Dogs enter Howling competition, 5 month old wants to battle.

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This is a video of our yellow lab and chocolate lab that constantly get into “howling battles” over who is louder and more ridiculous. They do it so often that our son has decided to join in the war. Enjoy.


  1. the last Airbender hahahahah

  2. Oh my goodness that is absolutely precious

  3. Vertical Filming is the Devil!

  4. I bet your neighbours love you

  5. Hipster dad is too damn hipster to show emotion.

  6. i bet u are going to be on ellen :)

  7. If I had dogs making this much noise they would be buried in the back yard!

  8. That was great!!! I have been very sick and you just made my day!!! ?

  9. Their howling is their way of telling you to change his diaper.

  10. Were you raised by wolves or somethin’?

  11. Tokugawa Heavy Industries

    What a smart kid. At five months he picks up on what the dogs are doing and
    tries to imitate it. I’m positive I didn’t have this kind of cognizance
    when I was 5 months old.

  12. “The Call of the Wild”.

  13. Am I the only one who see the baby as the Avatar?

  14. LOOK AT THAT CUTEST BABY IN ALL THE LAND!!!! also, Good job making that
    baby Rarry and Allison

  15. Thats so cool

  16. I played this video and my Lab was very interested. She even started
    howling and she never does that. It was like she understood some secret Lab
    language these dogs where speaking.

  17. The baby is so cute

  18. Evolution at its finest.

  19. Oh … Sooo cute !

  20. Thanks dad

  21. The dogs are obviously under a lot of stress. This is animal abuse. Trust
    me, I’m a YouTube comments graduate.

  22. hahahaha awesome

  23. cute dogs

  24. My head just exploded from the “cuteness”…

  25. that was so darn cute

  26. Hhhhoooowwwlllll

  27. He has an angel kiss :)

  28. That little baby’s face is so cute – he wants to be part of the pack !

  29. Your baby sounds like a little wolf cub. :-)

  30. awwwwwww!

  31. Monkey see. Monkey do.

  32. Blazingheart of forestclan

    I’m curious, who normally wins? the yellow lab or the chocolate lab?

  33. Ruined by vertical filming

  34. Idk but dog’s howl give me the chills down my spine. Also where i come from
    dog’s howl is a sign that they see a ghost.

  35. That’s a very empathetic baby. Very sweet.

  36. Cute baby and dogs ?

  37. the comments escalated very quickly…over a baby howling…hmmm…and I
    thought I had a little pecker

  38. Dogs are awesome creatures, mans best friend.

  39. ❤Kitsune Goddess❤


  40. Man, I bet your neighbors deeply, sincerely, honestly, strongly, can’t get
    enough, from the bottom of their hears, love you.

  41. Calliope Stephanides

    SO CUTE!!! :3 They make me happy-cry. T^T

  42. Funny vid, always nice to see a pair of chubby cheeks, Brought out the big
    dogs, lol

  43. So damn cute!

  44. so adorable

  45. O my gosh…..I think I died by cutness…I literally can’t feel my pulse!

  46. i can see a real life mogli in the making, been raised by a unusual (but
    cool) bearded dad and lots of howling dogs :D

  47. Ellen *heavy breathing

  48. I’m soooo sorry to hear about your child! I hope for the best for you and
    your wife. I couldn’t even imagine how it would feel if my child wanted to
    be a dog. Heartbreaking.

  49. he’s going to grow up and be a wolf just like his father

  50. TheMumblingDumpling

    *He has a heart of a wolf!*

    A very, very small wolf!

  51. I don’t envy your neighbors.

  52. Baby figured it sounds like fun he wanted to get in on it

  53. if you held your camera horizontally you would get both your baby and your
    dogs all in one shot…


    I thinks its a sign that the cute baby has singing abilities. Lets check
    back in a few years and see it the baby has been singing around the house.

  55. This is the single most beautiful vid I have ever watched ! Ha

  56. he…he is the chosen one!

  57. This is so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  58. The kid is scared he don’t want to “battle”!

  59. one million views in 5 days??? WTF???

  60. bet the old lady loves that

  61. Aaawww, so :-)! :-)




    got funnier videos on my channel

  64. get rekt

  65. absolutely the sweetest Aweeeee video ever

  66. That’s funny!

  67. So cute! We have watched this 5 times! Thanks!


  69. Wow. This is incredibly cute.

  70. 177 cats dislike the video

  71. Aww what a cute baby future redneck


  73. Cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

  74. ChristinaAnn Dalton

    Okay, the baby getting in on the howling is just adorable.

  75. ADORABLE!!!

  76. Jordanian Arabian PRINCE

    the baby is tarzan

  77. #parentingwin

  78. can we have more videos of your cute baby. Wow I laughed then I cried. this
    is so cute and so amazing

  79. Excellent Dad. very good a competition.

  80. This is the cutest thing I ever seen, sorry doggies that baby has you beat
    with the howling.. ?

  81. Can’t think of a reason why someone would dislike this vid.

  82. The Lone Fallout Wanderer

    they are having a freestyle battle

  83. Omg The baby is SOOOOO CUTE!

  84. between dad’s beard, and the kid learning to communicate from howlin
    dogs…..poor lil guy is gonna grow up to be Tarzan in the city..

  85. nice beard

  86. What a beard are my thoughts on the video.

  87. Git gud kid, you ain’t even on their level.

  88. Cute lil guy in on his way to being big dog…..
    All that’s missing is a kitty that will join in too…..

  89. Haha that’s the best

  90. now if you can just train one of them to turn the phone sideways.

  91. I watch this every day. not like creeper style but even with a kid of my
    own this is the cutest thing i have ever seen

  92. petit loup-garou. kkkk

  93. too cute!

  94. that baby was so cute

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