all a pet wants, to be loved and
    cared for, no matter what

  64. my cuteness bubble exploded…anybody got a mop?

  65. Said the Dog, “I love you too, tiny human brother.”

  66. Very very cute! ????❤?

  67. so adorbs

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