Donkey In A Hammock

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August 10, 2015 – Gôiania, GO, Brasil
Leo, the donkey , loves his daily hammock time.
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  1. This is Pornhub for muslims.

  2. where did you get the donkey from?

  3. This made my day

  4. subscribe to my youtube channel!! :)

  5. He looks like a real ass

  6. Can I pet your ass? :)

  7. Is that a donkey in your hammock or are you just happy to see me?

  8. They ate him later that day.

  9. I wish all animals were treated like this! Too cute❤️

  10. who doesn’t like to see asses swing side to side?

  11. it’s a burrito burrito

  12. Why is this going viral? I mean its cute, very cute, but… rlly…. viral

  13. That woman’s voice lol

  14. Happy Donkey…tail wagging like crazy.

  15. He knows how to live

  16. OMG…I love donkeys their so cute!!

  17. stop smoking weed wit da donkey

  18. It knows it’s being talked about, like a puppy 🙂 Wagging it’s tail when
    their voices get high pitched lol

  19. Lazy ass

  20. awww Leo brasilero <3

  21. So this is what Dunkey does in his spare time…

  22. Plot twist, they ate him.

  23. ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙) YES DONKEY

  24. Least he’s enjoying it. It’s gonna get it’s ass kicked out of the hammock
    in a sec

  25. Some guy on the internet you barely even know but still got into a huge flamewar with.


  26. Okay, I guess my argument is invalid.

  27. I want one

  28. This Donkey Looks So Chill In A Hammock

  29. ‘Burrico’ !!!

  30. Jackass! Always laying around doing nothing.

  31. πολύ όμορφο … θα ηθελα να είμαι στην θέση του γαϊδουράκι :)

  32. Hahahaha! It’s a giraffe!!!

  33. What an ass.


  35. did not know it wiggles…

  36. They really nailed the title of the video.

  37. ” Cute “

  38. KASHIF

  39. Early stages of astronaut training.

  40. swing dat ass

  41. I agree lazy donkey.

  42. Encouragement Bunny

    I discovered Donkey’s look ridiculously cute when they are little!

  43. so cute! he is well loved! ♥

  44. Donkey is being a real ass taking the whole hammock.

  45. This is a preview from the makers of Goat Simulator, comes the all-new
    Donkey Simulator

  46. I would rock dat ass

  47. This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Lazy baby. Tbh, I thought it was
    dead in the beginning. Lol

  48. What a jackass.

  49. i wish i had a donkey so whenever my parents say “get your ass over here!”
    ill just give them my “ass”

  50. Владислав Хуторной

    that`s why i`m vegeterian

  51. He is chilling…

  52. i smell weed

  53. saludos desde Ecuador :p dedito arriba (y)

  54. Somebody’s ass in a sling.

  55. Paola Requejo Salaxar

    que tiernooooooooooooo


  57. Typical Ass in a sling….

  58. Awwww so cute I really love how he moves his tail❤️❤️❤️

  59. Hi I’m Johnny Knoxville we’ll come to jackass

  60. Im surprised , its not from Mexico .

    Btw I love Mexico !

  61. Soooo cuuuuuttteeee

  62. very spoiled

  63. That is too funny!

  64. This is one of my best “feel good” videos of all time.

  65. Is that a donkey sleeping his ass off ?

  66. Talk about having your ass in a sling!

  67. I never knew donko made a face reveal video.

  68. What a lazy ass.

  69. This is not a usual animal people would post up especially not in this

  70. I feel like “donkey in a hammock” is a Mexican song.

  71. He just wants the noisy humans to shut up

  72. TheStarWarriorHorse


  73. Querido!! Lindo vídeo.

  74. chilling out!

  75. Now that’s a happy Donkey.

  76. I love his lazy smile! Sweet spoiled little donkey ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  77. Rosie Ruiz (Olympic Medalist)

    Aw hes a cutie

  78. So adorable <3

  79. poor donkey, that loud women wont let it sleep

  80. السيسي لما يدلع

  81. I wish there was a way to make this my screensaver

  82. What a sweet mini donkey

  83. This donkey is so adorable! Donkeys are my all the time favourite animal *_*

  84. Que Lindo animalzinho .
    Parabéns pelo carinho que os senhores tem para com ele .
    Que Todos neste mundo aprendam a amar e a respeitar este animalzinho
    inocente .
    Deus ilumine e proteja a Todos .
    Amém .

  85. Don't look at my picture

    That ASS though?

  86. Now that is one content donkey.

  87. I bet it’s last name is da Silva…………………lucky guess.

  88. I’m in love wit dat ass. Seriously tho. ♥️

  89. damn it i want a pet donkey now!

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