Dogs vs. Talking Pizza Prank: Funny Dogs Maymo & Penny

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Dogs vs.

Owner pranks dogs with talking pizza. Funny dogs Maymo & Penny are surprised to find a talking pizza in the dining room and are adorably confused. The pizza asks the dogs to have a pizza party but the cute dogs run away, understandably distrustful of the talking pizza.


  1. Good doggies! BAD pizza!

  2. lol you guys crack me up where in the hell do you get all these
    toys/gadgets, etc.

  3. .






  4. I love how he gave a look that said: “Mom, this pizza tastes awful”

  5. Charlie The beagle and Laura Olivia

    you have to love beagles :)

  6. lawl silly dawgys

  7. The face on that pizza is the stuff of nightmares 0_o’

  8. Get it, Penny! Get it!

  9. That’s almost weirder than the Eraserhead movie. ROFLWTIME

  10. Did it smell like pizza? Looked good!

  11. Maymo and Penny’s lives must be like one perpetual acid trip.

  12. That was pretty warped. Penny was far more disturbed by it than Maymo, he
    took care of the problem as usual.

  13. Penny is too brave for words.

  14. You and Maymo and Penny made my day. I laughed so hard. How do you come up
    with talking pizzas?? Thanks

  15. LOL! Maymo saves the day. Now I want pizza!

  16. I just had a bad pizza delivery situation but I still tipped. Oh
    pooh…bite the pizza

  17. I was waiting for this video after I saw the Instagram post with that
    absurd pizza. It was everything I had hoped for and more. Nice job Maymo!

  18. He got you :))

  19. maymo the brave defeats the crazy pizza thing.

  20. so funny and cute

  21. Another great video xx

  22. what where how. creepy

  23. “Eat me!”
    Maymo: “OK!”
    Penny: “I don’t like it!!!!”

  24. There. The best

  25. So cute and funny

  26. Clearly not N.Y. style

  27. That is the scariest thing I have ever seen in my life.

  28. Smart Penny wasn’t fooled for a second :)

  29. “Please eat me!”
    “NO! Don’t eat me!”

  30. Love this! Penny was being so brave!

  31. What breed is this dog?

  32. That is one creepy pizza!

  33. Spookylady InSanDiego

    Such pretty dogs.

  34. When I was a kid, my nickname was pizza face.

  35. the pizza is aggressive

  36. This is hilarious! “Please eat me! No, don’t eat me!”

  37. This reminds me of that one Jimmy Neutron episode.

  38. haha so funny silly guy under the table*pizza goes flying*what the fuck

  39. I ilke maymo

  40. Great now I want Pizza thanks. Now where did I put my car keys at. Ah fk it

  41. That’s so stupid ! They are just playing, hearing the sound of their owner,
    not a prank anyway !

  42. crackrockcandy

  43. where can get one of those sharks?

  44. omg I laughed so much when I watched this expecially at 0:14

  45. Pulling pranks on animals pretty lame

  46. aw maymo was like yum yum yum at the talking pizza

  47. What kind of dogs?

  48. hahahahahahaha I like when the dogs got scared where the pizza screamed

  49. the ending was hilarious

  50. Where are people argentina???

  51. That pizza is scary as fuck oh my god

  52. ??

  53. Just found this channel & subbed. Maymo & Penny beyond adorable !

  54. Omg lol the dogs are going crazy

  55. That so funny

  56. LaiBen Taylor (Rainbow sheep kingdom)

    Reminds me of that one episode of jimmy netron.

  57. Gabriel Lamberson

    Maymo is cute

  58. you people are god dam sick.

  59. Hahahahaha best channel

  60. Bella&diuridia Chiuz&Corral

    The pizzas face looks so fucking creepy

  61. Bella&diuridia Chiuz&Corral

    The pizza creeps me out

  62. soooooooooo funny

  63. Pizza party!!! Love it!

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  65. I watch these videos when I am having a rough day….these are awesome!

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