Doggy Day Care: Igor The Dog Adopts Baby Animals

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A CARING canine is giving new meaning to the term “doggy day care” by becoming a surrogate parent to a range of animals including tigers, monkeys and a hyena. Igor the German Shepherd is helping to raise the animals at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation, a sanctuary in Miami, Florida. Owners Mario and Maria Tabraue brought Igor to the sanctuary in the hopes of him making friends with the baby animals – but little did they know the lovable pooch would become an unofficial member of staff, tending to the animals’ emotional needs. Igor recently befriended a tiger cub after he was rejected by his mother and the pair have since struck an unlikely friendship.

Videographer / director: James Lea
Producer: John balson, Nick Johnson
Editor: Jack Stevens

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  7. Hahah that’s so adorable ! Eagle is such an Awesome dog :D

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    lets play a game. what barcroft video made you sub to them?

  10. thank you for the work you do.

  11. Wow the hair on the guy’s arm just out of the world.

  12. I love how the dog gently bites the Tigers neck

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  16. It’s so awesome how different animals can get along when they grow up with
    each other. Igor is just lovely.

  17. Igor is a super cooool doggie – adorable pooch.

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  23. This is the cutest thing in the world. How the fuck would you dislike this

  24. Anyone else feel scared if they adopt a small tiger, they wake up the next
    day and its HUGE and ready to get breakfast…

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  31. warms my heart!

  32. This is tooooo cute


  34. I ♥ this channel

  35. AudemarsontheWrist

    I wish I could communicate with animals like they do with each other

  36. I dont like the new logo

  37. So cute!!

  38. when animals get along more than people….

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