Domesticated 7ft Bear Lives With Russian Couple

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This family is un-bear-lievable! Meet the household that sits down to dinner with A BEAR at the table.

While Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko, from Russia, might seem the ordinary couple, but for their 23-year-old bear named Stepan.

At more than 7ft tall, Stepan is so domesticated that the family have been known to sit down in the evenings to watch the television together and he even steps in to help with household chores by watering the plants.

While Stepan gets through more than a bowl of porridge a day – he chows down on 25kg of fish, vegetables and eggs – his favourite dish is a can of condensed milk thanks to a sweet tooth.

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  1. 0:14 she’s like F**k off dog, it’s bear time now lol.

  2. one day that bear is going to get angry and attack its owners, i hope not
    but wild animals are unpredictable :

  3. Big bear = big poop.

  4. why can’t white people just leave animals in the wild

  5. He looks so indifferent. Like those people you do a lot of favors for
    trying to gain their friendship but they always seem so cold about your
    favors you know?

  6. this is the most russian thing i’ve ever seen

  7. ApocalypticAztec


  8. … until he tears someone’s face off

  9. They wont be saying its cute when it seriously injures someone the bear
    should goto the zoo

  10. Rage Hazard (H4zZRD)

    bears are like big fluffy dogs

  11. jay “ogbobbydilmer” yay

    thats just an expensive dog

  12. He looks malnourished.

  13. Undertale Trash

    Imagine cleaning up after that bear. Jeez…

  14. Well if any place is going to successfully domesticate its bears it would
    be Russia

  15. Hey look! It’s Bearing!

  16. Someone show Joe Rogan this so he can have a heart attack


  18. The dog is like the cat in this story. The dog can get away with murder.

  19. Animals living with animals. Is this supposed to impress me?

  20. сергей андреев

    мы такиие
    у нас таак

  21. so cuuuuute

  22. They better not forget to feed that bear because he’ll fuck up the owners
    if they do

  23. Poor Dog, being ignored like that. SMH

  24. In Mother Russian you do not domesticate a 7ft bear the 7ft bear
    domesticates you

  25. The smell must be unbearable. Ha?

  26. Wonder if this song will be played in their head when limbs are gonna be
    torn off.

  27. If the bear goes wild will they have to send it to the Cincinnati zoo to
    kill it?

  28. Can we have a follow up video when the bear kills them?

  29. If this thing has cubs I call dibs on its first born!

  30. This is cute until you’ve seen the revenant…

  31. Up next on your Autoplay: Russian Couple Mauled by 7ft Domesticated Bear

  32. why does the dog get no fucking love?

  33. Mary Anne Selvey

    Sooooo cute!!!

  34. adorbs but it still has instincts and it’s not fully domesticated.

  35. Бек Шейхзаде

    Umm… is this even a russian bear? I mean why they don’t drink vodka?
    Something is wrong here

  36. Wait till he gets a toothache and with a swipe of his paw lops someones
    head off or just does it anyway cause he doesn’t know his strength.

  37. Meanwhile in Russia…

  38. Sooner or later that bear will turn on that couple RIP

  39. He’s adorable???

  40. Just like the movie Open Season

  41. In Russia, 7ft bear domesticates Russian couple.

  42. did anyone every consider this to be the retarded bear of the bear

  43. Interesting…

  44. Nick the Sick Tick

    1 day later
    bear shot for attacking 4 year old who wandered in families backyard

  45. Love how she kicks the dog away when they are lying with the bear lol.

  46. Maybe we should have the Cincinnati Zoo shoot it since it’s clearly posing
    a danger to children.

  47. It’s like a time bomb bound to explode but you don’t see the countdown

  48. william martin (xSTANLEY22x gaming vids)

    only in russia

  49. I really want to see the bear now

  50. 0:15 she kicks the dog how sad

  51. just dont let it eat “NIGHT HOWLERS”

  52. Domesticated my ass. You just think it is. Seems like a sweet heart… For
    now! DUN DUN DUN!

  53. didn’t know bears had pets now. hopefully he remembers to feed his humans
    or they might run off, or even attack the bear.

    I’m all for pets; however, I don’t think having wild animals like humans is
    a good idea.

  54. Dely Unofficial

    So the bear eats porridge? Does he have his own chair and bed as well?

  55. Rorey Alexander

    That’s cool

  56. god damn Russians
    always having to be badass and shit

  57. God Save The Tsar!

  58. I want it

  59. Ohh hell nawuaaaaah

  60. Is it me or is he like an oversized dog

  61. she kicked the dog bro. wtf

  62. How the revenant should have ended

  63. How old is he? Has he reached maturity yet? I wonder if/when that takes
    place will that will make a difference.

  64. wow what a cute puppy ?

  65. Does this surprise anyone? Russians are the most badass people on earth.

  66. lance1499 #RipCoD

    Is that thing full size or is it still growing?

  67. just wait till it’s true instincts kick in… same thing happened to the
    family who thought their lion was tame and things when things turned

  68. Will eat later.

  69. Just another Tuesday in Russia

  70. The Majestic Turtle

    A rare case at most but still awesome. I pray good health for them.

  71. He is like a huge dog?

  72. imagine e the burglar unfortunate enough to break into this couple’s home.

  73. “gets killed social media blames the animal” gtfo bears are not pets.

  74. It’s only a matter of time…

  75. once again proving Russians are so much more badass than the rest of the

  76. If they want to live, they’re gonna have food with them at all times. It’s
    not “domesticated”, it just has a full stomach.

  77. Michael Ledford

    Most the comments made by people completely ignorant about animal behavior
    patterns , and with zero experience raising and living with carnivorous
    wild animals are pathetic attempts at humor .

    We’ve raised and lived with 3 wild carnivores that matured alongside our
    children , and dozens of aggressively trained american bulldog working
    animals , not once in the nearly 14 yrs has a human been attacked or
    injured , however the wild coyote population has taken quite a hit in
    population , much to the happiness of our neighbors who’s house pets are
    much safer without coyotes .

  78. In Russia the couple live with the bear NOT the bear living with

  79. Randy Butternubs

    That’s not domesticated, that’s tame. If they bred it with another bear of
    similar qualities in the hopes that the offspring would have those
    qualities as well, then the offspring would be domesticated.

  80. Is that a chihuahua?


  81. Russians have no chill

  82. These people are beyond stupid. Someone get a hydraulic press. That bear
    could attack at anytime.

  83. Let’s see the video where the couple goes on a 3 day vacation, forgets to
    feed the bear, then arrives back home to feed the bear. I wanna see that

  84. they gave him honey …because he gets cold at the winter

  85. He looks like a spirit bear.

  86. Just a normal day in Russia,I mean what do you expect,something not
    extreme? :)

  87. waffle lover 63

    she kick the shit out of the dog

  88. russia..

  89. Stephan Fagundo

    In Soviet Russia, bears raise you.

  90. BPLNothingChannel

    Another childless couple goes nutty.

  91. borrowed time…..

  92. Richard Quinones

    now that’s a cool bear

  93. Just gimme my $200

    0:12 That dog seems like the only one with some sense in that house.

  94. Keep it off the vodka. My bear has a drink problem. He visits the local pub
    on his own. And I have to pay his bar bill!

  95. I thought all Russians were bears on unicycles.

  96. Can I have one please..?

  97. Can I have one please..?

  98. This is so awesome

  99. They look so freaking cuddly tho

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