Doug the Pug Holiday Yule Log

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When Doug the Pug isn’t eating pizza, dressing up as celebs or recreating your favorite movies and TV shows, he likes to cozy up next to the fireplace for a little rest and relaxation.

So light up the tree, pour a glass of egg nog and let the holidays begin with Doug the Pug as your festive background.

Hey. Hey, you. Yes, YOU!

Also, every time you leave a comment, a kitten happily purrs itself to sleep. Let us know what you like, or even love, in the comments below. We want to hear from you!

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  1. Oh my best ever!!! Love the close ups!!

  2. so handsome Doug!

  3. Thank you for this cute vedio . I had 2 pugs but they have both passed away
    . I miss them . This brought a smile to my face , especially the sleepy

  4. Do a 1 hour version of this w/o music. Kinda like Lil Bub’s thing.

  5. My mom hates pugs… until now :D

  6. Doug, I LOVE YOU …..xoxoxoxoxoxo

  7. Puppy dog

  8. I love p pugs

  9. DreamYourDreams andLive

    this dog is so lucky…first fob then the try guys whats next he gets to
    meet brendon urie…i would die??

  10. You will never ever get cold with this fuzz ball on your lap :)

  11. I feel bad for the 25 thumbs down people , they obviously never had their
    heart warmed by one of these little friends;{. They probably curl up on the
    couch with a laptop or game boy? Sad for them….. Thank you for a
    wonderful vid

  12. Dougy the puggy

  13. Cute dog, but why is this trending with only 84k views and only 196 likes
    and ONLY 20 COMMENTS? Someone must have paid to put this on Trending List.
    This is not trending worthy.

  14. I’m laughing at the close ups :)

  15. oh hard life the little shit has lol :p

  16. Doug’s got snot under his nose.

  17. Love it!

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