Double Amputee Cat Flying Handstand

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Boots is a double amputee cat that was saved from euthanasia at just 10 days old. Life is hard for any orphan kitten, but even harder for a kitten with just 2 paws. Her blue “house slippers” were made by OrthoPets in Denver, where she will continue to receive care for her “disabilities”. In our opinion, she is not handicapped in the least bit! You can read more about Boots’ story (and donate towards her care!) at

Also shown on Buzzfeed


  1. Another example of feline awesomeness 🙂

    Going viral in 5…4…3…

  2. Sweeet!

  3. Yay Boots!

  4. so adorable~

  5. KuiMiZi 葵米籽

    SO COOL!

  6. 我女朋友家的猫,少了一个前腿,还能爬树。。。

  7. Why can people not, in 2014, turn the phones 90 degrees when taking video?

  8. Please post more videos of your amazing cat! Wow. :)

  9. So nice 🙂
    love all the cats around the world. :*

  10. Although I like her moves very much, it doesn’t stop me from being
    concerned. Have you talked to the vet about the strain on Boots’s vertebra
    when she walks like that?

  11. Yes, she has recently visited the veterinarian, and we will be pursuing
    surgery to correct the bones, and new prosthetics to help re-align her

  12. Thanks for giving Boots a good home. She clearly knows how to master stairs
    like a little trooper. Also, those little blue boots are adorable.

  13. That’s cute, it looks like she is figuring things out.

  14. Francisco Sayan

    if the cat was over-straining his back going down the stairs, he would stop
    doing it. As anyone who has strained their back knows, you can feel it
    coming on, and when it’s there it hurts like hell and teaches you to stop.
    Besides, he was down in 2 seconds.

  15. Awww~ Like a BOSS. XD

  16. I clapped, Such stair skills

  17. this is so full of win

  18. John Malaihollo

    This is so hilarious and awesome. #keepgoingstrong amazing. And thanks for

  19. so lovely. true.

  20. Nanastasia Welnick

    Need more of Boots, the amazing handstand kitty? Follow her on

    <3 Your #1 fan

  21. Joanne Tsikelas

    You keep it up lil boots!!! 

  22. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    This is why I support dildo recycling programs.

  23. Damn you hungry Asians. 

  24. A Cats ability to adapt is second to none. Natural born Ninjas.

  25. Super respect!!!! Plus she is soooo cute :)

  26. Tamar Arslanian (I HAVE CAT)

    Bless you for rescuing her. THANK YOU! 

  27. Stupid!!!!

  28. ._______.

  29. Super respect for this people that gave this cat a change to live…..

  30. O.O 

  31. am i bad to laughing at this?

  32. That’s it. Cats will walk with 2 feet and take over the world.

  33. SuperLeft4games


  34. is someone smokin’ a bong in this vid?

  35. First reaction: Woaaaa……………… hahahahahahaahha… what just
    happened? * replay *

  36. Dat laugh tho
    “Yeah hehehe hahahaha”

  37. Pedro Miguel S. Aguiar


  38. Wow this cat is so cute and inspire me.

  39. oh my god!!!

    look at this cute baby XDDD

  40. That shit was creepy as hell!!! 0:

  41. Impressive but….. not this side of Youtube, NOOOOO, bye homework

  42. That was so cute 🙂 aww poor cat. 

  43. Sick! I can’t believe they amputated their cat just for a YouTube video!


  45. I just read the description. beautiful <3

  46. Kakav smeh jebote !!!

  47. That is one of the most impressive things I have ever seen!!



  49. hi its mariya pay me

  50. Made me cry because our old cat had to either be put down or lose his leg.
    I tried everything to lose his leg but they put him down.


  52. last winter one of the outside cats got his back foot caught in a coyote
    trap and then got frostbite because he couldn’t make it to the barn. We
    have cats of our own and this wasn’t our kitty cat. Although now he is. We
    took him to the vet and he had both of his back feet amputated. He is an
    inside only cat and goes pretty dang fast without the two back feet. And
    his name, Olaf.

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