Dogs Annoying Cats with Their Friendship – Huffington Post

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Dogs Annoying Cats with Their Friendship – Copyright: Huffington Post


  1. ᑕYᗩᑎ “мιĸey” TIGEᖇᔕ

    This is cute. Sure on the beginning videos are dogs and cats being mean to
    each other, but closer to the end you see them making up and just cuddling.
    That’s the kind of relationship we should pay attention to

  2. Reminds me of my boyfriend lol

  3. Hey what’s the name of this song?

  4. I wouldn’t mind seeing a dog mauling one of them after they were being such

  5. Matthew Sutherland

    I almost cried watching this. 

  6. Алёна Викторовна

    Оооочень мило))))

  7. Venkat Ramanan Nambirajan

    There’s so much love in this video! If only men can be so affectionate to

  8. I could watch this video over and over, all day every day ;:)

  9. Trace zach daniels

    SO…awesome……much love.!

  10. Come on, i wanna be friends !!!
    “Why Don’t You Love Me?” 

  11. 1:15 and 1:29 is the best. hahaaha!!

  12. What is the song in this?

  13. 1:00 DOGE!!!!!!!!!

  14. 1:50 Dog: hey babe are you ok?
    Cat: get your hands off me
    Dog gets slapped

  15. my little kitty: friendship is stupi-arghhfggetoutofmyface!!

  16. Hope those little assholes are declawed

  17. As I’ve always said, cats are evil.

  18. That’s it guys. I have decided to adopt both a kitten and a puppy and raise
    them together to be best pals :D

  19. Name of the sound plzzz :(

  20. I love cats and dogs but I love more dogs because dogs are angels for us
    they love unconditionally that’s why I love dogs more??????

  21. This gave me feels. That’s not allowed. ;)

  22. Pause at 0:28.
    Best part of the video, hands down.

  23. I want to know the music track, please~~

  24. 1:39 was not love. That bastard cat wanted to rip the dog’s head off.

  25. What is the name of this sound track?

  26. umm yay some people like u are more anoying then any dog ive hade cnt

  27. and that’s why i hate cats

  28. And there you just saw what happens when i meet girls…

  29. I didn’t know cats are assholes until now

  30. Yui vs Yukino

  31. 1.43 – grey cat pushes Mini Schnauzer off sofa… conclusive proof cats
    have no soul.

  32. typical family.. sometimes they argue and sometimes they hang out.

  33. uh one reason i hate cats is cause they are mean

  34. pussy licking dogs

  35. soundtrack’s tittle??

  36. This video and music are impressive. The video reminds that sometime even
    though I’m so mad at you but finally I love you though. The music’s tempo
    from the beginning to the end says the same. (from cats say)

  37. Please someone who is music?

  38. cute

  39. 2:42 “That’s it..i’m joining you”

  40. The cutest thing I have ever seen in. my. life!

  41. I had to stop watching. Too depressing! lol

  42. Dogs: “Cone Cat, Come On let us play. We can have a lot of Fun and can
    cuddle and bringing sticks and and …:D”
    Cat: “Dafuq leave me alone bitch.”
    Just kidding ^^

  43. i like dags.

  44. I think men can sympathize with the dogs. I think they get a lot of that at

  45. cats are cunts… cant stand them.

  46. nice compilation

  47. 1:49 the best of all!!! xD

  48. what’s the song title?

  49. wow lovely video

  50. Mitsuki Ting (Animelover)

    lol dog be like “notice me, senpai!” XD

  51. I am forever the cat in these types of situations.

  52. cats love dogs 2 :)

  53. Lets face it, this is a metaphor for guys dating chicks.. dont mater how
    hard you try, you are always doin the wrong thing and have to accept that
    sometimes she just aint into you….. when you finally reach that nirvana
    at the end where you can just lie together in complete relaxation.. thats
    the right girl

  54. Lizzybee The Adventurer

    What’s the song?

  55. What’s the name of the Mumford & Sons song playing in the background?

  56. Cats are evil!!

  57. I think often dogs see the cat as part of the pack and get frustrated when
    they don’t “follow the rules.” And cats are independent so they get annoyed
    with dogs trying to control them. But just like family members annoy the
    hell out of each other sometimes, I think they consider each other family
    in most cases. It’s funny and cute though most of the time hah

  58. If you by friendship means being an asshole, then sure.

  59. .28 cracks me up the way he’s tall but gets low so he can peak up at the
    cat ? Adorable

  60. 1:49 – “STOP IT!” **slap**

  61. melted at 1:20

  62. whats that music please its awsome

  63. some of this is so sweet! ^_^ ♥

  64. 1:00 DOGE!

  65. Great video! I like the ending and I loved that you included all the
    sources on the bottom.

  66. I like cats better, they are very calm for me.

  67. cats are dicks

  68. vidjo

    me. seks

  69. 1:57
    When you try to win bae’s affection.
    But bae be too sassy. ????????

  70. Quand on veut-être aimer!

  71. Aww! ?

  72. 1:04 shiba inu spotted. A.K.A. The infamous DOGE!

  73. Girls on they’re period and they’re boyfriends.

  74. My love for dogs is only equalled by my hate for cats

  75. at 1:00 its a real life doge

  76. “C’mon, let’s be friends! Let’s be frieeeends! I wanna be friends!”

  77. I really enjoy watching these cats and dogs loving and some times the cats
    slapping the dogs away….So Funny..
    I have a question for anyone with a reasonable answer…I said reasonable
    and sensible please. How do you deal with the shedding of these pets. I
    would like to have pets like these, but I don’t think I can keep up with
    all of the extra cleaning due to shedding and messes that they make. What
    do you do about this issue?

  78. 1:17 looks like my cat sparta….who vanished. Hmm

  79. Can someone please tell me what kind of Dog that is @ 1:03 Min? 🙂
    He so cuteee *^_^*

  80. Dogs are like goku,
    Cats are like mother fuckin vegeta lmao

  81. Hello!I live in Ukraine,i very want friends with you.Who wants to be
    friends with me, you write them in the comments.

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