Dogs and Guinea Pigs with No Hair: Hairless Pets

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Dogs and Guinea Pigs with No Hair: Hairless Pets

HAIR’S the latest craze sweeping the pet market – bald animals. Animal lovers with no time to hoover up hairs are turning to ‘skinny’ dogs, cats and even GUINEA PIGS. Some of the odd-looking animals have to wear t-shirts and jumpers in the winter and FACTOR 50 suncream in the summer. Diane, 51, from St Helens, Merseyside, who owns three skinny dogs, five skinny pigs and used to own hairless cats, takes pride in knitting funky outfits for her pets. However, even her fashionable creations can’t stop people from calling her pets ugly or mistakenly think they have been abused or in a fire.

Videographer/Director: John Pow
Producer: John Balson
Editor: Joshua Douglas


  1. Poor dog , cruella

  2. EW just EW

  3. aww

  4. Lillyanne Petersen


  5. I came for the cats, there was none, misleading title.

  6. I think they are adorable!

  7. aw they’re actually cute

  8. TUBByunderscore5000
  9. Strange looking women always have strange looking pets…

  10. Their cute

  11. How is she like cruella, she didn’t shave them, this breed are born like
    that. If anything shes accepting them for what they are.

  12. JeanClaudeFrenchie

    well, it must be cooler in the summer!

  13. Cesar Elkeshenty

    All 7 of them are really cute!

  14. deejayMEBBYromeo

    Cute overload.

  15. Or misreading the title, ha ha try again.

  16. They’re born like that…

  17. WhatAreYou aFuckingFNAFF?

    Has there been a fire with the owners hair? Lol

  18. LocsMadeByMe100%Free

    Hahah that was a good comeback, to a stupid comment lol .

  19. SWAG.

  20. I think they’re really cute! <3

  21. guinea pigs without hair —-> skinny pigs

  22. Awww :’]

  23. I think she sat on one of the skinny pigs

  24. okay , i didn’t understand what shes was saying so i didnt know if she
    shaved them of if they were born like that

  25. They are beautiful.

  26. It’s weird that so many people find hairless animals ugly. I mean, they
    have pink skin just like us

  27. There cute ^.^

  28. Oh my goodness that dog smiling at the end<3

  29. They’re Beautiful!!!! ^-^

  30. gross

  31. unadultr8dgeniuses

    They’re called skinny pigs. Oh my god. So cute.

  32. That’s true, no flees, reduced itching… a dog’s dream life! Except in
    winter time :X but hey, dog-sweaters are fine too.

  33. Dog Lovers For Life!!!! <3 ^_^

  34. wow, those might be the ugliest guinea pigs i have ever seen! cute how much
    she loves them tho 🙂

  35. they removed it. it was Dogs, Cats and Guinea pigs.

  36. Bald guinea pigs are called Skinny pigs!

  37. Skinny Pigs pahahaha brilliant

  38. They’re adorable! :3

  39. so she traded not wanting to groom, for outfits & sunblock & other sorts of
    care..o.O Im not sure anything was made easier with that trade-off


  41. Awwwwwwwwwwww adorable ><


  43. – aww ❤

  44. Skinny pigs?! Haha, nice

  45. Well, that takes care of the shedding problem!

  46. Some people might think they are ugly but they really dont know anything
    about them at all.

  47. Those dogs are really cute, especially their top hair ♥

  48. BackseatSerenade94


  49. funny they got long bangs!! LoL !!

  50. The owner and the pets have the same haircut lol!

  51. I wish my pets had no fur lol i cant even have a drink with out bloody fur
    in it -_-

  52. Awww!(:

  53. Omfg I’m dieing the cutest if too much the stand they are all soooo cute xD

  54. There adorable

  55. why just why

  56. Adorable really ?I’d rather take care of hairs

  57. Adorable! I really want those guinea pigsXx

  58. Theyre precious!!

  59. Aww!!! I have 4 dogs whit hair and 5 guinea pigs whit hair 🙂

  60. So cute

  61. Would you consider these little fellas without?!

  62. The hairless guinea pigs are so funny looking and adorable 🙂

  63. aww, so cuute! my mom has one hairless dog<3 the most beautiful ever <3

  64. I had a Chinese Crested, she was so smart & funny. I miss my girl so much,
    I dream of having another someday.

  65. they don’t have to have hair to be cute! they are adorable little animals
    and it shows in their personalities.

  66. So cute

  67. She can’t be arsed to hover so she perpetuates a stupid selective breeding

  68. actually skinnies have little hair; baldwin are completely hairless

  69. Hahaha so cute

  70. Nicole Heimbecker

    I used to have 2 skinny pigs, such cute loving things 🙂

  71. Cristina Castellano

    This video just made a smile on my face… <3

  72. The second I got to 1:08 I couldn’t stop smiling!! Too cute!!

  73. Or those people who are allergic can get a dog with hair, like a poodle. I
    mean I love these dogs and animals but, that was just a suggestion.

  74. I have two hairless guinea pigs, a skinny pig and a baldwin 🙂 im gonna
    start making guinea pig and pet rat care videos soon 🙂

  75. So cuteeee

  76. So cute!!

  77. At 0:42 u sat on the pig

  78. She almost sat on one!

  79. They r so cute

  80. xxpugsarefor lifexx

    I have a dog like that
    So cute

  81. Tape some hair on them!! pubes, anything…

  82. I want a hair less puppy!!

  83. do not use sun sreen on your hairless it gives them cancer

  84. Guinea pigs with no fur look kinda ugly

  85. They’re not that bad to be honest. I’d get one if it meant I’d give them a
    home and love.

  86. That one has Donald trump hair??

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